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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Not long after, Maria emerged, and Melody quickly moved to help her into the car.

Yolanda caught sight of Melody’s plain dress, which looked utterly drab next to Mabel’s sparkling ensemble. The contrast brought a smirk to her face.

With Melody’s homely mug, they didn’t need to lift a finger–she was a natural foil to Mabel’s shine. Still, it was a pity their plot to mess up Melody’s dress hadn’t panned out. It would have been a treat to see her embarrass herself even more.

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As they drove towards the Swanson family estate, Maria leaned in to give Melody some advice. “When we get there, just zip it and follow my lead. Astrid isn’t someone you can just sweet–talk, but she won’t dare refuse the marriage with me around.”

Melody nodded, all too aware of how formidable Astrid Swanson could be, especially since she was also Ulric’s mom. She had once bent over backwards trying to win Astrid’s approval, all for a shot at marrying Ulric. Despite all her efforts, Astrid had never shown her a shred of warmth.

Now, Melody couldn’t stand the sight of Ulric and had zero interest in currying favor with Astrid ever again. She just nodded absently in response to Maria’s instructions.

The car pulled into the parking lot of the Swanson villa, where luxury cars filled the space and well–dressed guests disembarked.

In her past life, Melody would have been extremely nervous in such a place like this, but she could now remain calm and focused. She helped Maria out of the car, making sure she didn’t trip or stumble.

Maria was pleased with Melody’s composure. The four of them were walking towards the mansion, when security stopped Melody at the entrance

“Who are you with? Got an invitation? We don’t let strangers in the security guard demanded, eyeing Melody with overt distaste.

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Her ugly mug and simple outfit made her stick out like a sore thumb amid the opulence of the event, clearly not fitting in with the glitz of the Swanson’s high society.

Mabel couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, but it died as Maria’s cold stare pierced her. She quickly forced out a cough to cover up her laughter.

Yolanda, catching Maria’s cold stare, hurried forward to address the guard. “Look, this is my daughter, Melody. And here’s the invitation,” she said with a hint of impatience. Reaching into her purse, she presented the invitation with a flourish.

Normally, guests wouldn’t need to show their invitations again, but with Melody in tow, Yolanda felt compelled to prove their legitimacy at the event.

Yolanda was mortified, but felt a perverse sense of satisfaction too

After years of being overshadowed by Melody’s glamorous mother, seeing her daughter now struggling to even enter the gates of the Swanson estate felt like a twisted victory.

She might not have been able to outshine that woman, but her daughter had certainly outshone Melody.

The security guard scrutinized the invitation carefully. Satisfied was genuine, he mumbled an apology and let them through.

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Melody didn’t utter a word. She shot the guard a withering glance before following Maria inside.

The estate was buzzing with festive energy, decorated with strings of colorful lights, but Melody felt a thill despite the celebratory atmosphere. She was met with disdainful stares and hushed whispers, feeling the weight of judgment from

Chapter 19

every corner.

She pretended not to notice, quietly staying by Maria’s side.

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A familiar voice called out from the grand staircase, “Oh, Mrs. Fox is here!”

Melody turned to see Astrid, whose smile cracked for a moment into a grimace of repulsion.

How could someone be so… hideous? Astrid thought to herself, barely maintaining her smile. The mere sight of Melody was enough to turn her stomach.

Is this eyesore really supposed to marry my Ulric? Astrid fumed internally.

However, as a seasoned socialite, Astrid quickly composed herself, plastering on a fake smile. “Mrs. Fox, my mother.has been asking about you. Unfortunately, she’s feeling ill and can’t attend the party. Let me take you to her, she said, leading Maria.


Astrid glanced past Melody without a second look, her eyes landing on Mabel with a critical gaze.

Seizing the moment, Mabel quickly introduced herself, “Hello, Mrs. Swanson, I’m Mabel”

“Mabel, right…” Astrid nodded with a forced smile. You were the belle of the ball last

at year, weren’t you?”

Mabel blushed, proud, while Yolanda beamed beside her, sharing in her daughter’s glory.

Seeing this, Maria felt a twinge of annoyance.

Although both Mabel and Melody were guests, today was supposed to be about Melody. Mabel’s forwardness had thrown off

the focus.

Frustrated, Maria cut in before Astrid could dismiss Melody any further. “Astrid,” she interjected. “I don’t think I’ve properly. introduced you to Melody. You remember, I mentioned her before–she’s…”

Astrid cut her off. “Let’s not go there right now. You really should visit my mom first. It’s been ages, and she’s been asking about you.”

Clearly, Astrid had no intention of letting anyone find out that Melody was

ed to her s

She hadn’t expected that Wilona Fox, once celebrated for her beauty, would have such a ugly daughter. So she had dismissed. the rumors as mere gossip just yesterday. But seeing Melody in person was a reality check that hit her like a slap in the face.

This only cemented Astrid’s resolve to call off the engagement.

Maria, picking up on Astrid’s barely concealed distaste, quickly caught on to her true sentiments,

Though Astrid liked to think she ran things in the Swanson family, she wasn’t the end–all. As long as Margaret approved, Astrid’s objections wouldn’t stand in the way of the marriage.

With this in mind, Maria kept her thoughts to herself. Turning to Melody, she said, “Melody, let’s go see Mrs. Swanson together.”

Just as Melody was about to respond, Astrid interjected, “Mrs. Fox, Margaret is really not up for visitors. How about I show Melody around a bit, and you go see her first?”

Maria, not being in a hurry, nodded in agreement,

A servant escorted Maria away while Astrid led Melody, Yolanda, and Mabel towards the drawing room upstairs.

“There are quite a few guests today, and most of the ladies are upstairs enjoying coffee. Please, join them,” Astrid directed.

Chapter 19

As they ascended, Astrid’s focus was entirely on Mabel, treating Melody as if she were just part of the backdrop. It was obvious Astrid preferred Mabel over Melody by a long shot.

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