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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Melody’s face clouded over when she heard what Mabel said. She had already heard those accusations from Ulric in her previous life. But based on her recent encounters with Ken, she was certain that Ken was not the wicked man–the kind who would harm his own brother–that Ulric and Mabel made him out to be.

A sense of certainty grew within Melody. The truth about Ken could not have been as simple as it seemed.

She knew deep down that Ulric, who put on an act of gentleness and humility for everyone, was actually the true snake in the grass. Melody was convinced that Ulric had cunningly used her as a pawn to hurt Ken in countless ways, all without her ever realizing it.

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Back then, Ulric had spun a web of lies that painted Ken as a villain the kind who’d stoop to any underhanded trick, even harming his own brother, all to secure the family inheritance for himself. And Melody had totally fallen for his lies.

Moreover, thanks to Ulric’s deliberate machinations, Melody had never even crossed paths with Ken in her previous life, nor had she so much as seen him.

Given the chance, she was dead set on helping Ken and taking Ulric down, no matter what.

With a newfound resolve. Melody plastered on a fake smile and questioned Mabel. So, what are you trying to get at here”

Infuriated, Mabel extended her hand and demanded bluntly, “So, be smart and hand over the contract right now.

Melody dropped the phony smile and fired back coldly. “In your dreams.

She had already lost enough to Mabel in her previous life. But now that she had been given a second chance, there was no way Melody would just take everything lying down all over agam. This time, she was determined to turn the tables

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That was impossible.

Mabel’s face twisted with fury as she said, “Well, look who’s suddenly decided to tune in. You haven’t heard a word I’ve said, have you! What, you think you can just waltz in here and sink your claws into Ken or Ulric? Let me make this crystal clear neither of them is an option for you. Your only future is right back where you crawled out from, got it?”

“You done with your little meltdown there?” Melody yawned, unfazed. “If so, I’m outta here”

Mabel was fuming, her face turning beet red. But then she remembered her mother’s plan and quickly cut Melody off. “Hold up a second! Mom scored you an appointment at that fancy new salon downtown. So let’s get going, huh?” she said.

“Like hell,” Melody shot back, shoving past Mabel with ease. She turned on her heel and made a beeline for the exit.

Mabel scrambled after her, but Wilmot, who’d witnessed the whole scene, gestured to two impeccably dressed security guards to intercept her.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” Mabel demanded, her voice dripping with entitlement.

“Nothing, ma’am,” one of the guards replied politely. “Just making sure you don’t give Miss Fox any more trouble.”

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Free from Mabel’s bothersome presence, Melody emerged from the boutique half an hour later, a navy blue dress bag clutched in her hand. The dress itself was elegant and understated, a perfect fit for her.

However, the way the sales staff kept exchanging looks and whispering made it clear they thought Melody’s face ruined the whole look. But Melody ignored their snarky comments and paid for the dress before heading out.

Stepping out of the cool air–conditioned mall into the bustling city street, she realized with a frown that the driver who was supposed to be waiting had vanished.

Chapter 18

Mabel, of course, seemed to be enjoying the situation. A glimpse through the rearview mirror of a sleek car revealed her waving mockingly at Melody, a triumphant smirk plastered on her face.

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Melody pressed her lips together, a flicker of anger sparking in her eyes. There was no denying it: Mabel had gotten on her


Just then, a sleek Maybach drove past her. The driver spotted Melody on the curb. He hesitated, a flicker of uncertainty crossing his features. With a tap on the brakes, he brought the car to a stop. He stole a glance at her through the tinted windows, then turned to address the occupant in the backseat. “Mr. Swanson, perhaps we should…”

Drive, came a curt r

reply from the back. Ken hadn’t even bothered to lift his head.

“Yes, sir, the driver said, easing off the brake.

The driver recalled witnessing Ken help this woman previously. He figured he had mistakenly believed they were acquainted.

Melody looked up only after the car had driven away, but that didn’t stop her from clearly hearing the driver address a “Mr. Swanson, who had responded with a cold and curt, “Drive”

Melody shrugged, not bothering to wonder why Ken’s attitude had changed so drastically There was nothing going on between them anyway, just a couple of chance encounters. Once she returned the dagger, their paths would likely never cross again.

Melody watched as the Maybach disappeared into the stream of traffic, a furrow creasing her brow

Should I be teaming up with Ken to deal with Ulrue? Lost in thought, Melody flagged down a taxi.

Meanwhile, Mabel was the first to reach home sobbing uncontrollably as she recounted the day’s happenings.

Yolanda rubbed her temples in exasperation. The initial plan had been for Mabel to sabotage Melody’s dress. Not only had that plan backfired, but Melody had also secured Wilmot’s store

“You bumbling idiot!” Yolanda hissed, her voice dripping with disdain. There’s no way we can let that store fall into her hands!”

By the time Melody had returned to the Fox family bungalow, it was almost time to go.

As she stepped out of the taxi, Yolanda greeted her with a big strile, urging her to enter the car and wait for their grandmother with the rest of them.

Melody could tell from their expressions that these two were after the store. Feigning ignorance, she calmly got into the car.

As soon as she was seated, Yolanda linked arms with her affectionately and inquired, “I heard from Mabel that Wilmot gave you the store’s contract?”

“Yes,” Melody replied, with a casual shrug.

Yolanda nodded and continued, “Mabel told me everything. You accidentally saved Wilmot’s kid, and he gave you the store as thanks. But you’re young and don’t know the first thing about running it. Hand me the contract for now. I’ll manage things until you get the hang of Silverlake. I promise I won’t pocket a cent of the profit.”

Melody looked back at Mabel, who was smirking like she’d already won. Melody couldn’t help but return the smile.

Melody continued with a laid–back tone, “Sure, take it. She handed over the contract to Yolanda as if it was nothing.

They are so desperate to get their hands on the store, she thought. Well, let them have it. But holding onto it? That was another story.


Chapter 18

Yolanda, holding the contract, paused, visibly shocked. This is not at all what I expected. Why is she so damn accommodating all of a sudden? Is this some kind of trap? Or is she just a pushover who can’t stand up for herself?” she wondered


“I’ll look after the store for you, for now, Yolanda said with a forced smile, though she couldn’t shake off a nagging unease.

Before Yolanda could make sense of it all, Mabel snatched the contract with a triumphant look that screamed, “This contract is mine, like it or not.”

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