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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 87

Chapter 87

On the very first day Abby saw Ruby on that riverbank, where she was having lunch with Micah, she felt this weird vibe from her.

She actively tried to imply that she knew Micah more than any platonic friend from one’s childhood should.

Even though the King didn’t give Abby any chance to feel insecure, the woman still tried to implant ideas about herself and Micah in her mind during that so–called lunch date she took her to, where she made her friends talk nonsense.

At first, Abby also thought Ruby was better than her.

But then, when she thought back to all those

vents, coupled with the way she displayed her true colors

by trying to grab this chance to make her leave

manipulate her into thinking that she was not cah Abby finally realized how the girl tried to,

for Micah.

That day, she still tried to maintain a proper lady behavior, as she let those three women gaslight her, but today, she somehow decided not to act anymore as she came to confront her face to face.

On second thought, Ruby struggled that day to hide her true intentions toward Micah as well, let alone now, when the entire palace was against Abby being together with her mate.

So here she was, trying to intimidate her with her proper education and so–called insider information.

Abby only tolerated her because she was Micah’s friend, be it that day or today, she had only given her the time of the day for Micah’s sake.

Even wanting to build her social circle, Abby only tried it for Micah.

But, Ruby seemed to have gotten the wrong memo that she cared about what Ruby or others thought

about her.

Being ostracized by people was nothing new to Abby. It was only Micah that she cared about.



Chapter 87

And her mate’s love was something she wouldn’t sacrifice for anyone.

So when Ruby went on and on about how Micah wouldn’t hesitate to discard her once he realized how she would only bring himself troubles, Abby couldn’t tolerate it anymore and chose to shut her up in the most effective way possible.

“Can you see this? Do I need any more reasons not to doubt his ‘intentions‘ concerning me?”

Abby asked Ruby as she pointed at Micah’s mark on her neck.

“If he had any doubts about our bond, he wouldn’t have taken a step this big. Don’t you think so?” She continued when Ruby just gritted her teeth without saying anything.

The woman glared daggers at her mark as envy filled her face and Abby didn’t need anymore proof that who prayed Micah couldn’t find his destined mate so that they could get

Ruby was one of those ”

a chance to become his chosen mate at least.

And the woman seemed to “gly believe that she could easily replace her as she never felt the need

to show her the respect

sheed as Micah’s mate.

So, Abby also didn’t think it was necessary to coddle her anymore when she thought Ruby crossed so many lines she shouldn’t.

“I don’t think you don’t know what a mark signifies between mates,” Abby said, plunging another sharp dagger into Ruby’s heart.

Abby pointed out the most important thing they were all forgetting.

She and Micah were mates, destined to each other with the blessings of the Moon Goddess herself.

Moreover, Micah had already marked her, which only solidified their bond further.

There was no point in Ruby coming here and trying to provoke Abby, because she never cared about power or acceptance of people who didn’t matter to her.

And her thoughts were crystal clear on her expressive face and Ruby felt annoyed all the more.


Chapter 87

The confident smile on Abby’s face taunted her to no end.


“So, what if he marked you? He can still reject you,” Ruby retorted as she didn’t like the look of surety in Abby’s eyes. “Don’t forget how different both of you are! You and him are from two completely different


Hearing her, Abby only shook her head at her as if she was dealing with a small child throwing a


“Rejecting one’s mate after marking and mating?” Abby laughed in Ruby’s face. “Sorry for my lack of ‘etiquette,‘ but don’t you know how detrimental it is to reject your destined?”

Immediately, Ruby’s face turned red as she felt ashamed for saying something like that outloud.

Not only did it portray herself as someone crass and scheming for hoping Micah to reject his own mate, but it also implied she was stupid.

After all, rejecting an incomplete bond between mates would already be counterproductive and come with several repercussions, but she actually mentioned rejecting a complete bond.

Not to mention Micah bore the royal bloodline.

If a destined mate wasn’t so important to the heirs of the royal bloodline ascending the throne, would they all have waited this long along with Micah for him to find his mate?

“Seems like you know the answer well. As per the differences between us, we could always work things out. And I’m more than ready to understand and adapt to his world,” Abby came on strong. “So, why don’t you follow your own advice?”

Ruby was confused at her words and it was obvious on her face.

“Do yourself a favor and stop worrying about your childhood friend, because as his mate, I am more qualified to do things like that. Don’t you think so?” Abby said and saw how Ruby’s face turned even more red with anger.

“You…” the woman repeated this single word several times, but nothing else came out when Abby threw her own words back at her and humiliated her in front of her personal maids, who were now


Chapter 87

trying hard to hold back their laughter.


When faced with their complaints and dissatisfaction, Micah didn’t show any change in his expression as he noted down every single one of them mentally.

Once they were done shouting over each other’s voices, he answered all of their concerns one by one.

“Everything that you have heard is true.” He started, keeping his voice even as he addressed everyone.”

“There had been several rogue attacks in the past couple of months. When we realized the unusuality of them, we investigated a little deeper and found out they were all orchestrated.” Micah said, effectively gaining all of their attention.

“It was the doing of a man called Calpin,” the King revealed and saw the confusion on their faces. “He was the dark magic user who attacked me a fortnight back…”

He then told them everything that happened that day.

Including how Abby didn’t hesitate to jump in front of the enemy, who was trying to burn himself from inside, to save her mate bravely even though she was still figuring out how to use her own powers.

He didn’t mention anything about her power backlash, because they would only use it against her. Again.

Instead, he followed up with his father’s version of the events.

“When she tried to save me, he attacked her, which gave me ample time to recover. However, he realized it and fled immediately while leaving her to burn to death,” Micah continued, giving himself a way out of the whole marking her without anyone’s knowledge fiasco.

He knew it was a big deal for everyone, so he had to make them believe that it was completely done for the right reasons and didn’t involve any schemes like they

were all made to believe.

“And I see no mistake in just doing something ahead of time,” Micah said, emphasizing how he would eventually mark her.




Chapter 87

Immediately, he could see how they all looked restless.

“She is my mate, who else would I mark if not her?” The King asked, his voice turning a little deep through the end.

“But she is very weak and also her origins are unsatisfactory,” Pedro, one of the members of the royal council, pointed out, openly showing his displeasure over the matter.

“She’s brave enough to fight the enemies for me, I don’t see any weakness in her. As for her origins, what does her ability to use magic change?” Micah didn’t have the idea to dodge this bullet at all.

Immediately, he could hear a clamor among his subjects. Everyone gasped at his words audibly.


ali thought Micah would find it hard to broach this topic. After all, they were talking about her lowly birth as a witch.

No, half a witch!

“It doesn’t change the fact that we are mates or that I only want her as my queen,” Micah continued, knowing fully well they would react strongly to his declaration.

But he didn’t intend to hide this at all.

If he didn’t make his stance clear, what happened upon his arrival today would only repeat again and again.

He wouldn’t tolerate any disrespect toward his mate and future queen.

So he deemed it necessary to implant his decision in their minds.

“Yes, like I said, every rumor you heard is true, and my mate and future queen is a half witch,” Micah told them all.

“Future queen? How could you take someone like her as your queen?” Kesler, another councilor, couldn’t help but blurt out and immediately received the King’s wrath.

“Watch what you say about my mate, Kesler!”


Chapter 87

“Why? He didn’t say anything wrong,” Fabron, another elder, chose to speak at this moment.


“He said something punishable, because she is going to be the queen of this kingdom soon,” Micah pinned Fabron with a look and then everyone present as he made an announcement. “Soon, as in next week, when I hold the ceremony to crown her.”

This prompted an uproar from all of them.



His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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