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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“Hey there, sneaky mouse,” Ken called out

“What do you want now?” Melody asked, her voice laced with anxiety.

“That thing.” Ken nodded towards the small hole under Melody’s feet. “Need a hand getting rid of it?”

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Melody was caught off guard by his observation. She quickly placed her other foot over the hole, but the action, under his piercing gaze, only made her feel more exposed.

Gritting her teeth and unsure why she trusted him, she relented. Fine, help me get rid of it. She scooped up the mud- covered Corydalis Rhizome and stuffed it into his coat pocket. Dusting her hands off, she added, “There, it’s done. Now heat


Ken, who turned out to be a bit of a clean freak, looked startled. But Melody saw nothing wrong.

Having grown up in the countryside, playing in the mud was second nature to Melody. After ensuring no Corydalis Rhizome was left behind, she shooed him away. “Hurry up and go!”

Ken’s mouth twitched, clearly uncomfortable with whatever was in his pocket. He managed to force out a question. “What’s

your name?

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“M–Mabel Melody hesitated, sensing something off, before settling on a different name.

Alright, Mabel. I’ve got you pegged,” he said and gave her a deep, mysterious look which, despite its brevity, felt overwhelmingly intense.

Luckily, the guy just gave her a quick glance before taking off.

Melody finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as she was about to leave the garden, she heard footsteps approaching, along with Mabel’s voice calling out, “Who’s


Melody realized hiding was futile. She squared her so she had nothing to hide from Mabel.

“It’s just me,” Melody said, trying to sound casual

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houlders and faced forward. The herb were already long gone with Ket.-

Spotting Melody, Mabel quickly tossed her cigarette and stomped out the butt.

However, Melody watched her every move.

Back in her past life, not long after Melody had joined the Fox family, Mabel had framed her for smoking, which only fueled Maria’s dislike for her. And here was Mabel, the real smoker.

Honestly, smoking wasn’t a big deal for most women, but Maria saw it as downright scandalous. If she ever caught Mabel in the act, it wouldn’t be pretty.

But Melody decided to keep her mouth shut for now, Feigning ignorance, Melody strolled up to Mabel with a smirk. “Hey Mabel, out for a late–night puff? Why aren’t you tucked in bed?”

Mabel squirmed a bit, caught off–guard by her blues–busting secret smoke being discovered. But she thought Melody was clueless about this.

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Mabel let out a sigh of relief before throwing out her jab. “I should be asking you! It’s pitch black out here, What’s a country bumpkin like you doing out here alone? No funny business, right?”


Chapter 9

With a scoff, Mabel pushed Melody aside and crouched down to inspect the hole behind her.

It was empty, not a trace left. She found it strange that Melody was out here digging holes in the dead of night.

Melody was secretly relieved she had trusted Ken to take the Corydalis Rhizome. If he hadn’t, her cover would’ve been blown wide open

She faked a bashful smile. “Ah shit, sorry about that. Let’s keep this our little secret, yeah? Old habits die hard. I guess I just love digging around in the dirt.”


Mabel scoffed, her face twisted in contempt. “I knew it! You’re still nothing but a hick at heart!”

“Yup, you caught me.” Melody played along, chuckling lightly. Had my bit of fun, now it’s time to hit the sack. Night, Mabel”

With the medicinal bag clutched tightly to her chest, she made her exit from the backyard.

Mabel’s expression soured as she watched Melody walk away, lost in her own thoughts.

Once out of sight, Melody got to work on making medicine for Maria

This blend was supposed to be soothing for coughs and all, and skipping the Corydalis Rhizome wasn’t a big deal.

The medicine was ready in no time, and Melody hurried it over to Maria’s room. “Grandma, drink this while it’s still warm, she urged.

“Alright.” Maria nodded, relieved. She gulped down the medicine in one go just as there was a frantic knock at the door.

“Who’s there?” Hattie called out, heading to open the door.

It was Yolanda’s servant, which made Hattie furrow her brow. “What’s up? Mrs. Fox just finished her meds”

The servant looked apologetic. “Sorry to disturb, but Mrs. Fox’s needed in the living room. We got a thief situation on our

Hattie’s eyes widened in shock. She hurried back to Maria’s room to fill her in.

Thief?” Maria shot up in bed, suddenly wide awake. “What’s missing?”

The servant stepped into the room, looking troubled as she explained, “It’s Miss Mabel’s gemstone necklace, the one her dad gave her as a birthday gift today. It’s worth over 6 million.”

“More than 6 million?” Maria’s eyelids twitched. That was no small sum, “Help me to the living room, and gather all the servants there” she instructed urgently.

“Madam’s already rounded up everyone except those who can prove they didn’t do it. It’s just both of you and Miss Melody left,” the servant added.

Melody’s heart sank as she took in the news, a sense of unease selling in.

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