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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 88

Chapter 88

When Micah readily talked about Abby’s origin as a half witch, along with Arthur everyone present were really shocked.

Micah didn’t hold back anything as he told them everything except the details of her power backlash,

which occurred twice in her life thus far.

Or how Calpin was also aiming to kill Abby, so that he could get rid of the remnants of shackles her great

grandmother had put on him.


If they found out she had some connection with Calpin, their focus would be on it and it would only

complicate things.

“To achieve his goal to become the most powerful person in this realm, he wants to kill me.”

This was what he told them when they expressed their confusion over how Micah became a target to

that dark magic user, which was not a lie.

After telling them how she fought with that dark magic user to save himself, he continued to tell that

she only discovered her powers recently.

In a way, he didn’t lie, yet again. It was just that Abby rediscovered her powers, which were locked by

her witch‘ mother, Riley, after she countered her power backlash a decade ago.

However, he needed to make an impromptu decision to announce his next step when they couldn’t even accept the fact that he already marked her.

He wanted to announce it separately at first, but since they were hell bent on pressuring him to leave her, he could only make it clear for them once and for all.

“I will hold her crowning ceremony in the next week,” Micah said, not giving them any chance to object. “If anyone has any objections, keep them to yourself.”

Immediately, everyone, be it the elders or the councilors, broke into an uproar, as their shock turned

into disagreement real quick.


Chapter 88


“What do you mean you will hold a ceremony in the next week, when we don’t even accept her as your


It was Arthur who finally spoke after breaking out of his stupor.

How could his son be this stubborn?

So what if she tried to fight that Calpin guy to save him? Did she succeed?

If she had succeeded, there wouldn’t have been any discussion over her capabilities in the first place.

In the end, she still couldn’t help Micah in catching that dark magic user who had been wreaking havoc

in and around the capital city.

Could her one act of false bravery outshine all her demerits?

The answer was clearly a ‘no.’

On the other hand, when they all saw the former king take the lead to oppose his son’s words, the

commotion only snowballed until they all started finding more and more excuses to support Arthur.

“Moreover, how could you think of pampering your mate when the situation with the rogues hasn’t yet

been dealt with?” Leon opened his mouth too, when he realized he remembered a very important


From Micah’s words, it was obvious that the enemy targeting his life was a very powerful dark magic


  • When such people placed a target on someone, they wouldn’t back down so easily.

So it was inevitable that he would come back. Be it for gaining more power or to take revenge for failing

in his last attempt.

“We don’t know what the enemy will do next. He targeted our entire pack last time, it could be any of

the remaining eight packs next. He will not stop until he gets what he wants,” the representative from the Black Claw pack said, with fear evident in his voice.


Chapter 88

Hearing him, everyone nodded their heads as if they were agreeing with him.


“My King, we need to eliminate this dark magic user first. Even if not for yourself, shouldn’t you be in a hurry to focus on this matter first, so that you could save your people?” Gavin asked as he prompted his

this matter.

fellow elders to persuade the King W

Peoples‘ lives were at stake here, so Micah should definitely annul his decision to crown Abby as his

queen as soon as possible.

That was what they all thought when they all looked at the King for an answer, but what Micah said

next, prompted another round of commotion in this great hall.

“I have a way to deal with the rogues, so you don’t have to worry about it,” Micah said, sounding too casual about this whole scenario. “Just because someone is against me, I don’t need to delay things

that need to be done.”

His second sentence left them all dumbfounded as it could be applied to Calpin and all of them at the

same time.

They were also against the King right now, even though they weren’t planning to usurp the throne like that Calpin guy. Granted, they were only disagreeing with himself wanting to make Abby his queen, they were still opposing his authority.

Moreover, what did he mean by this nonchalant attitude while addressing such an important issue?

Leon’s words when he said ‘the King was focusing on pampering his mate instead of more important things,‘ would come true soon at this rate.

*Micah was behaving like a henpecked husband would around his wife, always thinking about Abby.

First, he took her on a vacation, leaving the palace in Alan’s hands even though he knew there was an enemy out there, trying to wreak havoc in his kingdom, using those rogues.

Next, he marked her to save her, granted she tried to save him first with her life.

Now, he was setting aside his duty as the King of werewolves and planning to make her his queen, instead of thinking about ways to prevent another possible rogue attack that could claim even more


Chapter 88


They didn’t know what to say as they all turned to look at Arthur, who also had this hardened


“This is not the right time for it, Micah,” Arthur said, voicing what was on everyone else’s mind.

“I know what I’m doing.” Micah told the former king without even turning to look at him.

“How can you do this when there are so many of us against it?” Mark, one of the elders, asked as he

tried to use numbers against the King.

“I’m the King of this kingdom, my decision alone equals and amounts more than all of yours‘

combined,” Micah asserted, rousing unrest among them again.


“Even a king needs to listen to his advisors,” Fabron, another elder, proclaimed, feeling displeased with

the King’s attitude.

“Yes, but only when he needs it,” Micah countered back and stood up. It was obvious he was done with this meeting. “That will be all!”

Once he said that, he didn’t bother about the voices that started buzzing, as they whispered among themselves how they couldn’t believe Micah was doing something like this, and left the great hall with

his royal beta.

Little did they know, it was all done on purpose.

The more they believed he was off guard about the situation with the rogues, the better.

Just like he said earlier, he had an idea to deal with those nasty puppets of that dark mage.

He was planning to lure them out using this ceremony as bait.

If his guess was correct, the spy in the palace would leak this update to Calpin soon.

So instead of attacking another pack or the borders of the capital city, like he always did, Calpin would plan his next attack on the palace.


Chapter 88

So this was like killing two birds with one stone.


“Yes, Ruby, what about me?” Abby asked the woman when she kept repeating the word ‘you‘, while pointing a finger at her and her maids in turns.

“Don’t cross the line!” Ruby shouted at last as she felt humiliated for being treated like someone below


“I crossed a line!?” Abby’s face was a mirror of surprise, as her eyes crinkled with a smile. “Let’s recount what you did from the moment we met and you will have the answer as to who crossed the line here.”

Ruby felt her cheek burn so badly with this verbal slap, she ground her teeth as a low growl escaped her chest as if she would shift anytime now.

Ruby really felt like clawing that half yet deprecating smile off of Abby’s face.

“Don’t go too far, you will regret it,” Ruby said, her claws threatening to extend as she tried to reign in her anger.

She couldn’t afford to do anything to Abby right now.

If she did, Micah would only distance himself further from her. She was already afraid that he didn’t care about her anymore:

And if he were to learn that she harmed this half witch, he might never see her face again.

He hated people who schemed against others.

Not to mention, he already deemed her cunning after the incident of letting Abby get lost in the town last time.

Thinking all of this, Ruby felt her head would explode from the anger she was suppressing.

On the other hand, Abby couldn’t even bother to look at her face anymore as she felt like she talked enough with her.


Chapter 88

She had nothing to say good about her anyway.

It wasn’t like she often heard people saying good things about her, though.

In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time someone just appreciated her for doing something good.

It was always the opposite.

And the same was happening yet again.

The entire palace was about to turn against Micah, because they all considered her as a wastrel,

someone who could offer nothing good but only knew how to be a burden to the other person.

Even though she tried really hard, it was not an easy feat to ignore people who had only bad things to

say about you.

It was one thing if they talked bad about you among themselves, or spread rumors as such, at least,

then you wouldn’t have to hear or see the hatred they felt toward you.

But when someone came and scolded you in your face, being nonchalant about it would be very



Just like her current situation with Ruby.

Abby knew all the elders were unhappy with her.

And she couldn’t imagine what Micah was going through just to defend her in front of them.

*And Ruby came to make things difficult for her when she was already having a hard time worrying over

the discussion Micah was having with the elders in the great hall.

At this thought, Abby felt her patience run thin as she glared at Ruby.

“Please, don’t joke around. It has always been you who had that privilege.” Abby shot back. “But don’t you think I’ll tolerate it from now on.”

“What can you do?” Ruby scoffed when Abby actually changed lanes and dared to warn her.


Chapter 88


“What a queen can do to her subjects when she feels they went too far. That’s what I’ll do to you,” Abby

twisting her face.


with” is when sheets they weRY COUNTER UN



“You wouldn’t dare!”

Ruby screamed, her face pinching in anger.

“You will see what I can and can’t the next time you don’t show the respect I deserve as the future queen of this kingdom,” Abby replied calmly, even though her body started to tremble with all the mixed emotions racking her nerves.

Ruby immediately understood what Abby meant. She never bowed to Abby.

On the first day they met, she didn’t know Abby was Micah’s mate. But during that encounter as well,

she had this thought that Abby was someone whom she could push around as she pleased.

And once she found out she was a witch, Abby’s value in her eyes plunged so drastically, it went


So, obviously, she didn’t feel like bowing to her, or showing the respect she deserved.

On the other hand, after telling Ruby to back off, Abby felt like she couldn’t breathe.

“Prepare the bath again while I take a walk in the garden,” Abby told her maids as she walked past Ruby. “The air in here feels too stuffy.”

After saying her piece, Abby didn’t wait for another second as she half jogged toward the back garden, not stopping even though she could hear Alyssa calling after her.

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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