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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 17

17 Humiliate Isla

The little old lady was now adorned in luxurious clothing, though she still looked a little pale.

Lewis was sitting frostily to her left.

To her right was a man over sixty. It was Lewis’s father.

A middle-aged couple in their forties sat on the nearby sofa, they were Lewis’ elder brother and sister-in-law, and also the parents of Jake.

Although no one had introduced the identity of the petite old lady, anyone able to sit in a prominent position in the Horton family was definitely old Mrs.


Poppy stood where she was, dumbfounded. “You,


She stuttered for a while but couldn’t complete a


Isla was about to collapse but was fortunately caught

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17 Humiliate Isla

by Jake.

Jake was puzzled. “What’s wrong with you?”

Isla’s hands were trembling.

She’d been striving for a connection with the Horton family all along and was painstakingly trying to please every elder here, but before she even entered the door, she had already offended old Mrs. Horton!

She suddenly chuckled bitterly. “Keira, why did you trick us, saying old Mrs. Horton is your husband’s grandmother? Due to that, we were disrespectful to the old lady…”

Keira instantly felt several suspicious glances directed

at her in the room.

Poppy, having recovered, scolded her. “You’re such a liar! You know that Mrs. Horton is old, so you dare to deceive her! What do you take the Horton family for? Kneel and apologize immediately!”

Keira’s eyes darkened.

They were trying to shift the blame, throwing all the fault onto her, and absolving Isla in the process.

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17 Humiliate Isla

What a good tactic.


A teacup was thrown over by old Mrs. Horton, hitting


The boiling tea inside splashed onto her, but Poppy

didn’t dare to scream.

“Shut up!” Mrs. Horton screamed in anger. “She’s my granddaughter-in-law!”

Despite enduring the pain of a burn, Poppy yelled, “Mrs. Horton, you’ve been deceived by her! I’m completely sure that her husband is just a little punk!”

“No need to argue. Why not just ask the parties. involved?”

Jake’s mother chimed in, “Lewis, is she really the wife you’re hiding and not bringing home?”

Keira glanced swiftly towards Lewis, and then she heard that expected response. “No.”

The man, as always, was icy and emotionless.

What an ungrateful, vindictive, mean person!.



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17 Humiliate Isla

A flash of resentment shot through Keira’s eyes.

Relief washed over Isla’s face, and she sighed.

Poppy sneered. “I knew all along that this was all Keira’s doing!”

Keira gave a cold snort, and was about to retort, but instead heard the man’s deep voice again.

“It’s my grandmother who mistook her, so I asked Miss Olsen to help take care of my grandmother for a


Keira didn’t know what to say

Alright, she admitted she was shouting a little too loud in her head when she cursed him just now.

Everyone was quiet for a moment, no one expected

this turn of events.

After a while, Isla lowered her head. “So that’s how it

Keira, why didn’t you tell us the truth? If you had, this misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened.”
“Miss Isla…”

Lewis relaxed on the couch, his posture casual but his



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17 Humiliate Isla

words struck with force. “Facing troubles by hiding behind others and shirking your responsibilities, is this how the Olsen family raises its daughters?”

Old Mrs. Horton, enlightened by his words, thundered.

“You think I’m stupid since I have dementia. Do you think I can’t see through these little tricks?

“You’ve made a mistake, but you’re not repentant. Not only that but you’re trying to shift the blame onto others. You two truly are shameless!”

Old Mrs. Horton turned to Jake. “Call off the wedding. I don’t want her as my granddaughter-in-law!”

Isla was stunned!

The marriage she’d worked so hard to secure couldn’t just be gone like that!

She looked toward Jake, but the man looked

astonished, his gaze fixed on Keira, evidently still

shocked by the news of her marriage.

Isla clenched her fingers tight.

Lowering her head, she walked to Jake, tears rolling

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17 Humiliate Isla

down her face. “Jake, I was wrong… Rest assured, even if the marriage is canceled, I’ll still take you to the person I promised to introduce to you.”

Jake came to his senses.

Isla still wanted to introduce Dr. South to him…

Currently in Crera’s new energy projects, Dr. South was the top expert!

He quickly spoke to old Mrs. Horton,

“Great-grandmother, Isla really didn’t know, so please forgive her. Besides, both families have already

exchanged betrothal gifts. It’s really not appropriate to call off the marriage!

Old Mrs. Horton gave him a meaningful look. “You’re grown up now. I can’t control you. Do as you please.”

Old Mrs. Horton understood a profound truth.

“The older generation shouldn’t act like an old meddler”

The problems of the great-grandson should be solved by his parents, and she didn’t want to interfere



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17 Humiliate Isla


Jake’s mother laughed. “Grandma, have you forgotten about the welcome gift?”

Old Mrs. Horton lowered her eyes. “I’ll have someone transfer $30,000 to Jake.”

Jake’s mother was stunned. “But I remember you

saying you’d give them 2% shares as a gift to ease their financial stress in their marriage…”

If you were to ask who was the wealthiest in the Horton family, it was definitely old Mrs. Horton!

She was from a wealthy family in Clance and received a generous dowry when she married. Moreover, she controlled 20% of the Horton family’s shares…

Jake’s mother had been wanting to take a slice from her through this marriage!

Everything had been agreed upon, but old Mrs. Horton changed her mind at the last minute!

Old Mrs. Horton looked at her with a half-laughing, half-serious look and retorted. “I’m dissatisfied with this great granddaughter-in-law so I won’t give them


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17 Humiliate Isla

any shares!”

Isla’s face turned pale. She felt humiliated.

There were many servants in the Horton family, and these words would definitely spread. Soon, the whole Oceanion would know that she’d been rejected by old

Mrs. Horton!

Nothing was more important to the daughter of a rich family than her reputation. Old Mrs. Horton might as well slap her in the face…

Obviously, old Mrs. Horton didn’t care about these things. Having made her statement, she immediately took Keira and Lewis back to her residence.

Old Mrs. Horton then excused herself saying she urgently needed to use the bathroom. She left Keira with Lewis alone themselves.

In an instant, there were only the two of them left in the yard.

The night was as dark as ink

Keira stood shoulder to shoulder with Lewis, only then realizing that the man was a head taller than her. He



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17 Humiliate Isla

must be about six feet tall.

Didn’t the old lady say he was very thin and small when he was born?

While she was silently cursing him, Lewis suddenly

looked at her, his eyebrows furrowed in disgust. “Need


Keira wouldn’t be outdone and also stared back at him. “Puppy?”

Lewis’s face turned green.

“She has coaxed Grandma into telling her even that!

“She must have a hidden agenda!

“Perhaps Grandma’s attachment to her was an accident without any calculation involved, but this woman willingly took Grandma in. Maybe it was because Grandma accidentally revealed her identity.”

After Keira snapped at him, she didn’t forget the main point. “I remember you said you would do me a favor. Could you go with me to the Civil Affairs Bureau to


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17 Humiliate Isla

check on my marital status?

Lewis’s face grew dark, and he snapped impatiently.

“Fine, then let’s go! If it’s not true, I hope you stop using Grandma as an excuse to pester me!”

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