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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Mrs. Fox, it was in a pit in the backyard, the servant replied.

“Take me to see it, Maria commanded.

As the group trudged into the backyard, Melody instantly spottel Mabel’s necklace right in the pit she had dug earlier. It turned out Mabel had actually stooped so low as to stash the necklace there, but this just made things simpler for Melody.

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“How the hell did the necklace end up here?” Mabel blurted out, pretending to be shocked as she snatched it up.

Just as she was about to point fingers at Melody, Melody cut her off. “Wait a sec! Why the hell is there a cigarette butt here?”

Mabel’s face drained of color. In her haste to hide the necklace, she’d completely spaced on the cigarette butt.

Maria scowled. “Since when are there cigarette butts in my backyard? I banned smoking in this house after I got sick. Who the hell has been breaking my rules”

Mabel gulped, clearly on edge, and stammered, “Grandma, let’s just focus on finding out who took my necklace, okay? We can sort out the cigarette thing later.”

Mabel. Melody said, rolling her eyes sarcastically. “Maybe the person who snatched your necklace is also the smoker. They might’ve lit up right before bailing”

She turned to Maria and said, “Grandma, we should get this cigarette butt tested. The DNA might tell us who it belongs to.”

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Maria nodded. That makes sense. Have it sent for testing right away!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Hattie responded, already on her way,

Mabel panicked and grabbed Hattie. “Wait, Hattie! Just because they smoked doesn’t mean they’re the thief. I just

remembered I saw

But before Mabel could finish. Melody interjected, “Mabel, why are you so freaked about testing the cigarette butt? Sounds like you’ve got something to hide.”

“No way! It wasn’t me!” Mabel protested, her face flaming red.

Maria’s tone was firm. “Hattie, take that cigarette butt for testing Now!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Hattie said, pulling away from Mabel and heading off to get it tested.

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Mabel broke into a cold sweat but didn’t dare to stop Hattie, knowing it would make her look even more suspicious.

Melody jumped in, “Hey Grandma, since we’re testing the cigarete butt, why not send in the necklace too? There might be fingerprints on it

“One more thing” Melody added, trying to clear the air. “I did dig that pit, but Mabel’s necklace wasn’t there at the time. Mabel can back me up on this Plus, wasn’t she about to take a bath? I clearly remember the necklace was still on her when 1 www Fire”

Melody decided to own up to digging the pit, figuring Mabel would spill the beans eventually.

Then Mabel quickly chimed in. “I don’t remember if the necklace disappeared before or after my bath.”

Yolanda, sharp as ever quickly came to her daughter’s defense. Maybe Mabel’s a bit mixed up. But what’s really bugging me


Chapter II

is why Melody was digging around in the backyard in the middle of the night? And isn’t it a bit too convenient that Mabels necklace just happened to be in that very hole!”

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Maria paused, giving a silent cue for a servant to confiscate the necklace for further testing, then turned to Melody. “What were you really doing out here digging at night?”

Melody, who was ready for this, didn’t directly answer Maria’s question. Instead, with a slight gesture towards a cluster of nearby plants, she casually asked, “Grandma, do you recognize these flowers?”

Before Maria could respond. Yolanda snapped, “Quit dodging the question with irrelevant flower talk!”

Im actually answering her. Melody retorted as she picked a flower and handed it to Maria. “This is Aster. It’s known for soothing lungs, clearing phlegm, and stopping coughs. I saw it here and thought about cultivating some for your cough. That’s why I was digging”

You’re full of it Mabel blurted out, visibly irritated. “You’re from the countryside–what do you know about medicinal herbs? You’re just trying to throw us off

Melody remained unfazed. “If you doubt me, go ahead and ask the family doctor, she suggested calmly.

Maria accepted the flower from Melody and signaled for the servant to fetch the doctor. “Bring Dr. Finn here, she ordered.

“Right away?” the servant replied, and soon after, the family doctor was brought in.

Without letting Mabel or Yolanda get a word in, Maria promptly asked the doctor. “Dr. Finn, is this an Aster plant?”

After examining the flower under the light, the family doctor confirmed. “Yes, it’s definitely Aster. Excellent for treating coughs”

Mabel and Yolanda were instantly silenced by the doctor’s confirmation, leaving Mabel seething with frustration

“How does Melody keep getting this lucky? Mabel fumed internally.

Just then, Hattie called in Maria switched her phone to speaker and inquired, “What are the test results?”

Hattie hesitated before revealing, “Mrs. Fox, the DNA on the cigarette butt matches Miss Mabel’s. And the only fingerprints on the necklace are Miss Mabels”

Maria’s face turned stern as she put the pieces together. “So you were the one smoking?” she demanded.

Mabel’s face paled, and she instinctively hid behind Yolanda

Seeing Mabel’s reaction. Yolanda quickly jumped to her defense, albeit confused and slightly frustrated Mom, don’t be too harsh on her. Mabel is still young, maybe influenced by bad company at school… She’s always been at the top of her class, perhaps someone envied her and led her astray.”

“Enough” Maria snapped, her voice firm. “Mabel! Get on your knees and tell us the truth!”

stabels legs shook as she fell in front of Maria. Grandma… I did pick up smoking from some friends at school. But I swear, I’ll never touch a rigarette again!”

Tm not asking about that, Marta said, narrowing her eyes. Tm lking about the necklace”

Mabel shook all over, looking terrified.

Chapter II

Before she could come u up with an excuse, Maria spoke again, “Melody dug that pit to get medicinal herbs for me. Your cigarette butt was found next to it, and you knew about the pit. Mabel, I can’t believe you’d frame your own sister!”

“No!” Mabel shook her head wildly. “I swear, I have no idea how the necklace ended up there!”

Maria let out a derisive snort. “Really? You don’t know how it got there? Well, the test results are in, and guess what? The necklace only has your fingerprints on it!”

Mabel was speechless. She panicked, rolled her eyes, and fainted on the spot.

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