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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The next day, after breakfast, Melody headed over to chat with Maria.

Despite living in a modest backyard house, Maria’s place was surprisingly cozy and tastefully decorated, and Melody’s room. was right next door. During their chat, Melody couldn’t help but notice Maria’s constant coughing.

Worried, she asked, “Grandma, are you feeling alright?”

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After downing her medicine, Maria gave a weary smile and said, Ah, just the usual aches and pains of getting old. Who knows how much longer I’ve got? I might not even be around to see you get married.”

Then. Maria steered the conversation towards Melody’s arranged marriage with the Swanson family. “Your mom passed too soon, but she had big plans for you, darling. Marrying into the Swanson family could set you up for a life of luxury

As they talked, Maria sighed. “I just don’t know if the Swansons are really on board with this marriage.”

Melody’s thoughts immediately turned to Ulric, filling her with bitter resentment. In her past life, she’d been too naive, helping Ulric climb the ladder of power, all the while oblivious that she was just a pawn in his game.

Seeing Melody’s frown, Maria mistook it for worry about the Swanson family’s approval and reassured her. “Don’t worry, my dear. Ill fight tooth and nail to secure this marriage for you!”

Melody had no intention of marrying into the Swanson family, but Maria’s heartfelt words still made her emotional. Maria had always been kind to her, and Melody felt a deep loyalty to her, the closest thing to family she had left. She couldn’t stand the thought of losing the only family she had.

If her memory was correct, Maria had died only two months after Melody returned to Silverlake in her previous life. Back then, Melody felt something was off but dismissed it, trusting her stepmother too much. Now, however, she was convinced that Maria’s sudden death was linked to Yolanda.

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With a mischievous smile. Melody changed the subject. “Hey, Grandma, let’s drop that for now, Back in the countryside. I picked up some medical skills from an amazing healer. How about I check your pulse?”

Maria laughed and shared a look with her loyal servant, Hattie Meyer. “Sure, why not? Let’s see how much time I’ve got left.” she said lightly

They indulged Melody, thinking she was just being playful. Melody took a deep breath and carefully found the pulse on Maria’s wrist. As she felt the rhythm, her eyes suddenly flew open–a look of shock on her face.

Maria wasn’t sick; she was poisoned.

It all clicked into place why Maria had died just two months after Melody returned to Silverlake. At the time, Melody felt something was off but chalked it up to paranoia due to her blind trust in Yonlanda.

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Her father was a narcissist but deeply devoted to Maria, so he was off the suspect list. That left Yolanda as the prime suspect.

“What’s up?” Maria noticed Melody’s troubled expression and asked between coughs, “Did you find anything?”

Melody forced a smile and scratched her head. “Oh, it’s probably just me being clueless, Grandma. I couldn’t spot anything wrong, but your pulse feels strong. I bet you’ve got another fifty years!”

Melody knew Maria’s affection was likely just pity. Accusing her of being poisoned right then might just ruin everything. The family doctor must have been keeping quiet about it deliberately. If she were to expose this now, not only might Maria not believe her, but Yolanda would definitely use it against her.

This was going to be a long game if she was going to help Maria


Chapter 6

Maria chuckled at Melody’s exaggerated prognosis. “Fifty more years? I’d turn into a witch by then!”

Despite her words, Maria’s face lit up with joy. Even as she often talked about being near the end, the fear of death lingered.

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Melody had this goofy grin plastered on her face, like a totally innocent little bunny

As the sun set. Melody noted her father, Russell Fox, was still away on business, so he wouldn’t be joining them for dinner. Maria was the last to arrive at the table, invitation card in hand.

Yolanda immediately noticed the Swanson family seal on the card and her eyes narrowed suspiciously. Quickly masking her reaction, she feigned curiosity, “Hey, Mom, what’s that?”

Maria placed the invitation on the table, maintaining a serious yet calm demeanor. “It’s an invitation from the Swanson family. Margaret turns eighty tomorrow, and I thought it’d be nice for Melody and I to attend. You two should come along as


Yolanda’s eyes flickered with panic as the words sank in. Tomorrow was Margaret’s 80th birthday bash, and there was Maria, planning to bring the disgraceful Melody along Is she serious? Using the birthday bash to lock down Melody’s engagement?”

The thought alone made Yolanda’s hand clench into a tight fist. This can’t fucking happen, she thought. “Melody getting cozy with the Swansons is my worst nightmare

Melody, catching the shift in Yolanda’s expression, had a good guess what was on her mind. But she kept her cool, her head down, shoveling food into her mouth while her brain went into overdrive.

In her previous life, she hadn’t exactly left the best first impression on Maria. After the engagement talk started, Maria had thought Mabel was a better fit for the Swanson family, leaving Melody out in the cold during events like this

But now, she was back for revenge, and getting an early in with the Swanson family was too good an opportunity to pass up.

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