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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Melody’s expression turned cold.

In her past life, Yolanda had also pulled this stunt, catching her off guard and leaving her tongue–tied. It only fueled Maria’s dislike for her.

But this time. Melody was prepared. She stepped away from Maria with a grin and faced Yolanda. “I’ve got something” she said.

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Rummaging through her handbag, she pulled out a transparent box. Inside was a white flower.

Mabel couldn’t help but chuckle. “A wildflower for Grandma, Melody?” she teased.

The guests‘ faces twisted with scorn. They thought even if Melody had a good attitude, she couldn’t shake her rural roots.

Mabel added insult to injury, sniping, “Melody, no big deal if you didn’t bring anything. But a wildflower for Grandma? Seriously?”

The men among the guests, clearly smitten with Mabel, eagerly chimed in. Yeah, Miss Melody, life might be rough in the sticks, but a wildflower as a gift? What a joke!”

Maria, visibly annoyed by these remarks, tried to play it cool. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wildflowers. I actually love them.”

Melody, needing to clear the air, interjected, “Grandma, this isn’t just any wildflower. It’s called Snowblossom–a super rare medicinal herb that blooms just one day a year, right on the edges of cliffs. Took me years to find this one.”

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*Snowblossom?” Maria took the small box in surprise and examined it closely.

Just as the tension seemed to subside, the same guy who had mocked Melody earlier scoffed again. “Snowblossom? You pulling our leg? Trying to pass off a common wildflower as some priceless herb Think we’re idiots?”

Maria couldn’t hide her disappointment. “Melody, I’d appreciate anything you gave me, even a weed. But don’t lie. I can’t stand Hars!”

Melody frowned. “Grandma, I swear, I’m not lying “This is Teally Snowblossom. I nearly fell off a cliff getting it.

“Enough!” Yolanda, exasperated, slammed her hand down on the table. “Melody, cut the crap. We’ve got a doctor right here, and your lies are gonna be busted soon enough. Just tell the truib. Is it really Snowblossom or not?”

Melody’s expression darkened, but she kept her cool. “I’m not making this up!”

Maria, studying Melody’s face and feeling a twinge of doubt, called out, “Bring in the family doctor,”

“Mom” Yolanda hissed. “You’re not falling for this, are you? If we’re wrong, we’ll all be embarrassed.”

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Maria shook her head. “I won’t repeat myself” If Melody was lying. Maria was ready to concede she had misjudged her. But if Melody was telling the truth, Maria vowed to protect her from now on.

Soon, the family doctor arrived.

Before Maria or Yolanda could say a word, the doctor’s eyes widened, his hands trembling as he pointed at Melody. “Snow…. Snowblossom! In all my years, I never thought I’d actually see a real Snowblossom! My God, what luck!”

When those words came out, it was like someone hit the mute button. Especially Yolanda, Mabel, and that guy who’d been hasing Melody–their faces turned ashen.



Chapter 4

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Who would’ve guessed the gift from this country girl was the Snowblossom, even rarer than the Celestial Frostpetal. It was worth more than three houses in Silverlake.

Mabel, still skeptical, piped up, “Doc, you sure about this? Could it just be some Snowblossom look–alike wildflower?”

The family doctor scrunched his brows. “Miss Mabel, even if 1 maxed up my own name, I couldn’t mistake Snowblossom. It’s every doctor’s dream. No way I’d mess up my own dream.”

That settled it. Melody hadn’t lied.

Mabel almost collapsed from frustration.

Yolanda moved quickly, grabbing Melody’s hand and apologizing with a look of carnest regret “I’m sorry, Melody. I was so wrong about you.”

Melody just stood there, her gaze fixed on Maria, who looked visibly guilt

For a hot minute, Maria had her doubts about Melody earlier.

“Sorry, Maria said, remorse filling her voice. “I shouldn’t have doubted you. I won’t make that mistake again.”

“It’s okay, Orandma. Snowblossom is incredibly rare; it’s understandable you didn’t recognize it. I’m not holding it against you.” Melody said gently.

Melody’s graciousness only made Maria feel worse. She removed her bracelet and slid it onto Melody’s wrist. “You’ve given me such a precious gift, and all I have for you is this old dowry bracelet. I hope you like it.”

Melody knew the bracelet, crafted from rare red emerald, was invaluable. Maria giving her this bracelet was a significant. gesture of approval.

It was all thanks to Yolanda’s machinations. If Yolanda hadn’t manipulated Melody like in their previous life, pushing her to bring a gift, she wouldn’t have brought the Snowblossom. However, this was only the beginning.

“Thanks, Grandma.” Melody grinned, her eyes shining with innocence.

Yolanda watched the bracelet on Melody’s wrist, seething with envy. She’d coveted that bracelet for years, never imagining Maria would give it to Melody as a greeting gift. But Yolanda kept her composure, feigning magnanimity. She stepped up to Melody, feigning concern. “It’s getting chilly. Why are you lightly dressed?”

She then signaled a servant to bring over a fox coat and drape it over Melody, accentuating her already rustic appearance.

Though it was getting cooler, it was still early autumn–far too early for such a heavy coat, Yolanda’s intention was clear: to embarrass Melody and make her feel out of place.

It was a repeat of the past, but this time Melody didn’t fall for Yolanda’s facade of concern.

Melody looked at the coat, paused for a moment, then beamed a knowing smile. Thanks, Mom,” she said, with a melodramatic gratefulness reminiscent of another life.

The other guests couldn’t conceal their disdain, seeing Melody’s overplayed gratitude, but she didn’t care. She wore the fox fur coat like it was a prized possession, gingerly touching the fur

It was almost comical.

Yolanda nearly burst out laughing. She had thought Melody had outsmarted her with the Snowblossom trick, but no, Melody was still just a country bumpkin at heart.

This is gonna be easy. The party is full of gossips, and soon all of Silverlake would know just how out of her depth Melody is, Yolanda thought. Sipping her tea, Yolanda cleverly hid her triumphant smirk behind her cup.

Chapter 4

Suddenly, Melody shrieked and ripped off the fox fur coat, hurling it to the floor with a dramatic flair.

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