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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 15

Chapter 15

For fear of causing further harm, Wilmot did not move Shane. Instead, he led the doctor to his son and pleaded, “Doctor, please! You’ve got to take a look at my son, Shane. He’s hurt bad.

The doctor gave Wilmot a reassuring nod. “Alright, let me take a look.” He hurried over to Shane’s side and began examining


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“How’s my son?” Wilmot could not help asking after the doctor did the initial checks..

The doctor, who was apprehensive when he arrived, was visibly more at ease.

He breathed a sigh of relief and said. “It’s not critical. We’ll send him to the hospital for further treatment and he’ll be fine.”

“What’s wrong with my son?” Wilmot probed.

“It’s pneumothorax, probably due to vigorous physical activity, the doctor replied.

‘Pneumothorax? Isn’t that exactly what that girl diagnosed it to be Wilmot was at a loss for words.

He looked at Melody in bewilderment, his mind still in a daze as the doctor continued, “Thank goodness the boy received the appropriate treatment. The needle thoracostomy was done in time to remove the excess air, relieving the pressure on the lungs. It was a close call.

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“N–needle thoracostomy? Mabel was standing close by and overhead what the doctor said. She was dumbfounded.

‘So Melody was indeed trying to save the boy? That’s impossible! How can a country bumpkin knows how to perform such at medical procedure. Even I don’t know that!‘ Mabel’s mind was spinning.

Judging by Mabel’s blank look, the doctor assumed she did not understand what he was saying, so he pointed to Shane’s chest and elaborated, “See this? For such an emergency, a decisive needle thoracostomy would save a life. Of course, that applies only if it is tension pneumothorax.”

As he spoke, the doctor summoned the ambulance staff to carry Shane off on the stretcher.

Wilmot was about to leave with them but he quickly stopped in his tracks and asked two of his staff to accompany his son to the hospital instead.

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He decided to head back to the shop as he wanted to express his appreciation and also offer his apology to Melody.

Wilmot’s eyes swept around the shop but Melody was nowhere in sight.

He grabbed one of the staff and anxiously asked, “Where’s she? Where’s Shane’s savior?”

“I have no idea. She was still here a while ago…

“Find her! I wish to gift her this shop as a token of appreciation Wilmot said, and everyone in the shop chipped in to search for Melody.

Wilmot’s wife passed on many years ago after succumbing to illness. Shane was the only family he had left. Saving Shane meant saving his life as well, so he had no qualms about gifting Melody the shop.

Wilmot’s shop was one that many people could only dream of patronizing, yet Melody effortlessly got to own such a shop. Mabel was filled with jealousy and resentment toward Melody.

She went up to Wilmot and said, “Mr. Sherman, the girl who sayed Shane is my sister. On account of her kind act, could you do my makeup for me? I’m attending a party this afternoon and would like to get a glamorous makeup look


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Chapter 13

Wilmot set his eyes on Mabel and asked, “She’s your sister?”

“Yes!” Mabel nodded and said, “But she grew up in the village and would have no idea how to run a business. If you wish to gift the shop to her, it would be wiser to hand it to me so I can help her manage the business.

The turnover for that particular shop of Wilmot could easily be millions of dollars per month. What was even more valuable was his customer base. With that shop in hand, it meant she could gain access to almost all the socialites in Silverlake. The social connections would provide her with limitless opportunities

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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker

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