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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 12

Chapter 12

“Mabel!” Yolanda exclaimed, rushing to her daughter’s side. “Mom, this is all my fault, don’t blame her! We found the necklace, so let’s just put this behind us. She’s still just a kid!” Yolanda pleaded.

Melody couldn’t help but feel a twinge of bitterness. A kid? I have never met a 54–foot–tall kid. Yet, she kept her face empathetic, playing along with the act

“Grandma. Mabel’s passed out. Can we drop this for now? As long as you don’t think I took the necklace. I’m fine with whatever,” Melody said, maintaining her composure,

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Maria looked from Mabel to Melody, her disappointment tempered with appreciation for Melody’s graciousness. She gestured for Yolanda to take Mabel away, then grasped Melody’s hand warmly. “You’re such a good girl. I nearly did you wrong. What can I do to make this up to you?”

Melody gently shook her head. “Grandma, I don’t want anything, I just want you to believe me.”

Tears welled up in Maria’s eyes as she assured. “Of course, I do! No matter what, I will always trust you.”

A subtle smirk played on Melody’s lips, Maria’s trust was worth more than any gift. And, she felt a twisted thankfulness. towards Mabel for unwittingly solidifying that trust, while Mabel and Yolanda had completely eroded theirs.

As Mabel was being carried back to her room, she caught Yoland’s stern warning. “Enough with the acting! Get up!”

Slowly. Mabel opened her eyes. “Mom…” But before she could say more, Yolanda’s hand came down hard across her face.

“Ouch!” Mabel winced in pain, looking at Yolanda in shock.

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Despite her sympathy, Yolanda’s anger outweighed her pity. “You’re such an idiot! Didn’t I tell you? Don’t mess with Maria until she’s out of the picture. Can’t you ever just listen?”

Mabel’s tears flowed freely as she sobbed, “I didn’t want to, but the opportunity was just there. I… I just wanted to get rid of Melody as soon as possible!”

“That’s why you’re a fool” Yolanda snapped back. “Didn’t I lay out the plan for you? Once we’re with the Swanson family tomorrow, Melody will be shunned by everyone in Silverlake. Why stir up trouble with her tonight?”

“Now look what you’ve done–your grandmother despises you and feels even more pity for that little brat. Are you happy now?” Yolanda berated Mabel, her anxiety peaking

Mabel shrugged, unbothered. “What’s the rush, Mom? Grandma’s practically on her last leg. Who cares if she’s on my side or not! It’s not like she can protect Melody forever.”

“Shut your mouth! Yolanda hissed in a low, menacing tone. “Don’t you dare say that again! If your father hears this, he’ll skin you alive!“

Mention of her father sent a shiver of fear through Mabel Russell always favored boys, obsessing over her half–brother abroad and barely sparing her a thought.

Any slip–up and Russell would lay into her, though in recent years, her dedication to her studies had somewhat improved her standing with him.

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“Mom. Grandma won’t tell Dad about me smoking, right? Mable asked.

Yolanda snapped. “And you dare bring that up! You better stay the hell away from those things from now on!”

As for whether Maria would spill the beans, at all hinged on whether she could hold out until Russell returned.


Chapter 12

Yolanda knew she needed to act quickly, to increase the dose of the mercury sulfide.

nevez under would be brushed under

Thinking about this, Yolanda cursed her misfortune for not bearing a son. With a son, the carpet by Russell if necessary.

Now, all she could hope for was that Mabel could snag a wealthy suitor during

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O’s visit to the Swanson family

With these thoughts, Yolanda pushed aside the evening’s events, focusing instead on planning for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, after leaving the Fox family, Ken immediately took off his jacket and instructed his bodyguard to burn his clothes.

The bodyguard was baffled when he found dirt in the pocket. He hurried to dispose of the dirty clothes.

After burning the clothes, the bodyguard returned to the car and respectfully asked, “Sir, heading straight home now?”

“Yeah. Ken replied, his expression slightly sour. He glanced out the window and smiled playfully, thinking. “That girl’s name is Mabel, huh?”

The next day came in a flash. Mabel flaunted her glamorous attite early in the morning, purposely showing off her jewelry in front of Melody. “Hey, Melody, looks like you don’t have anything nice to wear to the party. Want to borrow something from me!”

Melody smirked, seeing right through Mabel’s attempt to gloss over yesterday’s debacle with her flashy display. “Appreciate the gesture, Mable, but I’ll pass. Don’t fancy getting pricked by any more of your accidental needles,” she quipped with a cool smile.

Mabel was livid, feeling like she could explode, She realized Melody was mocking her, hinting at the trap she and her mother had fallen into with the fox fur coat incident. Anger from past and present grievances surged within her. “You little bi-”

“Melody!” Maria’s voice cut through just as Mabel was about to burl more insults, saving Melody from her venom.

Mabel clenched her jaw and shot Melody a venomous look, but quickly resumed her faux sweet demeanor. “Grandma,” she greeted with forced warmth.

Maria eyed Mabel with a hint of disapproval and then turned to Melody, handing her a bank card. “This is for you.”

Confused, Melody asked, “Grandma, what’s this for!”

With a warm smile, Maria explained. The birthday bash calls for formal wear. I’m not so Sharp–eyed anymore. Take this card and treat yourself to some nice clothes and jewelry at the mall

Melody immediately recognized the card as one from Maria’s private savings. In her previous life, Maria’s remaining assets could have bought a dozen homes in the city, so this card was undoubtedly loaded. Melody was deeply moved by Maria’s lavish trust

This heartfelt gesture reaffirmed Melody’s resolve to protect Maria at all costs. Knowing now about the poisoning that had led to Maria’s demise in her previous life, Melody was determined not to let history repeat itself under Yolanda’s scheming

Tharks, Grandma” she said gratefully

“No need for thanks, we’re family” Maria dismissed with a wave of her hand. I’ve arranged a ride for you to Epoch Plaza.

find something perfect there. Perhaps get your makeup done too, cover up that.”

suled off. Appearance meant a lot for teenagers, go bad that Melody’s face had turned out this way

Chapter 12

Melody picked up on her grandma’s expression, but she wasn’t worried, knowing her looks would bence back sooner or


Meanwhile, Mabel, recognizing the card, was overcome with jealousy. She pinched her thigh hard enough to dras

“Grandma…” Mabel’s voice trembled as she clutched Maria’s hand, her eyes brimming with frigned tears. “I’ve spent the whole night reflecting. I realize my mistakes. I promise to get along better with Melody Mease, bath of you, give me one last chance to make things right.”

Maria’s face clouded over as she remembered the drama from last night. Yet, as she looked into Mabel’s sincere, innocent eyes, she found she couldn’t distance herself from her granddaughter.

After a long sigh, Maria finally said, “Alright, go with your sister to the mall and pack something you like. But listen, if this happens again. 111 act as though I don’t have a granddaughter Get r


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