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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Yolanda glanced at Melody, completely engrossed in her meal, and couldn’t help but smirk inwardly. The Swanson family. they’re global big–shots. A sneeze from them and the whole damn country feels it. There’s no way they’d ever look at Melody. Only someone like my daughter is fit for such a high–class alliance!

Despite thinking this, Yolanda responded outwardly with a commitment. “Got it. Once we’re there, I’ll make sure Melody rubs elbows with all the right high–society ladies in Silverlake.”

Maria gave Yolanda a doubtful look. “Are you actually gonna follow through?”

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Yolanda’s smile faltered momentarily but quickly regained composure. “Of course, Melody is my daughter too, after all. Who wouldn’t want the best for their own child?”

Just then, Mabel chimed in. ‘Grandma, Mom might not say it, but I have to. I checked the coat myself–it was the one that recently got resized. The tailor accidentally left a needle in it, and that’s what caused all the fuss.”

“Mabel, enough! Yolanda feigned a scold, stealing a glance at Maria’s reaction, which seemed to soften a bit. Maria wasn’t Yolanda’s biggest fan but certainly had a soft spot for Mabel.

Mabel often stepped in to explain things, and even though Yolanda acted like she didn’t want her to, it always made Maria believe Mabel more.

Maria sighed and resolved the tension. “Well, if it was just a misunderstanding, let’s move on. Melody, don’t be upset with your mom. We’re all family here.”

Melody was irked but masked it with a compliant smile, thinking she’d just play along for now. “Understood, Grandma. I wouldn’t hold a grudge against family,”

That’s my girl. Now, eat up. You need to put some weight on, Maria encouraged, passing more food to Melody, who pretended to enjoy her meal, though it now tasted bland.

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After dinner, Yolanda promptly took Mabel upstairs. Mabel protested. “Mom, come on! I’m still eating here!”

“Always about food with you! Do you have any idea what Maria is trying to pull by parading Melody in front of the Swansont family! Yolanda retorted.

Mabel looked puzzled. “What could she possibly be up to? Isn’t it just introducing Melody to the high society of Silverlake?”

Yolanda took a deep breath and laid it out. “You’re clueless. Back when Melody’s mom was alive, she brokered a marriage with Ulric Swanson, the second young master of the Swanson family.”

Jealousy contorted Mabel’s face. “I can’t even get near the Swansons, and Melody gets a golden ticket because of her mom? Are you seriously trying to help her climb up to the Swansons?”

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“You’re such an idiot!” Yolanda snapped in exasperation. Think about it. If even you don’t dare to dream about getting into the Swanson family, how could Melody possibly have a chance?

“You’re right… With Melody’s face that could scare off ghosts, Mr. Swanson wouldn’t even give her the time of day. So, what’s the plan Mable asked.

Yolanda squinted and said, “We’ll casually bring up that marriage in front of everyone. The Swanson family and others will think Melody is just some desperate girl trying to snag herself a rich guy. Then, you have to show off your best self, make it clear you’re nothing like her. As for the rest of the plan, I’ll fill you in later.

Mabel finally understood Yolanda’s scheme and smirked. “So, tomorrow everyone’s gonna see Melody as this clueless girl trying to climb the social ladder.

Chapter 7

Yolanda noded. “Exactly! Then, I’ll suggest you take Melody’s place at the right moment. Who do you think Mrs. Swanson would choose, compared to that plain Melody?”

Definitely me! Even if the second son ia disabled, the Swanson family is a cut above the rest. Mabel felt a rush i She was about to step into the Swanson family.

  1. excitement.

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Night descended swiftly, cloaking everything in darkness. Melody had learned Maria’s routine; three doses of medicine per day, with the last one just before bed. She bided her time in the kitchen until Hattie came in to prepare Maria’s evening dose.

“Hattie. Melody began with a seemingly innocent smile. “You’ve really put in the hours today. How about I take over brewing the medicine from now on? Grandma’s been so kind to me, I’d love to repay her in some way

Hattie, touched, nodded and handed her the herbs, saying. “That’s very thoughtful of you, dear. Go on then, put the herbs in, add two bowls of water, and simmer it for half an hour.”

“Sure thing. Hattie, Melody replied.

Melody clutched the herbs and, once out of sight, she veered towards the secluded back garden. Shielded by the dense plants, she opened the bag of herbs.

She fiddled with the bag a bit before pulling out a piece of Corydalis Rhizome and sniffed it closely.

Suddenly, Melody’s expression darkened.

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