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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 86

Chapter 86
“We need to talk, but later,” Micah spat with such venom, even the former king didn’t know how to react, let alone Leon and his daughter.
From the looks of it, he didn’t seem to have come to terms with the fact that he had to leave his mate yet.
However, he wouldn’t have any choice but to succumb to the pressure when the entire palace explained just where he went wrong.
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What they didn’t expect was for him to order Alan to wake up the entire palace, in no more than fifteen minutes at that.
After announcing that, in an ice cold voice no less, Micah didn’t even wait for another second as he swiftly walked away from there, prompting Alan to run along to keep up with him.
“Sir Arthur, this…” Leon, the former royal beta, went to his former king, but before he could say anything, Arthur held up a fisted hand, shutting him up effectively.
The former king felt incensed that his son disrespected him for that half witch yet again, in front of others no less.
His eyes hardened as he watched his son disappear around the corner leading to his study on the first floor.
Alan couldn’t help but ask the King what he was going to talk to those angry people about, as they walked toward the great hall.
“What are you planning to tell them?” Alan asked as he looked at Micah’s face, which only hardened further at his question.
“Truth,” Micah gave him a one word answer as he pushed open the doors to the great hall with such force, everyone assembled inside immediately fell silent.
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Chapter 86
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Seated on either side of the huge red carpet leading to the throne were the eleven members of the royal
council and the representatives from the nine packs.
His father was present along with his former royal beta, Leon, and royal ga mma, Emile.
Everyone was waiting with these mixed expressions on their faces, as they stayed silent until their sovereign could walk across the room to his throne and sat on it, while Alan stood to the left side of the
“Long live, the werewolf king!” Except for Arthur, who nodded at Micah as a greeting, everyone else
stood up and bowed to the king.
Micah only grunted in response, while it was Alan who told all of them to rise and take their seats.
Even though it
the the of the top
Micah who summoned them all here, he didn’t say anything after joining them.
Instead, he remained completely silent as if he was waiting for them all to speak first.
Only they didn’t feel it was an easy feat.
They could see how disgruntled their king was as they could feel the anger and authority rolling off of
his entire being, while his eyes remained sharp, and felt intimidated.
All of them looked at each other as if to tell one another to raise their concerns.
At last it was Gavin, one of the elders, who opened his voice. “My King, we all have some concerns.”
Micah didn’t interrupt him even once as he listed out ‘a series of rumors they happened to hear’, letting him talk away, which encouraged the others to find their voices again as they too started expressing
dissatisfaction over the recent events.
“How could you keep the situation with rogues from us?”
“Or that you were attacked by a dark mage?”
“You marked Abby?”
“She is weak and not suitable for you.”
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Chapter 86
“We heard she is a witch, is it true?”
“No, she seems to be a half witch, which explains why she is so weak.”
“She even caused an enemy to escape.”
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Also a few more accusations and dissatisfactory statements about Abby as they all sang the same tune.
At some point, they even shouted for him to reject her immediately.
Micah couldn’t help but turn to his right and look at his father, who had this encouraging smile on his face.
It was as if he was asking him to concede to these people.
It seemed he still didn’t realize Micah had no such thoughts.
“Are you done?” Micah finally said, his voice even as he looked at each and everyone of them, slowly and purposefully.
This made them all trail off as they turned to look at the King and Arthur in turns.
“If you are done, I will start talking,” Micah said when he confirmed no one had anything more to say.
“What you heard was all true, including the fact that Abby, my mate and your future queen, is a half witch,” Micah said, word to word, in a voice so clear it ensued a pin drop silence in this great hall.
They were all shocked Micah actually chose to talk about this particular ‘rumor’ about his mate as they all silently deemed he would definitely avoid going there at any cost.
Abby was just about to take a bath when she heard a commotion outside.
Reyna prepared her bath after receiving her outside the King’s room.
Both Alyssa and Reyna wanted to help her, but she refused.
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Chapter 86
“I want to be alone,” Abby said, and her maids could only leave and wait outside.
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However, even before she could reach the bathtub, she heard their voices rising more than usual.
She could hear Alyssa and Reyna talking to someone. They were saying thing along the lines, ‘it’s
not possible’, ‘please, leave,’ ‘she is resting, and some more.
It seemed someone had come to meet her.
She immediately stopped removing her clothes and went to take a look, and how surprised she was to find Ruby having an altercation with her maids, who were stopping the king’s childhood friend from entering the King’s room.
“Don’t forget your place,” Ruby said, throwing her weight around and Abby felt it was enough.
It was clear the woman would only bully her maids if she didn’t interfere soon.
“Alyssa, Reyna, you can relax,” Abby said, as if she was calming her personal security instead of her maids.
“But…” Reyna wanted to protest but Abby stopped her.
“It’s okay,” Abby said as she walked to the door, where her maids had been blocking Ruby.
Alyssa and Reyna could only step aside a little to let her talk to the unwanted guest, even though they didn’t back away from the door, flanking Abby on either side instead.
They didn’t like this woman one bit. She caused Abby to fall sick, not one or two, but for fifteen days. Their master didn’t even dare to step out of her room or even look at the King’s face after what transpired that day for a fortnight.
Even though she looked like a pure lady, her way of forcing Abby to join her on the lunch date with her own friends made them suspect she had a hand in Abby’s misfortune that day.
The problem was; they only had suspicions and no proof.
On the other hand, once Abby could take a clear look at Ruby’s face, she understood this girl didn’t
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Chapter 86
come with good intentions at all.
She even doubted that this Ruby girl had some problem with her.
The hatred in her eyes was unmaskable, even though she tried to keep her expression blank.
And Abby had a vague idea why.
“What happened?” She asked Ruby when the girl wouldn’t say anything but just stared at her.
Meanwhile, Ruby came here on a whim when Micah didn’t even spare her a second glance and left without saying a single word to her.
She expected him to get angry to see her there, but him completely ignoring her was out of her expectations.
If he was angry, he would still talk to her and demand an explanation for herself trying to help Arthur achieve his goals.
But from the way he couldn’t even bother to look at her twice, it was obvious that he didn’t care about. her at all and it hurt her the most.
How could he forget his friend from childhood and even punish her for that Abby, who was a lowly half witch?
She couldn’t accept this, but she had nowhere to vent her frustrations since Micah wouldn’t even give her the time of day, so here she was.
On the other hand, Abby knew she couldn’t avoid Ruby forever, so she thought it was better to face her directly and get done with it once and for all.
She could see the way Ruby’s face changed colors continuously as she glared daggers at her. Abby felt like shaking the woman out of her stupor, but then she heard her talk finally.
“Why aren’t you packing yet?” Ruby said in a haughty voice, all her previous amicable nature thrown out of the window.
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Chapter 86
“What?” Abby was stunned at her sudden question.
“What?! Didn’t Micah tell you to leave yet?”
“Why would he?” Abby was genuinely confused at her words.
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“Because you are just a nuisance for him,” Ruby pronounced, which irritated Abby to no end. “What? You think someone like you deserves him?”
Abby just stared at her when the woman came and rambled on how she would be thrown away by Micah randomly.
“He was just confused for a moment, once his head clears up, he wouldn’t even spare you a second glance. Save the heartache and do yourself a favor,” she went on when Abby didn’t retort her.
“Once his head clears up?!” Abby repeated her words, not understanding from where Ruby got that impression
“Yes, he was only tolerating you because of that stu pid mate bond, once he realizes you aren’t a suitable partner for him, he would definitely discard you and choose a woman who suits him the best,” Ruby said, implying she was
nat perfect candidate without saying it directly.
Abby was dumbfounded at her audacity. And Ruby mistook her silence for compliance as she continued to demean her further.
“What kind of a queen only knows I
incapable, your incompete to bring troubles for her king and her people? You are so
incapable, your incompetence stirred hatred from the people of this palace against their own king.” Ruby sounded contemptible, using only derogatory terms to describe Abby.
However, even after she said so much, when there was no reaction from the opposite person, she didn’t feel satisfied at all.
It felt like punching a cotton pillow. So she took it a step further.
“Do you know where Micah is right now? In a meeting with the elders and the royal council,” Ruby said and immediately saw how Abby frowned.
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Chapter 86
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“If I’m correct, they would be questioning him right now. I can even let you in on the things they will say to him, only because they couldn’t accept the fact you are his mate,” Ruby said, her eyes glinting weirdly and Abby knew that glint all too well.
She had often seen it in Hanna’s eyes, whenever she made Abby cry for her own peace of mind.
Meanwhile, Ruby still wasn’t done with her monologue yet, as she went at it like she was on a mission.
And that mission was crystal clear to Abby, to break her heart.
“When he realizes keeping you would only make his own people suffer, do you think he will still hold onto you?” Ruby asked her confidently.
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    But then she answered her own question. “I reckon you know the answer. Micah loves this kingdom so much. So who do you think he will choose?” Ruby smiled at her evilly. “The answer is as clear as day, sacrificing you would solve a lot of his problems, no?”
    “Are you done?” Abby, who had been listening to her prattle away like a mad woman, couldn’t tolerate her shi tty attitude toward herself anymore and raised her brows at her.
    And when Ruby finally fell silent, she pulled her high collar down enough as she pointed at the mark, Micah’s mark, on her neck.
    “Can you see this? Do I need any more reasons not to doubt his ‘intentions’ concerning me?” Abby asked in a soft yet calm voice, making Ruby grit her teeth in hatred.

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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