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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 81

Chapter 81
“Hanna is here,” Micah finally said after contemplating for a whole minute.
He was planning for them to leave the Red River pack and go back to the palace once Abby was cleared to set out on that long and arduous journey.
After all, it would take at least two days to reach the capital city and he didn’t want to make Abby suffer through it.
So he delayed it until she could recover enough to embark on that journey.
Meanwhile, Hanna’s matter couldn’t be delayed any more because the decision had to be made by Abby.
He could have let the woman follow them to the capital, but he wasn’t sure if that was what Abby wanted.
Even though he knew how she loved her older sister when they were kids after seeing her memories while marking her, he couldn’t comprehend her emotions after all the abuse the woman put her through all these years.
Abby craved love from her and Beta Ryan, their father, for ten years, but was turned away every single time.
She was pushed away by them until she couldn’t even decide to continue to hate them or save them when Micah decided to exile them from his kingdom.
She stayed silent then, but he wanted to let her decide what she wanted to do with her own sister this time.
On the other hand, Abby was stumped for a moment when Micah suddenly mentioned her sister’s name.
“Hanna? My…” She stopped half way through her question and Micah could see the turmoil in her eyes.
Abby couldn’t even say the word sister because every time she addressed Hanna with that relation, she would always end up punishing her twice as hard.
Her rebuttal would always be the same as well. “I’m no sister to a monster like you.”
Her voice would always be so menacing, Abby remembered screaming ‘you are the real monsterl’ in her sister’s face once.
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Chapter 81
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But the consequences were so dire, where Hanna made her beg for forgiveness by kowtowing to her until she passed out.
Only she didn’t let her go even then, as she was forced to continue kowtowing to Hanna right after she regained
Abby felt her eyes tear up at the memory and through their mate bond, Micah could vaguely hear her thoughts.
He couldn’t help but clench his fists when he realized the exact moment she was thinking about.
However, before he could let his urge to punch the woman to death overwhelm his senses, he heard Abby asking him something.
Just a single word question! Abby didn’t understand how her sister ended up in this Red River pack when both her and their father were banned from this kingdom.
Micah immediately explained to her the events that transpired after she fell unconscious and how they couldn’t find a single clue on Calpin’s whereabouts.
Up until now, they didn’t talk about what happened before she woke up.
So the King took this chance to update her briefly.
“She is one of the rogues we captured…” Micah couldn’t help but search Abby’s face when he told her this
And when Abby understood what he meant, she couldn’t help but gasp at the realization.
What were the odds?
“So, do you want to meet her?” The King asked her finally when she didn’t say anything after learning Hanna fell into Calpin’s hands.
From what Micah said, all the other rogues were killed. Only Hanna was spared because she was her older sister.
He didn’t shift her to the pack house and was still keeping her in the dungeon.
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Chapter 81
But the question was; did she want to meet her?
What would she do after that? Talk to her? About what?
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She didn’t even know how she felt about meeting Hanna. So she told him the truth.
“I don’t know,” Abby said at last.
Micah could understand her. So he told her to think it over.
“We will most likely leave in three days. So you can take your time,” the King said, kissing her forehead as he laid her on the bed, so she could take a small nap before dinner.
On the other hand, Abby couldn’t fall asleep after learning about this sudden turn of events.
Moreover, if Hanna had become Calpin’s puppet? Where was Ryan, their father?
Was he also under Calpin’s influence?
If he was? Did he die in the battle? Or was he still with Calpin?
If he wasn’t? What happened to him?
All kinds of thoughts plagued Abby’s mind, and Micah could hear half of them.
However, he didn’t try to interrupt her thoughts and waited until she fell asleep and then went to the room next door where his royal ga mma was waiting for him to report something.
“My King, something big happened in the capital,” Dex told the King as soon as he closed the door behind him
“Be specific,” Micah said to his royal ga mma who looked beyond flustered.
“The elders and the royal council sent a missive…”
Micah was confused for a moment when Dex said that the elders and the royal council were urging him to return to the capital as soon as possible.
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Chapter 81
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“They found out about the attack,” Micah said, after taking a look at all the missives he received from the capital.
Micah was so livid he couldn’t help but slam the table hard, right where the missives were placed, sending them all flying into the air.
He warned his father not to take detours but he seemed to have done the exact opposite.
Who did he target for his answers?
But then, he was talking about the former king of this kingdom. It was a no brainer he would have one or two
tricks up his sleeve to get what he wanted.
He underestimated his father’s tendency to poke his head into things he wasn’t supposed to worry about.
Now he instigated the entire palace against him.
All of this was going to turn into an epic of epic cluster f ucks…
Arthur believed with all of his heart that he was doing the right thing.
Abby was neither correct for his son, Micah, nor for the position of the queen of this kingdom.
Someone so weak as her would be the last candidate to be entrusted with such high responsibilities.
But when his son couldn’t see it, nor was he ready to understand where his own father was coming from in this matter, until he was asking himself to reject his own mate, Arthur decided to involve people who could make
Micah bend his will.
And he didn’t hesitate to set his plan into motion the moment he returned to the palace.
However, he let someone else do the dirty work for him.
Someone who hated Abby more than himself and would be the first person to celebrate if Micah threw her away.
“How could he hide something this big from us?” Mark, one of the elders, looked really disappointed when Leon,
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Chapter 81
the former royal beta, finished reporting ‘his findings’ to the elders as per Arthur’s instructions.
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“He even marked that Abby girl in a rush and kept it a secret…” Gavin, another elder, said, rubbing his chin.
They couldn’t understand Micah’s reasons for keeping something so important like marking his mate or dealing with a powerful enemy, who seemed to have escaped.
“Beats me. He never went out of his way or forgot his responsibilities in the past,” Leon supplied, cu nningly directing their lines of thought.
And just as he predicted, the elders’ faces turned hard when they realized what changed in Micah’s life.
His mate came into it!
Just as they connected the incidents to Abby’s arrival like he wanted, Leon dropped another bomb on them.
“They say she is half a witch, born to a witch mother and shifter father,” the former royal beta said, and saw how
their expressions twisted even more with the reveal.
Once he was done doing his part, he left the meeting hall with this cu nning smirk on his face.
He had already instigated the royal council until they couldn’t wait to chew the head of the King out and make him leave that Abby.
How dare she become an inconvenience in his daughter’s life?
The King actually punished his daughter for something she wasn’t responsible for just because Abby got lost while Ruby was with her.
Arthur chose Leon for this job for this exact reason.
He didn’t think he himself could be as cu nning as that old fox of his former royal beta when executing such jobs
like provoking people,
Leon had always been well versed in such things. He knew exactly what to say and now, the entire palace would
be on his side with no doubt.
He would see how his son was going to shut them all up like he did his own father.
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Chapter 81
When the time came, he would be the one to stay silent for not having suitable reasons for his actions.
He actually let a dangerous enemy escape because of his mate, which was utterly unacceptable for a ruler when he was supposed to look at the bigger picture and act accordingly.
“My King, what should we do now?” Alpha Samuel asked Micah as he looked at the new information they received on the impending rogue attack.
Just as Micah called the Alpha to arrange for his departure as soon as possible, they received a report stating that there was going to be another rogue attack.
Now they fell into a dilemma, as they had to make a hard decision over whether the King should leave to calm down the people from the palace or stay behind to deal with the rogues.

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

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The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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