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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook Chapter 9

The intense gaze Mitchel gave Raegan now reminded Raegan of the scary
dream she had earlier.

In her dream, Mitchel had told her to abort the child when he knew she was

Her heart began to race as she stammered, “I…

1 don’t know.

Maybe it’s something I ate.

I’ll be fine once I take some rest.” Mitchel’s frown deepened.

It was hard to tell if he believed her or not.

Raegan was so nervous that she bit her lips and murmured, “You’re hurting me.”
After loosening his grip a little, Mitchel opened

Raegan’s soft palm.

Several intertwined bruises came into view.

They were not pleasant to the eyes at all.

His eyebrows furrowed.

“You didn’t go to the hospital?” Raegan wasn’t even aware of these bruises.
She must have scratched her palm on the ground when she fell.

Thinking of the incident, her sadness returned.

The change in her expression didn’t go unnoticed by Mitchel.

As soon as he saw her pale face, he picked her up and took her to the sofa.

He then brought over the first-aid box.

He got down on one knee and began cleaning her wound gently.

I “Why didn’t you dodge?” This question rendered Raegan speechless.

It was the first time she had seen a man who acted wrongly so righteous.

He shoved her aside, yet he was asking her why she didn’t dodge! The nerve of
this guy! Mitchel wiped the scratches gently with

the sterilized cotton ball.

When his eyes fell on Raegan’s bruises, he looked so gentle.

This simple action of his was capable of making her fall for his tenderness.

The tingling sensation made Raegan hiss and her eyes became misty.

She bit her lower lip hard to brave the pain.

Although it wasn’t that painful, she badly wanted to burst into tears.

She raised her head a little and drew sharp breaths just to prevent her tears from

She really wanted to ask Mitchel whether he loved her.

However, she couldn’t bring herself to ask him that because she was scared of
getting an unfavorable response.

The truth, as the saying went, was bitter.

Mitchel raised his head, only to see that blood was seeping out of Raegan’s
lower lip.

He pinched her chin and ordered, “Stop doing that.

You are bleeding.” Raegan’s ears turned red with embarrassment.

She tried to hide her tears as she complained, “But it really hurts.” Her voice was
muffled because Mitchel continued to pinch her


Slowly, her nose turned red and a teardrop trickled down her cheek.

It was like dew slipping down a rose at dawn, so beautiful yet fragile.

Mitchel’s heart fluttered at the sight of this.

The next second, he tightened his grip on her chin and kissed her hard.

His sudden move blocked Raegan’s sight. The landing of his lips on hers came
out of the blue. Her lips were numb for a second. When he began to kiss her
roughly, they hurt more than before. Raegan’s heart was beating fast. She
hurriedly placed her hands on his chest and pushed hard. She was still mad at
him. Why was he kissing her now? Was it out of love or lust? Questions flooded
Raegan’s mind at this moment, leaving her head in a whole mess. Oblivious to
the torment going on inside her, Mitchel continued to kiss her passionately. He
had always been so domineering. He grabbed her hands and pressed her
against the sofa. He began to nibble on her lips. Every move was domineering,
breaking Raegan’s resolve slowly. Raegan couldn’t think straight anymore.
Raegan had no choice but to cooperate with him without even thinking. Mitchel
knew how to turn her on. His fingers remained on her chin as he sucked her lips
gently. Her walls of resistance broke one after the other. Just as she wrapped her
arms around his neck, a phone buzzed. Mitchel’s phone kept vibrating on the

He refused to spare it a glance. Instead, he cupped her face and kissed her more
passionately. Raegan was already moaning against his mouth. Her eyes were
filled with lust. But when she saw the caller ID, she froze and her senses

She pushed Mitchel hard, but he kept at it.

When Mitchel noticed that she was no longer kissing him back, he paused but
still held on to her.

The phone kept vibrating.

Raegan turned her face away.

After a moment of silence, Mitchel stood up and went to the balcony to answer
the call.

The door that led to the balcony was ajar.

Raegan vaguely heard a woman’s soft sobs coming from the other end.

Mitchel said a few words in a low magnetic voice.

Although she couldn’t make out what they were talking about, she could tell from
the tone that Mitchel was trying to comfort that


Raegan withdrew her eyes and then looked down at the bruises on her palm
which were freshly cleaned.

The pain in her hand was nowhere near the one in her heart.

More than ever before, Raegan knew she was heartbroken.

Mitchel walked back.

He bent over and picked up his car key from the table.

He had buttoned up his shirt and his face was cold and noble now.

He looked at Raegan and parted his lips, but he closed them on second thought.
At last, he said, “Dinner is on the table.

Eat it and then go to bed early.” His lips were cold but plump from all the kissing.
“Don’t go, Mitchel…” As soon as Mitchel spun around, Raegan jumped up and
hugged him from behind. Her voice trembled. She couldn’t look him in the eye for
fear that she wouldn’t have the guts to air her feelings. She wanted to tell him to
stay with her instead of rushing over to Lauren whenever Lauren called. But the
words got stuck in her throat. Despite knowing that she was throwing herself at him cheaply, Raegan was willing to have a try for the sake of her baby. She was
trying to stay afloat before the waves swept her away. Raegan promised herself
to ask him to stay just this once.
The silence that fell over them was so suffocating.

The clock ticked as they remained in that position.

Suddenly, Mitchel”s phone vibrated again.

It annoyingly rang off the hook.

“Drop it, Raegan.” Mitchel finally broke the silence.

Without looking at her, he broke off her grip bit by bit.

Raegan’s heart shattered again.

“Lauren is not doing well.

I have to go check on her.” With that, Mitchel walked out the door.

It wasn’t until the door was shut that Raegan realized she was weeping now.
Her face was wet with tears.

No matter how she sniffed and wiped her eyes, tears just kept coming.

She cried and then began to laugh crazily.

It was as if God meant to make her suffer.

When she was a child, people always teased and bullied her because she was
an orphan.

She couldn’t think of any mean thing that her peers didn’t do to her.

Was it throwing away her raincoat on a rainy day? Or hiding her shoes so she
had to walk barefoot in the snow? Name it!

Despite all the suffering, Raegan held out hope that things would get better.
She looked forward to starting her own family and giving her kids all the love she

She was an adult now.

She had a family and the man she wanted to cherish.

But after Mitchel walked out and shut the door in her face, Raegan realized that
she was still the same old helpless orphan.

She was alone in the world.

The life she looked forward to was just wishful thinking.

Raegan sat on the floor and wallowed in despair.

Why was life so unfair to her? In the corridor of the hospital.

“How could you be so cruel? Don’t you know she’s not in a good condition?” Luis
undid the top buttons of his black shirt as he

questioned Mitchel.

Mitchel’s eyes darkened, but he didn’t say anything.

Leaning against the window, Luis put one hand in his pocket and grinned.
“Mitchel, you have been acting weird lately.

If remember correctly, you only married Raegan to make your gravely ill
grandfather happy.

Now that he’s doing much better and Lauren is sick, don’t you think it’s high time
you divorced Raegan?” Luis waited for a


But all he got was a thoughtful look, so he added deliberately, “Friendly advice,
don’t do anything stupid.

Raegan doesn’t deserve you.

Just get rid of her quickly.” “Luis Stevens.” Mitchel’s voice was as cold as ice, and
his eyes were chilly.

“That’s my wife you are talking about!” “So what?” Luis shrugged with a sneer.
“Need I remind you that you owe your life to Lauren? How are you going to make
it up to her if you don’t divorce Raegan?”

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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