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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Mabel and Yolanda exchanged a knowing glance, quickly picking up on Astrid’s intentions, and they couldn’t help but feel a thrill of delight.

Mabel subtly nudged Melody to the back of the group, effectively pushing her out of the spotlight. Yet, Melody remained. unruffled, her expression steady.

As the grand double doors swung open, they were greeted by a scene straight out of a high–society magazine, with an array of elegantly seated ladies sipping coffee. The sight of such prominent guests from both Silverlake and Insterimond sent a shiver down Yolanda’s spine.

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Noticing Yolanda’s discomfort. Astrid glanced at Melody. She was eager to see if Melody would be intimidated by the grand drawing room and its high society guests.

But turning her attention to Melody. Astrid was taken aback to find her standing serenely behind Mabel, her calm demeanor and graceful smile somehow making her more striking than her sister

Astrid paused, a hint of disdain crossing her mind. She figured Melody was just too naive to grasp the dynamics of high society, hence her lack of nervousness.

After settling in, Astrid introduced Yolanda and the others, emphasizing Mabel while barely mentioning Melody. The sharp ladies in the room, keen observers of social cues, quickly engaged Mabel in conversation.

The room buzzed with disapproval as everyone’s gaze fell on Melody, the “ugly duckling” betrothed to the Swanson family’s most eligible bachelor. Despite the arranged marriage, it was clear no one thought she belonged.

Just then, a socialite eagerly stepped forward, offering to demonstrate her coffee–making skills to Astrid. Being a coffee lover, Astrid was about to agree when her gaze shifted to Melody.

“Ms. Melody,” she began. “I recall your mother’s renowned coffee making skills. Would you honor us by preparing some

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A murmur of anticipation swept through the room. Yolanda, sensing an opportunity for Mable, quickly interjected before Melody could respond. “Mrs. Swanson, speaking of coffee, Mabel has recently mastered the art. Perhaps she could demonstrate?”

Yolanda knew that showcasing her daughter’s talents would impress the elite gathering, potentially elevating her social standing, regardless of the marriage prospects with the Swansons After all, any connection made here could be beneficial. but with the Swanson family in the picture, she aimed high.

However, Astrid stood her ground. “Mrs. Fox,” she said sharply. invited Melody, not Mabel. Are you suggesting that Melody can’t even make a simple cup of coffee?”

Astrid’s tone was laced with disdain, her expression a mix of mockery and amusement. She wanted nothing more than to- see Melody humiliated, to make everyone in the room believe, deep down, that Melody was in no way worthy of her precious son

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Yolanda felt the scornful gazes of all the guests in the room, her face flushing with embarrassment. She muttered to herself, wondering why her meddling mother–in–law had insisted on bringing Melody of all people to such an grand event.

Ruining my own reputation is bad enough, but she’d be damned if my Mabel, my precious pearl, got tarnished in the process! she cursed internally.

Struck by a sudden idea, Yolanda spoke up. “Regardless of whether Melody can handle it, since we’re supposed to be making the best coffee for you, I think we should let Mabel take the lead. She knows what she’s doing…”

Mabel quickly chimed in, supportive as always, “Mrs. Swanson, it’s alright with you, I’d love to make the coffee insteadTM



Chapter 20

Astrid, pretending to be shocked, turned to Melody and scoffed. You can’t even handle making a simple cup of coffee? I thought despite your country upbringing, you were at least educited to the standards of Silverlake’s other socialites…”

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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker

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