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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“Stop it” A cold, emotionless male voice cut through the chaos

In the next instant, Wilmot was struck by a powerful kick that sent him stumbling backwards nearly six feet.

Melody’s heart raced at the voice. With great effort, she lifted her head, but the comer was standing against the light. obscuring his face from view. Her lungs ached from the strangulation, and she broke into violent coughs,

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On the other hand, Wilmot was furious at being kicked. Cupping his sore spot, he glared in the direction of his attacker.

However, he was stunned at the sight of the man’s face it was a fall, handsome stranger with piercing dark brown eyes. The man radiated a palpable aura of danger.

“M–M–Mr. Swanson… Wilmot stammered, struggling to greet the imposing figure.

With his lips curled into a cold sneer, Ken huskily mocked, “Is Mr. Sherman planning on committing murder in broad daylight?”

With a slight tilt of his head towards Melody, Ken cued his bodyguard, who quickly rushed over to help the breathless woman up from the ground,

As soon as Melody regained her composure, she turned to seek out her rescuer. She froze when their eyes met – just as she had suspected, it was the same man she had encountered on the cruise

Mr. Swanson? How was he related to the renowned Swanson family? Melody wondered. But there was no time to ponder

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that now.

Wilmot had quickly gotten back on his feet, ready to fight back verbally. “It’s not me. She’s the one who’s committed murder! She killed my boy!” he snapped.

“Hold up, it’s not like that,” Melody jumped in. “The kid was having trouble breathing, you know, pneumothorax or whatever. So I had to do this needle thing to let the air out. If I didn’t, his lungs would have collapsed and he’d have kicked the bucket!”

“Nah, you’re lying!” Wilmot shot back. “Ms. Mabel said you’re just some scrub who don’t know what she’s doing!”

Mabel, who’d been staring at Ken like a lovesick puppy, quickly snapped out of it and stepped up to throw Melody under the bus. That’s right! She ain’t got no medical training, but she thought she could just swoop in and play doctor. And look what happened – she killed the kid!

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Fired up by Mabel’s words, Wilmot growled, “So that’s how it is. An eye for an eye. She took my boy, so now she’s gotta pay with her life!”

Ken raised one eyebrow, looking less than impressed. “Oh yeah? And what if I say I’ve got a problem with that?”

Nobody messed with his girl without going through him first.

Wilmot wracked his brain, trying to figure out how to answer that, when suddenly someone in the crowd yelled, “Hey, Shane’s coming to!”

“What!” Wilmot turned his back on Ken and ecstatically ran back to his son.

Shane feebly opened his eyes and murmured, “Daddy…”

That brought tears to Wilmot’s eyes, and he held Shane tightly is his arms, thankful that his son was still alive.

Realizing he might have made a mistake, he turned to look at Melody and hesitantly asked, “You saved my son?”


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Chapter 14

Before Melody could respond, Mabel cut in and said. “That’s impossible, Mr. Sherman, Shane is a blessed boy, and he’s alive because he was born under a lucky star. On the contrary, she had pierced a needle deep into his chest, so you should rush Shane to the hospital for treatment.”

Mabel would never believe a lowly person could possess such lifesaving skills. Melody was a thorn in her flesh, someone she could not wait to get rid of. She was not about to let go of such a great opportunity to find fault with Melody.

Wilmot was swayed, and he brushed aside his earlier suspicion. He agreed that a young country bumpkin like Melody could not possibly possess medical skills.

For a brief moment, he saw Melody as Shane’s savior, so he was grateful for Mabel’s timely reminder. Otherwise, he would have expressed his gratitude to an undeserving liar.

Just then, someone shouted, The ambulance and doctor are here!”

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