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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Horse Racing and Face-Slapping
Keira frowned, about to speak, when Ellis’s whip snapped against Chasing Wind’s butt once more, suddenly boosting its speed again!

Ellis’s expression was grim, tinged with anger.

Today, he was determined to teach this illegitimate daughter a lesson!

With him there to protect her, she wouldn’t die from a

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fall, but he could scare her to death!

Ellis had always enjoyed playing such cruel jokes since he was young. He lost count of the number of girls he had driven to despair on horseback, making them cry and beg for mercy in utter humiliation.

After dismounting, they would sometimes even soil


The malicious daughters of the wealthy aristocratic families were all subdued by his lessons, earning him the reputation of a devil incarnate in Clance.

Today, he wanted the illegitimate daughter to run for her life in utter disarray, preferably scared out of her

wits, fleeing in a most disgraceful way, so that she

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lose all face and never be able to attend any

social event again.

Let’s see how she would bully Mrs. Olsen and her daughter after that!

With that thought in mind, Ellis lashed Chasing Wind on its butt once again with his whip.

Chasing Wind’s speed surged anew!

Ellis’s horse almost couldn’t keep up.

He followed closely behind, sneering as he watched the girl in front.

But seeing as Chasing Wind was moving too fast, Keira leaned forward, almost flat against the horse…

Her posture was correct, but her face must be contorted with fear by now, right?

Ellis snickered, his voice calm and composed, “Keira, beg me now, and if you apologize to Isla after this, I’ll let you off. How about it?”

However, the girl lying on the horse’s back turned her head at that moment.

Her bright eyes were still cool and calm, and with barely parted lips, she said, “Mr. Olsen, how about we make a bet?”

Ellis believed she was definitely feigning that calmGét latest 𝒏ovel ch𝒂pters on n𝒐v(e)lbj/n(.)c/𝒐m


He asked disdainfully, “What bet?”

“Those flags up ahead will mark the finish line. Let’s see who can get there faster

Ellis scoffed. “You’re overestimating yourself! Fine,

what’s the stake?”

“If I lose, I’ll apologize to Isla as you just said.”

Keira said indifferently, “But if I win, you go to Lewis and bow your head, admitting you’ll never be his equal!”

Ellis burst into laughter. “You just want me to let you go, don’t you? You think I can’t see your little ploy? B I accept your bet!”

At that moment, he had to admit he was somewhat impressed by Keira. Despite the situation, she was able to respond with such ease.

Coming un with this betting idea to make him let her

go was quite shrewd.

Anyway, if she lost, she would still have to apologize to Isla, so he considered giving her a way out.

After leaving that comment, Ellis was ready to overtake Chasing Wind on the inside, assuming Keira would slow down, but just as he sped up…


Keira kicked the horse’s sides with both feet, and with a calm, bright voice, pushed Chasing Wind to increase its pace!

Ellis only saw a blur as Chasing Wind suddenly went a horse’s length ahead of him!

Ellis was stunned.

Kei skilled riding, her cool and collected demeanor,

and the clear sound of her voice when she accelerated

all made him realize, she was no novice!

Ellis lashed his own horse’s tail fiercely, determined to catch up.

How could his horsemanship possibly be worse than that of an illegitimate daughter?!

On the other side, Isla and the others had long since stopped and were watching the activity in the horse


Isla looked down at the dust covering her clothes and the layer of dust on her hair, clenching her fists.

Someone immediately tried to restore her dignity.

“Miss Isla’s equestrian skills have always been excellent; she’s always been one of the best among


“Exactly, Miss Isla has been outstanding since she was young and has always been the child our parents compared us to. Every time they brought her up, they told us to learn from Miss Isla…”

“Speaking of which, Keira is famously just a pretty face right? I remember back at school, she was always the worst student in class… It’s true what they say about children born to different mothers!”

“She’s not only bad at studying, but she’s bad at everything, after all, she comes from such a lowly birth…”

“Look over there!”

While a few people were mocking in secret, suddenly a shocked cry made everyone turn to look at the field!

They saw Keira and Ellis say something, and then Chasing Wind had started to gallop rapidly, quickly throwing Ellis’s horse behind!

The few people who were chatting were astonished.

Jake stared blankly at the equestrian field and saw Keira’s poised and impressive stature. He blurted out in disbelief, “How could she possibly ride a horse?!”

Isla was also stunned, incredulously watching the equestrian field.

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Equestrianism had always been her proudest activity; she’d won quite a few competitions in it, and that was why she dared to hold this banquet to entertain Ellis,

but how could…

The speed at which Keira was now riding was something she’d never achieved!

Isla clenched her fists tightly, then suddenly said, “It must be because Chasing Wind is such a good horse… Yes, this horse is a prestigious Ferghana horse. No

wonder so many people want good horses. The bonus a good horse brings is all too significant!”

Jake also tensed his jaw. “Right, it must be that…”

The rest seemed to refuse to accept the fact that Keira could outrun them at horse riding, and so they were all swayed by this reasoning.

“Keira is racing against Mr. Olsen. Even if she wins, it’s not something to be proud of. After all, Mr. Olsen’s horse is just an ordinary one…”

“Chasing Wind is not only famous in Oceanion but all over Crera. it has a pure Ferghana horse pedigree…”

While the crowd was abuzz with discussion, Ellis cursed under his breath. “Damn it, Keira, even if you win, it’s only because of that horse. If I had brought n Rising Sun here, you definitely wouldn’t have beaten me! Giddy up!”

He was furious as he whipped his horse again.

His horse was also one of the better ones at the

Horton family Horse Field, second only to Chasing Wind.

However, due to its pedigree, its speed had already

reached its peak, and now, with this incessant urging, it suddenly became spooked

But then, the horse suddenly lost control, leaped out of the equestrian track’s railing, and bolted away!

Ellis was immediately stunned. He pulled hard on the

reins but to no avail!

The entire equestrian field erupted in chaos.

That was a very serious horse-riding accident! If not handled carefully, Ellis might fall off the horse and die!

The horse field’s trainers and Ellis’s instructors all

panicked. They quickly mounted horses in pursuit, and the ambulance nearby roared into action, attempting

to save him!

Isla and Jake exchanged glances.

In their eyes, in addition to panic, a hint of excitemetes suddenly emerged.

The accident with Ellis happened while he was racing against Keira. If Ellis’s family pursued the matter for accountability, they would certainly demand an explanation from Lewis!

Having offended the Clance Olsen family… Lewis’s days would be numbered!

They hadn’t anticipated this twist at the equestrian visit. What an unexpected joy!

With this thought, a touch of excitement surfaced in their eyes.

Lewis also frowned and ran a few steps to the horse nearby, trying to join the rescue.

Ellis was a person of special status; an accident like this would be difficult to explain to the Clance Olsen family!

But he was far from the spot where Ellis had been racing, and with the spooked horse accelerating, he had no chance of catching up.

Just when everyone held their breath, fearing a major

catastrophe was coming…

The agile figure of Chasing Wind suddenly leapt into the air, jumped the railing, and went straight after Ellis!

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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