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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Wilmot smirked and retorted, “Ms. Mabel, I didn’t know you had a sister. Moreover, was it not you who told me she’s a good- for–nothing just now? You told me she had no medical knowledge, but now that she has successfully saved my son, you turn around and claim she’s your sister?”

“I… Mabel was stumped by his questions and was left red–faced.

“You tried to stop her from saving Shane earlier on, and now you have the audacity to ask me to hand over the shop to you. How shameless can you get?” Wilmot continued his rebuke.

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People started to whisper to one another, berating her for her shamelessness

Mabel became agitated, as she had never experienced such humiliation before. “She’s really my sister! You can ask her when she comes back!” she said defensively.

Arching an eyebrow, Wilmot said, “Sure! We shall know when we find her. Pardon me for being harsh, but if you are found lying, then you will not be welcomed to any of my shops in the future, Miss Fox

“We shall see!” Mabel was not disturbed by that threat, as she was telling the truth. On the contrary, she was very confident that it would be only a matter of time before she took over the shop.

Meanwhile, at the mall’s emergency exit stairway, Ken had backed Melody into a corner.

With his palms placed firmly against the door, he trapped Melody’s body between his sinewy arms, making escape impossible for her.

Melody had her heart in her throat, overwhelmed by Ken’s imposing presence. Although she was married to Ulric in her previous life, they were never intimate with one another.

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Ken’s behavior unnerved her.

“Keep your distance!” Melody grunted, feeling a little self–conscious.

Ken smiled mischievously and teased, “Shy? You weren’t so bashful when we were in bed on the cruise the other day.

Melody blushed when reminded of that awkward incident.

“Oh, shut up! Bug off before I scream for help!” she hissed.

“Ooh! Scream for help? Trust me, no one will dare to come near even if you scream at the top

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of your voice.”

Ken said.

Melody glared at him for a moment, then suddenly gave him a smirk and taunted, “I never thought a hunk like you would be interested in an ugly ducking like me. Sounds interesting! I have nothing to lose anyway, so bring it on!”

Encouraged by his bewildered expression, she teasingly reached out to his waist and started undoing his belt.

As she was doing that, she accidentally touched a sensitive part of his body. He felt a lump in his throat and hurriedly backed off

“What’s wrong Isn that what you brought me here for? Why shy away now? Come on!” she quipped.

Usually, it was beautiful people who got away with murder, but in her case, Melody was taking advantage of her ugly blotchy face. She was positive no men would be attracted to such a face, to she would be safe even if she teased him mercilessly.

Emboldened, Melody moved in closer to Ken, causing him to back away faster.

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“Stop it!” he snapped, reaching out with one hand and effortlessly managed to restrain both her hands.

“It’s not what you think. I wanted to find out how good a doctor you are,” he said.

“Not too bad,” Melody replied.

“Are you willing to offer your service if I need your help to examine an elderly relative from my family?” he asked.

Shifty–eyed Melody slyly replied, “Elderly? No problem, but nothing is for free. My consultation fee is two million dollars. Is that acceptable to you?”

Ken’s eyes narrowed and dimmed. He was disappointed.

He had high hopes that Melody would be different from the women he encountered previously. Alas, she was a gold–digger. just like the rest.

All of a sudden, Ken became dispirited. He coldly said. “Forget it. There’s nothing much you can do about her problem anyway.”

Nevertheless, he whipped out a cheque of two million dollars for her and said, “This is the consultation fee for your service on the cruise. Remember to bring my item to the party. After that, we’ll be even.”

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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker

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