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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Excuse me?” she said softly, approaching the group. “Are you the people my dad sent to pick me up?”

The butler turned and upon seeing Melody’s rash–covered face, he instantly knew she was the one they were waiting for.

But shouldn’t a country girl be timid and fragile? Why do I feel this inexplicable presence about her that commands respect?‘ he thought to himself. He shook his head, dismissing it as his imagination

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The butler regained his composure and nodded. “Miss Melody, we’re here for you.”

“Thanks for the effort. Let’s go, shall we? Melody replied with a disarming smile that nearly made the butler gag.

That was part of the plan of Yolanda, though. Yolanda had arranged a luncheon today, inviting the high society ladies to make sure they all saw how unattractive Melody was.

The hope was that the rumors would reach the Swanson family, a top–tier dynasty who would definitely think twice about having Melody marry into their family. This might give Yolanda’s daughter Mabel a chance to marry into the Swansons instead.

“Miss Melody, please, into the car,” the butler said, pinching his thigh to maintain his composure and mask his urge to vomit. as he drove.

About thirty minutes later, they arrived at the Fox villa

Melody looked at the familiar modern building, recalling her first overwhelmed visit. She had been the laughing stock back then, which had displeased her grandmother, Maria Fox.

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But now she knew better. The Fox family was just on the fringes of Silverlake’s elite, and this mansion was hardly remarkable by local standards. This trip was prompted by Maria’s deteriorating health, so her indifferent and selfish father had called her back early for the funeral preparations.


was the

only family member who still showed Melody some kindness. Even if they hadn’t always gotten along, at least Maria had kept a little bit of family warmth alive.

With a second chance at life, Melody intended to support Maria to the end.

Melody’s heart was all over the place, but her face remained calm, not showing any emotion.

The butler guided Melody straight into the living room, packed with guests and decked out with expensive decor.

Melody knew these fancy stuffs were usually kept locked away, afraid they might get damaged. But today, Yolanda had laid put everything on display for all to see, trying to throw Melody off her game.

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“Mrs. Fox,” the butler announced as he approached Yolanda in the middle of the room, bowing slightly. “Miss Melody has returned.

Yolanda barely concealed her smirk and spoke louder for Maria, who was seated in a wheelchair. “Maria, Melody’s back.”

Maria, more often asleep than awake these days, had stayed alert today knowing her granddaughter would return. Hearing Yolanda’s voice, Maria slowly opened her eyes, revealing an imposing sharpness. In a soft yet commanding tone, she asked, Where is she?”

The butler realized he was obstructing Melody’s path and quickly stepped aside.

All eyes turned to Melody, curiosity written on their faces. They couldn’t help but notice the glaring red spots on her face, which were rather repulsive, especially coupled with her shabby httire that screamed ‘country bumpkin“.


Chapter 3

Yolanda suppressed a sneer and waved over–dramatically. “Melody, darling, come over here.” As she spoke, Yolanda shot a meaningful glance at her own, impeccably dressed daughter, Mabel, who was sitting beside her.

Mabel quickly understood her cue, rose to her feet, and approached Melody, managing to suppress her disgust as she took Melody’s hand. “Melody, you’re finally back! I’ve been waiting for you!” she said with a forced smile.

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Mabel, known as the top socialite in Silverlake, was clad in a designer limited edition sky–blue dress, her tall and slender figure accentuated by her refined posture.

“Next to the disheveled Melody, Mabel’s flawless skin and perfect makeup made her look like a living portrait.

Melody looked at Mabel, who was pretending to be affectionate, and felt a mix of sadness and bitterness. She now understood why Ulric had dumped her and conspired with Mabel to take her out. After all, with a face like that, no man could resist.

The guests began whispering among themselves.

“Damn, Miss Melody is straight–up hideous! Next to Miss Mabel it’s like comparing a diamond to dirt!”

“No wonder the Fox family hid her away for so long. If my family had a daughter like that. I’d pray rather

she’d disappear

than embarrass us!”

“Isn’t Melody supposed to be engaged to the Swanson family’s second son? Mrs. Swanson must be mortified by this match!”

Hearing that, Mabel couldn’t help but grin. Suddenly, Melody’s arrival didn’t seem so bad to her. With Melody’s unattractive looks and odd background, Mabel’s would shine even more.

Melody heard the sneers but shrugged them off. After all, words couldn’t hurt someone who’d already been through death.

Ignoring the chatter, Melody nodded slightly at Mabel as a greeting

Without so much as a second glance at the opulent décorations Yolanda had arranged, Melody walked up to Maria with grace and poise, whispering, “Grandma, I’m back.”

Her demeanor was the picture of politeness, respect, and composure.

The guests who had been jeering at her just moments before now fell silent.

Maria squinted, noticing the red blotches on Melody’s face contrasted with her bright, unyielding eyes

Normally, Maria’s formidable presence would intimidate anyone new, but Melody, this country girl, showed no fear, earning a deeper nod of respect from Maria, who then beckoned her closer.

“You truly are a good girl, someone who seems to carry good fortune, Maria commented.

Melody looked at Maria’s weathered face and was overwhelmed with emotion, Gathering her courage, she stepped forward and hugged Maria tightly. “Grandma! I’ve missed you so much! she exclaimed

Maria initially stiffened, unaccustomed to such open affection, but quickly relaxed and returned the embrace, asking, “Was your journey here tiring?”

Melody inhaled Maria’s familiar scent, which brought a profound sense of comfort. In her previous life, in her final moments, Maria had tearfully apologized to her and her mother. At that time, Melody didn’t understand why, but after Mabel’s revelations at her deathbed, everything made sense now

Maria had been aware that Yolanda was responsible for her mother’s death, but with Yolanda already pregnant and in a bid to maintain a facade of family harmony, Maria had chosen to keep silent.

Chapter 3

Since Maria felt she owed her, Melody could use that to bring up the old issues and finally clear things up.

“Nope, Grandma. Being here with you makes all the trouble worth it. I’m not tired at all, Melody said, making Maria smile and soften her gaze.

It was unusual for someone from the younger crowd not to cower in front of in ages

Maria. She hadn’t felt this kind of connection

Yolanda, noticing Maria’s pleased look toward Melody, felt a bitter taste in her mouth.

Wasn’t this country girl supposed to be clueless? Why wasn’t she acting up? Her manners, etiquette, and speech were even better than Mabel’s, whom Yolanda had carefully trained.

“Annoyed, Yolanda rolled her eyes and asked with a fake smile, “Melody, it’s been forever! Did you bring Grandma a present?”


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