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Melody Strikes Back by Myra Walker Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Melody remembered she had seen that gemstone necklace on Mabel in the backyard. How the hell could it vanish in just half an hour? she wondered.

“Let’s go,” Maria said, already changed and urging Melody to head to the living room with her.

The living room was ablaze with light, a cluster of servants stood around, looking guilty as sin. Yolanda and Mabel were sitting there with faces like thunder. But Melody noticed Mabel’s eyes flicker with something unreadable as she entered.

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“Hey Grandma, you’re here!” Mabel rose up from her seat and motioned for Maria to take over.

Then Yolanda chimed in. “Mom, I’ve grilled them all, but these eleven can’t prove they were anywhere else.”

Maria’s expression darkened as she turned to Mabel. “Did you check your room?”

“Tve torn it apart.” Mabel replied, her eyes brimming with tears. I swear, I was wearing it right before my bath, and in less than half an hour, poof, it’s gone. I left it right on the vanity. Her voice broke as she added. “It was a gift from Dad. How the hell do I explain this to him when he returns?”

Yolanda quickly consoled Mabel, then whirled on the servants with a glare that could curdle milk. “Who here took Mabel’s necklace! Spill it now, and we can forget this mess ever happened

“I swear it wasn’t me! I was on night duty, and hit the sack early today, one servant protested.

“Same here. I needed to crash because I’m up early tomorrow, another piped up.

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As everyone scrambled to defend themselves, one servant hesitated before stepping forward. “Ma’am, while Miss Mabel was showering. I was cleaning here and saw Miss Melody head upstairs.

All eyes turned to Melody who stood by Maria’s side.

Melody’s gaze turned icy, and she realized in an instant that the blame for the missing necklace was being squarely placed

on her.

you want, bur

Her face turned to ice as she glared at the maid who’d singled her out. “You can throw around accusations all don’t fucking pin this on me. I was in the kitchen brewing up some meds for Grandma. I didn’t go upstairs. You got any proof, or are you just talking out of your ass!”

Mabel surprisingly jumped to Melody’s defense. “Look, my sister might’ve grown up in the sticks, but she’s no thief. The folks who looked after her are straight as arrows. You sure you didn’t fuck this up?”

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The maid, shocked, dropped to her knees with a thud, looking uterly devastated. “Mrs. Fox, I’ve been here nearly ten years. Everyone knows I’m straight–up. Why the hell would I frame Miss Melody! I never said she took the necklace, just that I saw her go upstairs. I didn’t touch Mabel’s necklace, swear to God!”

Tears streamed down her face as she pleaded her innocence, clearly distressed.

At that moment, Maria’s gaze landed on Melody.

Mabel seized the opportunity to talk with a sympathetic expression. “Melody, if you took it, just give it back, okay? I get it, life in the countryside can be tough, and maybe you just wanted something nice for a change. If you want something else, just ask me. But that necklace means the world to me. Can you please return it?”

Melody clenched her fists in frustration. She knew Mabel was a master at playing the victim card. This was exactly where Melody had faltered last time. But this time, Melody was ready. The crying kid gets the milk, and now she understood that

better than ever.


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Chapter 10

“Grandma,” Melody choked put, her voice thick with a swirl of fresh and old resentments. Tears welled up without any ellort, as raw emotions took over.

“I swear I didn’t take it, and I’ve never even been upstairs. If you doubt me, go ahead and search my room,” Melody declared

with firm resolve.

As she spoke, her gaze turned icy, landing on the trembling servant kneeling on the floor. “And if it turns out I’m innocent, I expect a damn apology from you,” she added sharply

Despite being just a young girl, Melody emanated an intimidating presence that sent shivers down the servant’s spine. The servant shuddered under the weight of Melody’s intense stare. She quickly averted her eyes, too scared to meet Melody’s piercing gaze any longer.

Maria’s heart melted at the sight of Melody’s distressed expression. She gently patted Melody’s shoulder, reassuring “Don’t worry, sweetheart. As long as I’m here, no one’s gonna falsely accuse you of anything


Melody’s tension eased slightly at Maria’s comforting words, Just as she was about to thank her, a servant hurried into the room, breathlessly announcing. “I found the necklace

All eyes darted towards the servant, causing Melody’s heart to leap into her throat.

Maria’s brow furrowed deeply as she demandeil. “So where is it?

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