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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 172

172 It Won’t

Ellis was stunned.

It had to be an illusion!

The horse was still galloping but the speed at which the scenery on both sides was receding was indeed slowing down…

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He looked at the girl sitting in front of him in astonishment.

Keira was bending over, still stroking the horse’s head and body. She was still whispering something,

seemingly comforting the horse.

Chasing Wind had also caught up with them. It

gradually slowed down, leading their horse to a stop.

Keira finally sighed in relief.

And Ellis was already dumbfounded, looking at Keira in

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She actually managed to do it?!

How could this be…

Caught in his amazement, Lewis and several other


C172 It Won’t

security personnel came galloping over on horseback, surrounding them and were immediately stunned by

the scene.

Lewis’s gaze immediately fell on Keira, and upon seeing that she had no visible injuries, he finally relaxed.

Then his cold eyes fell on Ellis’s hands had on Keira’s shoulder, and if looks could kill, Ellis’s paw would have been butchered a thousand times over by now!

He rode forward and coughed. “Ellis, haven’t you had enough riding? Are you not afraid the horse will get spooked again?”

Only then did Ellis snap back to reality and immediately dismounted.

Lewis then looked toward Keira. “Keira, you…”

“I’m fine.” Keira didn’t dismount but continued to gently pat the horse’s head, soothing its emotions.

Someone couldn’t help but ask, “Mrs. Horton, was it you who calmed the horse down?”

Another person chimed in. “The horse was in such a bad state just now, and it got calmed down like that?”

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172 It Won’t

“No, that can’t be possible, right? Under that condition, even a professional horse trainer might not be able to manage it… There have been several cases like this, ending in both human and horse deaths…”

“A similar situation occurred in Oceanion before, but at that time, it was resolved by that impressive, mysterious horse trainer…”

“The horse trainer? Mrs. Horton, you’re not saying that

you are…?”

Everyone gasped.

Lewis’s eyes widened.

When Keira felt the horse beneath her was calm, she straightened up and let out a breath. Hearing everyone’s speculation, she glanced at Ellis and saw that he had already widened his eyes in surprise…

Keira chuckled lightly, neither denying nor confirming it. “This horse got spooked because there was a wooden splinter on the whip, which Mr. Olsen had inadvertently dug into the horse’s backside.”

After saying this, she turned her palm over, revealing a wooden splinter.



172 It Won’t

This was why she had flipped over to Ellis’s back before calming the horse down from the front; when she landed behind Ellis, she pulled out the splinter


Everyone saw the thick wooden splinter and gasped, then immediately turned to look at Ellis. “Mr. Olsen, how did such a large splinter get there?!”

Ellis was also dumbfounded and didn’t speak for a


Keira said indifferently, “Mr. Olsen, you were hitting the trees with this whip, weren’t you?”

Ellis was dumbfounded.

He suddenly remembered that he hadn’t been hitting trees with the whip, but when he was bullying Keira, he had used the whip to strike her horse’s backside, and upon pulling it back, he had carelessly hit a wooden post…

That was truly a case of shooting oneself in the foot!

Ellis suddenly felt somewhat embarrassed.

For a moment, no one spoke, and there was an awkward silence.


172 It Won’t

At that time, Jake and the others, some by car and some on horseback, finally arrived at the scene.

Without having seen clearly what had happened, they immediately gathered around Ellis. “Mr. Olsen, are you alright?”

Jake also started accusing Keira right away. “Keira, why are you being so serious with Mr. Olsen? If you hadn’t raced with him, such an accident wouldn’t have occurred! Uncle, I think you must give an explanation to Mr. Olsen today!”

At these words, Ellis felt even more embarrassed.

Lewis scoffed. “Ellis, what kind of explanation do you


Ellis quickly touched his nose and hesitated. “Well…”

He cleared his throat, “Today, Mrs. Horton saved my life, so I owe her a favor. Lewis, Mrs. Horton, if there’s anything you need help with in the future, as long as it’s within my capacity, I’m willing to lend a hand once.”

Upon hearing this, Jake was surprised.

The distance was too great from where they were

09:27 –

172 It Won’t

standing, and he hadn’t seen what had happened clearly. Did Keira save Ellis? How could that be possible?


When did her horse riding skills get good?!

Leaving those words behind, Ellis then got into the car to head back. “Alright, it was just a small matter. Let’s return to the party and have some fun…”

Jake wanted to say something but knew it wasn’t the time to question it and immediately followed Ellis back.

After getting into the car, Ellis’s gaze stealthily shifted toward Keira.

Now what should he do?

He now owed this illegitimate daughter such a big favor. How could he help his uncle to protect Mrs. Olsen and teach Keira a lesson?

That was really too much!

A group of people quickly surrounded Ellis and left.

Keira, on the other hand, rode her horse alongside

Lewis on their way back.



172 It Won’t

The two of them rode side by side, chatting as they went along.

Lewis looked at her and suddenly asked, “You said you couldn’t ride horses.”

Keira immediately coughed and looked away evasively. “I didn’t say that. I just said horse riding was quite


Lewis laughed, “Yeah, I was just a bit curious…”

“Curious about what?”

“I’m curious if there’s really anything my wife can’t do?”

Keira stiffened.

He called her “my wife”!

His voice was deep, and the two words he uttered were very magnetic as if something swept across her


Keira’s cheeks turned slightly red, and she smiled with a smirk. “There are still things I can’t do.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I can’t… pee standing up?”



172 It Won’t

Lewis was dumbfounded.


Keira turned her head back with a smile, raised an

eyebrow at him, then accelerated past the cars and ran toward the equestrian field.

Lewis watched her from behind, smiling indulgently, and sped up to chase after her…

Keira returned on horseback faster than they did by


After dismounting with a flourish, she tossed the reins to a staff member and walked over to the rest area, then picked up a bottle of water and began to drink.

After riding for around two hours, she was indeed a b


Just then, she saw Frankie rushing over with Rebecca.

Upon seeing her, Frankie immediately sighed in relief. “Rebecca insisted on coming over, so I went to the entrance to pick her up. When we came back, I heard that Ellis caused you trouble? Are you alright?”


172 It Won’t

“I’m fine.”

Keira looked toward Rebecca.

Rebecca had already run to her side and took her arm. “Miss Keira, do you want to continue playing?”

“I’m done playing,” Keira stretched out a bit. “I’m tired.”

“Then come with us. It’s dusty and boring here. Let’s go back now, brother. Mom and Dad are waiting for Miss Olsen!”

Keira said, “Okay.”


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