Indus Battle Royale APK [Alpha, Beta] Android, iOS, PC

Indian Gaming Company ‘SuperGaming SG’ has created a Big Buzz Not only in India but also in top Tier Countires like USA and UK after the Announcement of their upcoming Big ‘Indus Battle Royale’ Game. It’s India’s First Battle Royale Game crafted and optimized for mobile devices. Indus Battle Royale APK Download for Android, iOS and PC devices to be revealed by Officials.

indus battle royale apk

Indus Battle Royale will take you through the Mysterious Island of Virlok where you will find Ancient Inda’s Structures and there is going to be mission for the Players to Survive in a Gamplay. Indus Battle Royale Game has been compared to many other battle royale games but interesting fact is It has given totally unique experience to their Players during ‘Alpha Version’ Test.

Indus Battle Royale Alpha Test has revealed the Video Footage of ‘Indus Battle Royale’ Game where you can See the Full Video of Gameplay along with Settings, Lobby, Map and much more. Also, Indus Battle Royale is continuously improving after their Tests among Gaming Communities in various cities Playtest. Indus Battle Royale Alpha APK, Beta APK Version is available to only Few Gamers only as its currently under Testing Phase.

Indus is a battle royale set in an Indo-Futuristic setting. The game features you, the player, as a Mythwalker working for a interstellar crime syndicate called COVEN. The future of the galaxy depends on you, a blank slate sent to Indus on behalf of the COVEN. Indus Battle Royale Pre-Registration started on official Play Store and those who registers early going to get Special Benefits.

Indus Battle Royale has already received Trending love from across the Globe and the Final Product of Indus Battle Royale to be released very soon on Android, iOS and PC devices. Indus Battle Royale APK Download to be available to those who are facing downloading and installing difficulties.

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