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Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Chapter 87

Chapter 87

Reuben Walter stared at me for a couple of seconds in silence then nodded, “Alright, leave it in my hands.”

I nodded, we talked for another half an hour. “I will take full responsibility for your actions in this country so don’t hold back,” I added as all four of us stepped out of the packhouse.

“I never hold back,” Walter replied dryly before all of our eyes landed on the females in the front yard. On one side was Willow and Mia. Why was Willow outside all of a sudden? She was too tired and had been sleeping so how… yet on the other side of the yard was…

“So you are not sending children to kindergarten anymore?” Mia questioned Willow. Her whole body was sweaty and face flushed as if she had returned from a run and had just finished sparring.

“Reuben and I have decided to send children to kindergarten again when everything is safe. Dark is still out there and in this situation we cannot risk our children’s lives,” Willow explained to her as they reached her house.

“Alright then don’t stress yourself so much,” Mia gave Willow a hug.

Both girls shared a hug before Mia headed into her house and Willow towards the packhouse only to notice Ella dragging her luggage away. Both women stopped at the sight of the other.

“Are you going somewhere?” Willow glanced at her two large suitcases.

“I am leaving the Emerald Bright Pack,” Ella replied, refusing to drag her luggage any further.

“Why so suddenly?” Willow asked.

“I have nothing left here now,” Ella’s voice was emotionless.

“Thank you for telling me about Reuben, what he did when I was gone and everything else,” as soon as Willow said that Ella paused for a moment, glanced at her.


Chapter 87

“I didn’t do it for you. I just wanted you to know all the wrongs you had committed against Reuben. I still don’t think you deserve him,” she stated dryly, resuming her walk.


Willow did not seem offended in the slightest and asked, “I heard you came to the pack to inform them about Dark and that I could be in danger. Were you worried for me?”

Ella paused abruptly as if her tail had been stepped on, “Don’t misinterpret my actions. I just did not want Reuben to fall head first into another heartbreak if you died. I was not worried about you. I… I still hate you!”

“Then why are you still wearing the bracelet I gave you in our high school?” Willow countered.

Ella immediately covered the bracelet with her other hand in alarm. “It’s just that I forgot to take off!“. she claimed with flushed cheeks and quickly took it off shoving it in her pocket instead of throwing it away, “Don’t overthink it!” with that she started to walk away quickly only to stop at the sight of an angry Alpha Adam storming towards her.


“Ella! What the hell did you say on the phone? You are leaving the Emerald Bright Pack!” he shouted, standing a hand’s breadth away from her.


“That is fucking impossible! You are Reuben’s fiancee. You are…”

“I am nothing and I don’t want to be anything, uncle,” Ella cut Adam off, her face just as emotionless as her tone. “Stop acting insane now.”

“YOU MUST BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!” Adam growled, grabbing her angrily by the arms. “THIS MARRIAGE OF YOUR IS IMPORTANT NOT JUST FOR OUR PACK BUT YOURSELF AS WELL,” he shook her, causing her to drop her luggage.

“The whole realm knows that you have been Reuben’s fiance for six years. You have been living in his pack, who will believe that the two of you were not involved in some sort of relationship? What well reputed Alpha will hold your hand after discovering all of this let alone your soulmate? Our pack is already going down, every pack has become our enemies after Reuben cut ties with us. If you give up on marrying him then you will be seen as a low women…”


Chapter 87

Willow cut him off, “Alpha Adam, what are you saying?”

“You shut up, girl!” Adam snapped furiously. “My Ella’s life is fucked up because of you!” he glared at Willow.


“Uncle, that’s enough. Let’s go home,” Ella stated, beginning to drag her luggage away again.

“No fucking way!” Adam gritted his teeth, tossing her luggage to the side. “Once you step foot out of this territory you will be caught up in the hands of those predators…”

“That’s the destiny that you wrote for me with your own hand, uncle,” Ella cut him off. Only if he had not planned to kill Willow on that fire.

Alpha Adam’s face turned pale and eyes guilty. “Ella, my girl, listen to me. Don’t do anything that will cost you…”

“She said she doesn’t want to Alpha Adam,” Bix appeared between them, not allowing Adam to approach Ella. “Don’t force her.”

“Are you fucking asking me to watch her destroy her own life?!” Adam barked.

“By forcing her to sign that marriage contract with Reuben; you already destroyed her life, Alpha Adam,” Bix clenched his fists at his sides, “You knew those papers were infused with strong spells that were going to affect both parties. However, in your greed you gave more weight to Ella by giving her sole right to break her engagement with Reuben. Of course, what you did not know was that no spell or papers could alter Reuben’s love, or rather lack thereof, for Ella but it affected Ella to the point that she is the person standing before us. The spell played with her mind, making her believe she was in love with Reuben when in reality Reuben should have been the one to think such things. Since Ella had no love and mate in her life, she easily fell into the trap of the spell and did all those things that she would have never done if she was right in her mind! But now that she has come out from under the influence of the spell from that marriage contract, you want her to walk down the wrong path again?!”

Willow’s eyes widened upon learning about the spells and its effect on Ella. She finally realized why Bix had always appeared to support Ella. As a hybrid he had an in depth knowledge of how the spell was ruling her.

“You have the audacity to say such things to me!” Adam grabbed Bix’s collar. “You failed me, now you



Chapter 87

want to teach me what’s wrong and right!”

“Stop this insanity, Alpha Adam. You will lose Ella if you continue,” Bix stated calmly which angered



“Who the fuck are you to teach me! YOU COULD NOT EVEN PROTECT MY DAUGHTER AND TALK!! YOU



Before Adam could say more, Bix punched him in the face. The whole yard fell into dead silence after listening to what Alpha Adamhad said.

Everyone’s eyes went to Ella whose wide eyes were staring at Alpha Adam in shock, “Did you just call me your daughter?”

Alpha Adam’s face turned white when he realized what he had let slip. “Ella….” he stammered.

Willow held her breath when Ella stepped closer to her uncle and asked, “Why did you say that?”

“I… I can explain to you… girl…

“I ASKED YOU WHY YOU CALLED ME YOUR DAUGHTER?!” Ella finally lost it and screamed.

Adam’s hand shook as guilt flashed in his eyes, “Because you are my biological daughter,” Adam confessed.

Willow put her hand over her mouth in shock, looking at Ella who was too shocked to react. This news was as shocking to me as Oran and Walter who were standing beside me.

“It’s a lie,” Ella shook her head, taking a step back from Adam..

“It’s true, Ella,” Adam tried to reach for her, “You are my daughter.”

“It’s a lie!” she shoved his hand away, her eyes watery, “You are my uncle, my dad was your elder brother…”

“No he was not,” Adam cut her off, his eyes guilty, “My brother’s child and you were born on the same




Chapter 87

day. Taking advantage of his absence from the pack, I swiped both children.”


“What?” Ella’s face grew paler. Her whole existence seemed to be based on a huge lie. “Why would you do that?” her mouth gaped slightly, her tears threatening to spill over.

“Being a younger brother, I could not become the Alpha of the pack but I did not want my child to have

the same fate. That’s why switch the newborns at birth to secure your future, Ella,” he explained, his

voice shaking with emotions.

Ella’s legs crumpled just as her emotions shattered under the weight of the betrayal of her real father. In

his own greed and desire, he accepted being treated as his own daughter’s uncle.

“Ella, I did all of it for you, girl,” he touched her head longly, “You are my precious daughter. I am your dad…”

“Don’t touch me,” Ella swatted his hand away, tears finally rolling down to her cheek. “How come you do this to me…. How…” she bit her lips, looking absolutely broken and miserable.

“Ella…” Adam helplessly looked at her, hoping she would understand him, “Ella, forgive me,” this time he did not stop no matter how much Ella tried to get away from him, “Dad can explain everything to you…”

“I think that it’s best for you to stop now,” Walter suddenly stepped between Ella and Adam, his silver dagger resting dangerously against Adam’s chest.

“She is my daughter!” Adam argued.

“I don’t care,” Walter whispered, his gaze quite insane. “How about you tell me what you did to the baby of your brother that you exchanged your own baby for? As far as I know you don’t have any children so where could that child have gone? Did you kill it?” He raised an eyebrow.

Adam’s chest burnt from the silver, his whole face turned red from the pain of the brunt. He had no other option but to say, “I gave the child to my friend, they raised him to protect Ella all his life,” Adam confessed.

I frowned at this unexpected revelation and demanded, “Where is that child now?”


Chapter 87


Adam remained mute for a long time, his eyes going to Ella guilty before he raised his gaze and shifted it to his left. Everyone’s eyes followed his line of sight only to find it was none other than… Bix!

“Bix is Ella’s cousin!” Willow gasped under her breath and I was no different. My eyes subconsciously went to Oran. His wide eyes were stuck to Bix’s face which had not changed even the slightest. It turned out Oran was also unaware of it though Bix had known. “So Bix was protecting Ella not because he loved her but out of a sense of responsibility as a cousin…“Willow said to me though mind–link.

Everyone’s shocked gaze fixed on Bix and Ella. However, Walter’s eyes were stuck on Ella while Bix was avoiding Oran’s gaze.



Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

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Willow “It can’t be my baby!” Reuben tossed the pregnancy report onto the bed where I sat, my eyes wide with shock. “What do you mean?” I stammered, my voice hardly escaping my throat. My heart sank as I watched him deny his own flesh and blood. “I returned from the pack after two months, and now you’re telling me you’re pregnant? Does that even make sense?” Reuben’s growl was filled with frustration. My mind went blank as I stared at my soulmate. I had anticipated his return with excitement, expecting him to embrace me and share in the joy of our first child. I had imagined he would be overjoyed to know that he was going to be a father. However, I never expected Reuben to react with such rage to the news of my pregnancy, indirectly accusing me of infidelity and rejecting his own child. “It’s our baby, Reuben,” my voice shook, “Have you forgotten that you showed up in my room two months ago when you were in a rut? We made love the whole night without protection.” I tried my best to remind him of that night, desperately seeking Reuben’s soft, love-filled eyes, but all I got in return was sternness and growing bitterness. “So you’re using my rut as an excuse?” he growled. “I was in rut, but you were in your senses, right? If I hadn’t used a condom, you could have used the morning-after pill or birth control to prevent this from happening. Or at the very least, you could have told me about our mistake that night.”


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