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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 120

Chapter 120
“So, you still know I’m your queen? From the way you talk, they would think I’m the personal maid of your lot.”

Abby tried to be a bigger person and didn’t throw them out of the palace directly even when she had several reasons to do so. For instance, they defied Micah’s ban, talked to her rudely and even tried to speak for an alleged culprit. And all these were done just in one day, if she had to count the first time they met, the list would go on.

She overlooked everything because she thought they were scared for their friend’s life, but that didn’t mean she would let them order her around. Even if they had everything brought to their feet with just a single order all their lives, they should know that one shouldn’t take a mile when they were given an inch.

And Leila could see that Abby wasn’t a pushover in any sense, so she immediately tried to smooth out the situation. “Queen Abby, she was just worried about Ruby, don’t take it to heart.”

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On the surface, it looked like she was talking politely, but if heard closely, you would be able to sense the hint of unwillingness in her voice when she called her Queen. These three were really reluctant to accept her, but came to ask for a favor.

Abby really felt they were pitiful, to come and beg someone they looked down on so much should have been quite depressing. But then, could she still call it begging when she didn’t hear the word ‘please’ even once?

She never saw someone so arrogant in her life. She didn’t think she could be so patient if she had to watch them ‘struggle’ any longer. “If you really want to save her, you should go to Micah, not me.”

On the other hand, the three women trembled just at the idea of seeking Micah. They knew it was next to impossible, that was why they were here, ignoring the discomfort in their hearts and

‘pleading’ this half witch.

“You are just jealous of her, and can’t wait to get rid of her, right?” Tia burst out, leaving everyone speechless there.

“I’m jealous of her?” Abby was genuinely puzzled by this girl. Is she delusional? “What do I lack when compared to her?”

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“Queen Abby, she spoke without thinking…”

Leila tried to be a middleman again when she saw Abby turning red from anger, however, the girl cut her off immediately. “Did I ask her to keep her father’s evil intentions to harm me, my mate and this kingdom, a secret? She did it of her own accord and now she is going to reap what she sow. I didn’t have a hand in what’s going to happen to her, but if you don’t correct your ways, I’m more than happy to put you in your place personally.”

Abby’s eyes were filled with obvious warning, making a chill run down their spines. Moreover, the women could tell she wasn’t joking about her promise slash threat when they recalled the rumors of her being a powerful witch that could control fire at will.

“Don’t go too far…” Giselle tried to act brave, but Abby had enough of this drama.

“Have them thrown out of the palace gates and ask for an explanation from their families,” she told Alyssa and saw their faces paling immediately. “Even this isn’t going too far in my books. You guys would be better off if you never find out, though.”

Before they could cause a ruckus or protest at Abby, they were dragged out of her room by the guards, as if Alyssa and Reyna had long called the men for this possible turn of events.

Their queen was quite impressed by their efficiency and didn’t even bother to react when the three women kept shouting how heartless she was.

They didn’t know what they were talking about. If she wanted to be heartless, she would have burnt their hair and faces before throwing them out.

It was just two more days until the public execution of Leon’s family and the ‘buzz’ about it was still in full swing around the capital city. Abby was just about to forget the incident with Ruby’s friends, but she didn’t expect someone else to come to her about a similar issue, and it was a person she found it hard saying no to.

This evening she felt like taking a walk in the back garden after so many days and she unconsciously ended up walking to the bench that became her safe haven during the two weeks before her ceremony.

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The air here was filled with the scent of both the flowers as well as the river flowing behind the palace, making her feel especially calm.

Micah sent word that he would return late to their bedroom, so she decided to stay here for a while and sent her maids away. But an hour later, she heard someone approaching her.

“Queen Abby, can I talk to you for a moment?”

Abby was surprised to find Ezgar standing a few feet away from her, with this troubled expression on his face. The usual bright smile on his face was nowhere to be seen, and Abby didn’t know how to react to his request.

Because of his contribution to the kingdom during Micah’s reign, Ezgar was the only person that was pardoned by the King. He was clear of any charges while Ruby and her mother would follow Leon to the gallows, because it had been proven that they had planned together to revolt.

She could tell what he was going to talk about, and hesitated for a moment what she should do, when the man opened his mouth again.

“Just a couple of minutes and I’ll be gone before you know it.”

The desperation in his voice finally made Abby nod her head, but what left his lips next left her flabbergasted.

“Please persuade King Micah to spare my family.” Ezgar hurried to explain when he saw how the girl widened her eyes in shock. “I’m not asking you to make him revoke their punishment, just changing it to anything other than the death sentence will do…

“Like banishment, he can exile them and ban them never to return, just ask him to spare their lives.”

Ezgar had tears in his eyes when he pleaded with her earnestly and Abby felt a hard time refusing to help him.

“Chief Ezgar, you should know that there is nothing in my hands, no one can persuade the King once he sets his mind on something.”

Abby could immediately see the hope dying in his eyes, and felt bad for him. She knew what it would feel like having to lose your whole family in a single day.

She too lost her whole family when her mother died while saving her, and the ache was ever present whenever she looked at the burn scar on her neck and back.

However, she really couldn’t do anything to help him in this case, because treason was a very serious crime. Moreover, Micah was determined to make an example out of this.

So she could only wash her hands off this matter, even though seeing Ezgar so withered like this broke her heart. After all, she started seeing him as an older brother because of all their


“Then how about my sister? She is still young and knows nothing. She just did what father told her without giving it much thought.” Ezgar could see Abby was conflicted now. “I know there was bad blood between you guys, but she wasn’t in the right headspace during your last few encounters…

“Please, be a bigger person and understand that whatever she did was just out of love for King Micah and her stupidity… Please be magnanimous, after all, this is a matter of life and death…

“You just try to save her life and ask the King to exile her, I’ll send her away immediately. You will never see her again.”

It wasn’t clear if it was out of desperation but Ezgar’s words sounded like Abby was the one who insisted on punishing Ruby and this made her uncomfortable.

“What do you mean, Ezgar?” Abby asked, her discomfort evident in her voice and Ezgar immediately slapped himself, as he apologized for saying something wrong.

“It’s not what you think, Queen Abby. I’m just saying my sister will never have a chance to disturb you again, I’ll make sure of it. Just let her live, that’s all I ask for.”

The man looked like he would kneel the next moment and Abby couldn’t help but feel like she was being coerced. But then, it was Ezgar before her, a person who always helped her. After thinking for a moment, Abby finally decided to consider this as repaying him for helping her all those times.

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“I can’t promise you anything, but I’ll try to broach the subject before the King,” Abby said, still feeling it was an impossible feat to achieve.

Meanwhile, a small smile finally appeared on Ezgar’s face for the first time this evening. “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Abby could only nod at him while the man bade his goodbye before running away from her. “Then I’ll leave you to it and wait for the good news!”

That feeling again, like she was being manipulated, but Abby shook her head to clear any negative things as she started toward her bedroom, thinking about ways to bring up Ruby in front of Micah.

“This is going to be tricky…”

Abby thought long and hard, but she couldn’t come up with any good ideas even though she spent her time after dinner tossing and turning in their bed until Micah returned.

What if he loses it the moment she brings it up?

“Why are you so restless?” The King approached his distracted mate, who was visibly startled upon hearing his voice.

“When did you come?”

Abby fidgeted a little as the King sat on the edge of the bed and this made the man raise a brow at her. “What were you thinking?”


“You were thinking about me?” Micah found it oddly surprising when Abby answered like that. “Like what? Were you missing me?”

“Yes, but more than that…” the girl gave a dramatic pause as she pulled herself against the headboard into a sitting position, but she did it painfully slowly, trying to be as seductive as possible.

On a whim, she thought it would be easy to talk to Micah after doing the deed with him, so to execute her plan, she was acting all coquettish now. Only she looked cute instead of sexy.

However, her plan worked out well when Micah automatically moved in sync with her and now, he was hovering above her with dark eyes.

It was too rare for her to take the initiative and the man found it hard to control himself when Abby was being this proactive all of a sudden.

As a final blow, Abby pressed herself against him and kissed him clumsily, and somehow, she seduced him successfully.

In the wee hours, someone could be seen walking along this dark corridor in the dungeon before he stopped in front of a cell.

Sitting in a corner was Leon, who immediately approached the barred door upon realizing who his visitor was.

“You are finally here.” The man had this excitement in his eyes as he talked animatedly but quietly with his ‘guest.’

“Father, sorry, I’m late,” Ezgar’s voice broke with every word, but his father just brushed it off saying it was fine.

Leon and Ezgar then talked for a while, before Ezgar had to leave because he had come in between the shifts of the guards.

The next group would usually take over in twenty minutes after the previous group left, so they kept it short and quiet.

Before the next group of guards reached their posts, where some of them came over to check the dungeons, Ezgar was already out and on his way back.

It wasn’t clear what he talked to Leon, but you could see his eyes flashing with malice as he sneaked out of the palace.

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The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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