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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook Chapter 10

Chapter 10 A Suicide Threat The air in the corridor seemed to freeze.

Mitchel set his lips into a grim line as he glared at Luis.

Just as his eyes began to shoot sparks, a nurse came out of the ward and said,
“She’s up now.” Luis stopped making fun of


He just smiled casually.

“Go and comfort her.

I’ll be waiting for you at the bar.” Back in the ward, Lauren was no longer having a

The doctor had earlier revealed that Lauren’s body rejected the transplant, which
was not good for her health.

Lauren gripped Mitchel’s hand tightly and said with tears in her eyes, “My
shoulder hurts so bad.

I’m afraid ] don’t have much time left.

Can you marry me as soon as possible?” Mitchel’s eyes darkened.

He raised his hand to stroke her hair and said, “Fine.” His affirmative response
seemed to give her some sort of assurance.

She leaned into his arms.

Her head pressed against his chest.

Mitchel frowned and attempted to push her away.

Sensing his intention, Lauren leaned even closer as if she wanted to be under his

She moved her body seductively while tracing his belt with her fingers.

She glanced up at him amorously and said, “You know, my illness doesn’t stop
me from…” Before she could finish speaking,

Mitchel grabbed her wandering hand.

He stepped away from her and said coldly, “Sleep tight.

I’ll take my leave now.” “I thought you were going to stay with me this night.

How can you leave me all alone?” Lauren said with a pout after withdrawing her
hand awkwardly.

“I’m not leaving you all alone.

Jocelyn will be here to take care of you.” “But you are the one I want!” Lauren
said, shimmying like a child.

Mitchel pressed the bridge of his nose and then said coldly, “Remember that I’m
still married.” It was no news that Lauren had

risked her life to save him.

Now that she was ill, it was only fair that he fulfilled her wish no matter how hard.
But a lot of things had changed in the past few years.

He was no longer the Mitchel she used to know.

“Mitchel, you know what my greatest wish is.

If you refuse to marry me, I’m going to kill myself.” After saying that, Lauren
buried her face in her hands and burst into tears.

Mitchel ran his fingers through his hair.

Exasperated, he promised, “Please don’t do that.

Trust me, I’ll get everything sorted out very soon.” He then walked out of the

Shortly after, loud shattering sounds were heard from the ward.

The attending nurse walked in to meet a big mess.

The bedside lamp, television, and flower vase had all been smashed into pieces.
The nurse’s mouth was opened wide in astonishment.

The last time she checked, this VIP patient was always so frail that she could
barely lift a finger.

How come she became so violent all of a sudden? The nurse stood there lost in

Suddenly, a whoosh was heard.

A glass flew toward the nurse’s face.

Just as the object was about to hit the nurse, she was shoved aside by Jocelyn
who just walked in.

The glass hit the wall and broke into pieces. The nurse gasped, holding her chest
in horror. “Lauren!” Jocelyn, whose Job was to wait hand and foot on Lauren
walked forward to stop the hysterical Lauren. She held Lauren and then glanced
at the nurse who was slowly sinking to her knees. “Leave!” Jocelyn was a servant
of the Murray family and had been looking after Lauren since she was a little girl.
Once the nurse fled, Jocelyn locked the door, walked over to Lauren, and held
her wrist gently. “Lauren, violence won’t solve anything. You should remain
coolheaded.” Lauren rested her head on Jocelyn’s bosom and said pitifully,
“Jocelyn, why won’t Mitchel touch me? Am I not beautiful enough? Has he lost
romantic interest in me?” “You are beautiful, dearie. Don’t let anyone tell you
otherwise. Also, don’t think too much about this. Mitchel is obsessed with you.
How can he lose his feelings for you?” “But he has refused to be intimate with
me. Whereas, he keeps sleeping with that whore!” After saying that, Lauren took
outa pile of photos from under her pillow and threw them on the floor. The photos
were intimate images between Raegan and Mitchel. Shocked, Jocelyn quickly
picked them up. She tore them into shreds and said, “I get why you sent
someone to keep an eye on that woman, but why did you do the same for Mr.
Dixon? What if he finds out one day? Don’t you think he will be mad at you?”
“What should I do then?” Lauren gritted her teeth and said with hatred, “You want
me to just sit back and watch that tramp steal my man?” Jocelyn sighed and

“Calm down, Lauren. Didn’t he already promise to marry you as soon as he can?
Besides, you saved his life. That woman has got nothing on you. Mitchel is a
man of his word, so I’m certain he will marry you. Just wait.” “But Jocelyn, you
know that person who saved him back then was not…” “Shush!” Jocelyn shut her
up by pressing a finger to Lauren’s mouth.

“Let’s take this secret to our graves.

The only account you are to tell is that you saved Mitchel’s life, got it?” Lauren

She didn’t utter another word.

Late at night.

Mitchel went straight to the bar to meet Luis after leaving the hospital.

Once seated, he helped himself to a full glass of bourbon and gulped it down
without saying a word.

He sighed exasperatedly and leaned back against the sofa.

His long arm dangled behind the sofa and his legs were stretched before him.
His shirt was partially buttoned up and a little ruffled, but he still looked charming.
“What’s up? We are here to welcome Jarrod back.

Why did you drink a full glass like that?” As Luis spoke, he poured Mitchel
another glass and then raised his own glass for a


“Come on, let’s cheer to Jarrod’s return.

To new beginnings and greater heights!” A man who had single-edged eyelids
was seated on the sofa with a cigarette in his


His hair was short while the outline of his face was smooth and firm. There was a
scar that extended from his forehead to the end of his eyebrows. It wasn’t ugly at
all, but it made him look a bit wild and aloof. Mitchel also picked up the glass, and
the three of them bottomed up together.

Luis smiled. “Jarrod, you really shook the world within a short time. It has been
three years, and no one ever expected that the Schultz family would be able to
survive that disaster. Those old bastards who had set you up are all scared to
death now. They are discarding their shares for cheap in preparation to flee.”

After taking a long drag and puffing out smoke, Jarrod said menacingly, “I won’t
let them run away this time.” He came back to get his lick back on all those who
destroyed his family. If someone else had said such words, Luis would have
called their bluff. But Jarrod wasn’t a fibber. Luis knew that Jarrod would stop at
nothing to get revenge now that he was back.
The Schultz family had suffered a huge hit that saw the imprisonment of Jarrod’s
father and subsequent death.

Jarrod’s mother jumped off a_ building afterward.

Nonetheless, Jarrod didn’t allow these to break his soul.

He stayed abroad for three years and came back bigger and better.

There was no way those guys would go scot-free.

“What are you going to do with Nicole then?” Hearing that question, Jarrod
turned his head and sneered, “Who is she?” Luis was

stunned to hear that.

“You know what, just forget about it,” Luis said, waving his hand.

During the crises that rocked the Schultz family, the Lawrence family immediately
called off the engagement between Jarrod and


The shareholders took advantage of the situation and sold out their shares,
directly cutting off Jarrod’s only way out.

Jarrod had nothing else to fall back on, so he went abroad.

He had experienced a lot of hardships.

One could only imagine how hard it was for him to make a comeback.

Thinking of everything that happened, Luis said a silent prayer for Nicole.

Luis took a sip of wine, glanced at Mitchel, and then asked, “You came straight
from the hospital, didn’t you? Why do you look so

gloomy?” Mitchel frowned and said nothing.

Seeing that, Luis smiled knowingly.

“Did Lauren urge you to divorce?” Mitchel nodded irritably.

Everyone knew why Lauren returned.

Judging by how Mitchel used to care for Lauren, Luis thought divorcing Raegan
wouldn’t be a big deal for him.

But it seemed that wasn’t the case.

Luis squinted at Mitchel and said, “If you don’t want to divorce, then don’t.
Raegan seems like a good wife.” “Dude, what’s your deal? Didn’t you ask me to
divorce her ASAP barely an hour ago?” Mitchel

retorted, raising an eyebrow.

“You know how this shit goes.

1] was just pulling your legs.

Honestly, I thought Raegan only married you for money.

I’m shocked to learn that she has feelings for you.

What a foolish woman!” Mitchel’s shoulders dropped as he said, “Lauren says
she can’t wait any longer.” “What a pity.

But since Raegan’s beautiful and gentle, it would be easy for her to get married

Perhaps she will find a man better than you,” Luis uttered, nodding his head and
then sipping his drink.

Mitchel murdered Luis with his eyes.

Annoyed, he took a cigarette and put it between his teeth.

Luis continued, “I was at the party the other day when a friend of mine took a
fancy for Raegan and asked me to play


You should see how disappointed he looked when I told him Raegan was already
married.” Mitchel turned off the lighter and said

somberly, “Tell that friend of yours to get his eyes off my wife!” “Why do you
care? You two are about to get divorced.” “Until now,

we are still married.

1 won’t allow anyone to covet her!” Staring at Mitchel for a moment, Luis burst
into laughter and said lightly, “Wow! Dude,

something is wrong with you.”

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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