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Her Vengeful Rebirth (Calista) Chapter 60

Chapter 60 A Kiss For One Billion.

Kallum’s honest attitude frustrated Calista. What was this about her enemies were his enemies if this happened in her previous life, she would have been so happy to hear this that she might have gone mad, but after everything she went through, she didn’t care for romance anymore, especially if the other party was Kallum

There was no need to mention the deal they had now. Kallum was so determined to marry her, so if she tried to explain again about how she wanted to become the Fairchilds‘ goddaughter instead, he would stick even closer to her.

So Calista sighed in her heart and decided that she had to keep her distance after today.

Kallum was disappointed that Calista didn’t look the least moved by his words, but then he quickly got over it by telling himself that he must have treated her too badly in the past, and so he had to treat her twice as well before he could touch her heart!

The two of them immediately became the focus the moment they stepped into the auction hall. The people who were already in the hall did not witness the situation earlier, so when they saw that Kallum had arrived, everyone moved forward to welcome him.

But the men’s gazes were immediately attracted to Calista, as if she had this magnetic force. She looked gentle and elegant, but also sharp and mysterious, and her face was cold and well defined – for men, a species that wanted to conquer over all, Calista’s charm was fatall

Kallum hated how they were all looking at her, so his face became serious and he proceeded to simply ignore them all and brought Calista directly to his seat.

Most people were already used to Kallum ignoring everyone, but they all wanted to know who this woman next to him was…Kallum never brought a lady with him, so now they knew it was because his standards were extremely high.

Eventually all the guests started to settle down in their seats, and everyone heard about what happened with Kallum at the entrance. When they heard that Kallum was in a bad mood, they quietened down but continued to whisper among themselves.

The host of the auction realized this as well, but he didn’t want to offend Kallum either, and he could only do his best to try to make everyone excited!

There were many other valuable things on auction as well besides that piece of land, and Kallum didn’t care about what others thought. He held Calista’s hand tightly in his and said very seriously, “Tell me if you fancy anything, I’ll give it to you!

Calista started feeling very uncomfortable when she saw Kallur being so passionate.

Sterling was not seated far off from Kallum. There was a murderous glint in his eyes, like a poisonous snake waiting to attack its prey, and everyone became even quieter and uneasy.

The host wiped the sweat off his face and then forced a smile as he started the auction. “Every guest tonight is important to us, and you have provided many invaluable items for tonight’s auction! Without further ado, let’s see the first item on auction!”

The red curtain behind the host opened and revealed a gorgeous pair of boy girl twins.

This is a beautiful nair of wine The have eaten anbu nain fond cince these were runer and bathed only


Chapter 60 A Kiss For One Billion

in milk, so their skin is smooth and supple, their bodies very flexible, and can fulfil any wish of their



The male host finished his introduction and laughed suggestively before proceeding, “Bidding million! Each bid increment cannot be lower than one million! Bidding starts NOW!”

starts at 10

Calista knew immediately that this item was provided by Sterling! The Wolfords had always loved dabbling in such illegal and unethical sort of things, and unfortunately there was constantly a market for

This young man and young woman on stage looked like a pair of beautiful sex slaves, but in actuality, they were very highly skilled spies! Sterling liked to use this method to infiltrate his rivals estates.

But a lot of people had no idea that this was the actual intent, so many of them leapt up and started bidding, pushing the price higher and higher. The final bid closed at 50 million, and they were bought by a wealthy man in his fifties, while the rest who lost the bid shook their heads with regret..

Sterling was even more disappointed – he had specially prepared this pair for Kallum, because it was hard to find someone with such features and good figure! Furthermore, they were twins and so were even rarer! But sadly they were sold to some old man instead.

He glanced coldly at Calista and suddenly smiled. But of course, he thought to himself. With someone as fine as Calista in his possession, it was little wonder Kallum wasn’t attracted to this pair of twins. He had not done sufficient research before coming here, so he had miscalculated this move.

But now that the crowd was more heated up, it became easier to proceed with the rest of the auction.

Kallum unhappily played with Calista’s hand while seated on the VIP sofa. He purposely came very close to her and whispered amorously in her ear, “These gems are not bad, do you like them?”

At first he had planned to buy anything that Calista took a second glance at, but who knew, every item, no matter how beautiful, just looked like rocks to Calista, and he was at a loss.

Calista’s expression became even colder, and she immediately straightened her back when she saw Kallum lean over. “No thanks, I don’t like them.”

Kallum closed his eyes slightly as he took in the cold fragrance from her body, his heart pounding faster and he couldn’t help but go closer.

“Relax, today you’re my female companion. We have a plan for tonight’s auction – do you want others to see that we’re not getting along?”

Calista wanted to keep her distance, but she hesitated when she heard what he said, and he pulled her into his arms.

Kallum pulled an arm around her waist and felt very satisfied in his heart. He had never thought that such a small gesture of intimacy with Calista could make him this happy.

Finally, that piece of land was up for bidding next.

Calista’s eyes focused, and before the host could finish introducing the item, she told Kallum, “I want this piece of land.”

Her voice was not too loud but not too soft, so the people seated around them could hear.


12:31 Mon, 27 May M.

Chapter 60 A Kiss For One Billion.

“My dad says he wants to build a hospital, but all the other pieces of land he looked at were too small. You said you like me right? I want this piece of land!”

Sterling had not expected Calista to want this piece of land. He was interested in this piece initially, but he had been very busy with that stupid Yelena’s case the past few days and didn’t have time to check out the land carefully, and so he was hesitant to buy the land now, since it wasn’t a small sum of money either.

But since Calista wanted it, Kallum was definitely going to buy it. So why not push the price high and make it hard for Kallum to make a profit off the land?

When Kallum saw her proudly turning to him and telling him what she wanted, his heart melted and he had an urge to give her the whole world; but more than that he also wanted to stroke her soft hair but didn’t dare to

After introducing the land, the host continued, “The seller is in a hurry to sell, so bidding will start at 800 million, each bid increment must not be below 10 million. Bidding starts NOW!”

Many people were interested in this little piece of land that was now a small golf course. The location wasn’t too inaccessible, but it was far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city, and there was even a lake further down from the estate. So if this land was developed into luxury bungalows, the developer would surely make a lot of money!

Plenty of people had coveted that land a long time ago, and many criticized the owner for being a lousy businessman, turning such prime land into a simple golf course, and he must be making losses now.

Calista saw that many people were bidding and the bid price had risen to a billion dollars, and couldn’t help but tug on Kallum’s clothes and said anxiously, “Put out a bid quickly, otherwise someone else is going to get this piece of land!”

Kallum’s lips curled slightly. “The bidding’s just started, no hurry.”

But in order to put on a show for Sterling, Calista frowned hard. “I don’t care, quickly put in your bid. What if there’s a chance to get it cheaper?”

Kallum saw how anxious she looked and gave a sly smile as he pointed at his own lips.

“You want me to bid? Sure, kiss me first.”

Her Vengeful Rebirth ( Calista ) Novel

Her Vengeful Rebirth ( Calista ) Novel

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Betrayed, Calista died a tragic death in utter despair. Despite her outstanding medical skills, she became a stepping stone for her villain of a sister, exploited by both her sister and stepmother until she outlived her usefulness. But she was now back. Having crawled back to the land of living from hell, she exacted revenge on her stepmother and sister. No longer her once timid and meek self, she was ruthless and domineering. Before her rebirth, the fiancé she had loved forever left her heartbroken by his indifference and hatred. Upon her rebirth, she threw their engagement ring onto the ground with a smile and called off the wedding. Unexpectedly, Kallum Fairchild walled her in and declared she was destined to be his. Will the lovers find their way back to each other?


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