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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 119

Chapter 119
Micah couldn’t help but feel his blood boil with rage every time the thought of what would have happened to Abby, if she hadn’t been able to talk herself out of her trauma the way she did to capture Leon just so she could help her mate catch a damned traitor, crossed his mind.

He tried to cool off before going back to their bedroom where his little one would be waiting for him. After much persuasion, she agreed to have her dinner alone because he had to take care of a few things after talking to Leon.

But he still couldn’t keep his cool when he reiterated his conversation with that bastard traitor, as Abby listened to him calmly.

“It’s going to be okay now that we smoked out the rat, so don’t let your anger influence your judgment,” Abby said, once Micah finished his monologue where he explained how Leon insisted he didn’t know anything about Capin or what he intended to do with her in his hands.

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“I can’t stay calm when they try to target you,” Micah confessed, as he hugged her tightly. He was protective of her and would do anything to ensure her safety.

Abby hugged her unhappy mate’s hands as she rested her head on his left shoulder, where they were sitting on the sofa right now. As soon as Micah came back, he pulled her to settle on the couch, where he made her sit on his lap, her back to his front.

The girl tilted her head a little to the side to look her mate in the eyes as she asked, “So, Leon turned out to be a dead end?”

“It’s still too early to say that.”

Micah could see his mark on her neck from this position, even though his eyes were constantly pulled to her lovely face, as she had her guard completely down around him. She was relaxed

because she felt the safest in his arms.

Moreover, she felt a little happy because her mate was caring enough to respect her reasonable wishes as he tried to keep her updated with his plans and thoughts as much as possible, just like right now.

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She didn’t even ask him about the progress with Leon’s situation, but Micah took the initiative to let her know what he found while interrogating him.

But the only problem was, Leon wasn’t letting up anything. That sneaky bastard!

She moved around a bit on his lap to find a comfortable position to continue staring at her mate, as her neck felt a little stiff to look up at him from this angle, but accidentally woke his little brother up and heard a groan rumble deep in his chest.

“Uh oh!” Abby immediately jumped to her feet, forgetting that she was still sitting in his lap with his arms around her stomach. As a result, she fell right back and this time, she felt like crying because it seemed she did it on purpose.

“Um… sorry,” Abby apologized shyly, feeling embarrassed out of her mind. Her cheeks turned red immediately when Micah stared at her with heated eyes. “Um, I think we should go to bed.”

“To the bed?” Micah breathed out the words while looking at her and the bed in turns, and only then Abby realized her choice of words was total nuts. She closed her eyes for a second and shook her head, as if chiding herself.

She immediately wanted to say she meant they go to sleep but Micah suddenly lurched to his feet, making her hold onto him for dear life as she thought she would definitely fall.

The girl didn’t know what happened, but the fall she imagined never came, instead she felt herself floating in the air. When she opened her eyes, Micah was carrying her to the bed.

She was still processing how her mate achieved this feat, when Micah laid her on the bed. “Now what?”

Hearing Micah’s question, Abby was dumbfounded. “Wh- what what?” She stuttered with her eyes widened.

Micah gave her a look, as if saying she was the one who wanted to ‘go to bed’.

Abby really felt like crying, because she couldn’t tell if Micah was serious or just teasing her right now. His face gave away nothing.

“A good night kiss?” She tried her luck, giving him her best innocent eyes.

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If he didn’t mean ‘that’, and she took the initiative only to get corrected, it would be too embarrassing, no?

“Where?” Micah asked, still composed.

Did he mean where she wanted a kiss?

“Here?” Abby said, pointing to her forehead, because that was how he always wished her goodnight.

Micah pressed her lips to her forehead in the next second, however, his wish didn’t come, instead she felt him drag his lips down to her right eye, forcing her to keep her eyes closed.

He spent a good five seconds on each eye, with only his lips touching her skin, and suddenly, Abby felt this unsatisfied feeling low in her stomach.

The anticipation made her heart beat go rocketing high, when she was teased without her knowing it.

Slowly but surely, Micah finally kissed her on the lips, but not before pecking her nose and cute yet small chin.

Somewhere in between, he got onto the bed, and now he was hovering above her, as he kissed her deeper and harder.

But when he trailed down further and kissed his mark on her neck, while touching her breasts, she came undone, prompting Micah to chuckle.

Abby was still panting hard from her release, but she didn’t feel spent when Micah swiftly removed her dress to finally reveal his evil comeback for ‘provoking him’ earlier.

However, Micah didn’t give her a chance to protest about it as he apologized to her with his body over and over until she begged to be spared.

Abby woke up with a bright smile on her face even though she couldn’t see Micah by her side when she came to herself the next morning.

“The King asked us not to disturb you,” Alyssa informed her, after bowing to her while Reyna nodded her head.

They didn’t find it odd because Micah had been doing the same for the past few days, saying Abby needed rest after what she went through.

On the other hand, Abby couldn’t help but grimace inwardly when she thought the reason for her tiredness this time was Micah himself.

“Do you need anything else for breakfast, My Queen?” Reyna asked, pulling Abby out of her thoughts as she handed her a spoon.

Abby didn’t feel like moving around too much, so she just asked them to bring over whatever they had in the kitchen so that she could eat it peacefully on the bed. Even so, Reyna overdid it and brought too many things, now she was asking if she wanted anything more.

“Do I look that thin?” Abby asked them, but shut her trap and drank her soup when they just stared at her.

Okay, she was malnourished, she would accept it. Ten years of abuse could do that to you.

But she had to admit that she started to gain a little weight under Alyssa’s strict diet supervision after coming to the capital.

“What is it?” The girl asked when Reyna kept staring at her, as if she had something to say to her.

“This… My Queen…” Reyna stuttered at first, but it was Alyssa who talked to Abby.

“It was like this, My Queen. The news about you putting out the fire spread like wildfire in the capital and everyone is talking about it.”

Abby then listened on as her maids filled her in on the rumors about her being a witch that were now causing a little stir in the capital.

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But she didn’t say anything about it, because she did use her power in front of so many people on that day. After all, it wasn’t something that she could hide.

Sooner or later, it would be public knowledge that the queen of this kingdom was actually a half witch.

“Maybe I should lay low for a couple of days,” Abby mumbled to herself as she dug into her breakfast.

However, the heavens just couldn’t let her enjoy peace for even a few days, because trouble came knocking on her door before a couple of days could pass.

Abby just had her first meal of the day and felt like going back to sleep, in hopes to replenish her energy that Micah drained last night yet again, when she heard this commotion outside her door.

“What now?!” She mumbled, feeling a little irritated.

“Miss Ruby’s friends are here to see you,” Alyssa said, being notified through the mind-link by one of the guards outside.

“Ruby’s friends?” Abby mused out loud.

Were they here because they wanted to plead on behalf of Ruby, who was soon going to be executed on the grounds of supporting her father behind the scenes along with her mother?

But she couldn’t do anything about this matter, because Micah had the final say in it, after all they were talking about treason, not some itty bitty squabble between women.

Moreover, it had been almost two months since she heard anything about these three women, because they had been banned from entering the palace. It caused quite a stir back then, but now they were here? Who let them in?

But before she could think hard about it, one of them started banging on the door, leaving her speechless.

These ladies were so self entitled. They didn’t even acknowledge they were in the king’s palace, causing nuisance in front of their queen.

If this wasn’t being disrespectful to the crown, Abby didn’t know what… But if she didn’t give them time, it would look like she wasn’t giving their families any face. So she could only spare them a few

minutes of her time. “Let them in.”

At most, she would just have to listen to them complain for a while before presenting them with the harsh truth that she couldn’t do anything to help.

“What can I do for you?”

Leila, Tia and Giselle were standing a few feet from her, staring at her in silence, as she sat at the table near the window and behind the sofa, having her morning tea.

Abby gave them a pointed look when they looked at each other as if deciding who should talk first. At last, it was Tia who opened her mouth. “Can you let Ruby go?”

There was no bowing or wishing their queen well, just outright accusing her. Abby was a little dumbfounded at her choice of words when Leila took over. “She meant, if you can talk to the King about her punishment.”

The woman even pulled her friend’s hand as they took a united front while explaining how Ruby didn’t do anyone any harm in turns.

Giselle nodded her head as she joined the fray. “We are not saying that Sir Leon didn’t commit a crime. But Ruby is innocent, moreover she is just a woman.”

Abby heard them go on about how Ruby never even harmed an ant and almost burst out laughing.

Yeah, yeah, she only harms the people in her way.

Abby couldn’t believe the audacity of these three women. They didn’t bother to show her respect when she was their queen, but called that bastard of a traitor ‘sir’.

Just for that matter, she should throw them out of her room. But she still showed some patience. “You should know that this matter is out of my capability.”

“How could you say that, you are the Queen, be the bigger person and talk to the King.”

Tia was actually ordering her, the supposed queen, now, and Abby finally lost it. But she didn’t make a big fuss like these well mannered and educated ladies from the capital.

“So, you still know I’m your queen? From the way you talk, they would think I’m the personal maid of your lot.”

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The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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