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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 173

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Keira finished responding and then looked toward Frankie.

He looked into the distance and saw that Ellis and the others had also returned by car.

Frankie said, “I’m going to say goodbye to Ellis.” In the distance.

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Ellis hadn’t gotten out of the car yet when he spotted them. He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Isla, does your illegitimate daughter actually know Frankie?”

The Allen family in Clance may not compare to the Olsen family but it still held a certain status.

Upon hearing this, Isla’s eyes flickered, and then she said, “Previously, Keira did Miss Rebecca Allen a small favor and became friends with her. It’s said that she has asked Mr. Allen for many favors. She established a company, and Mr. Allen gave her a lot of raw materials for free…”

Previously, Frankie had held up Keira’s raw materials,



173 Photo

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and after the misunderstanding was cleared up, to compensate for the harm he had done her, he gave those raw materials as an apology gift without asking

for a cent.

Keira didn’t refuse.”

For people like them, money wasn’t the most important thing; favors were.

Being able to pay off what they owed with money was the most comfortable way.

However, Isla’s words made it very easy to give people the wrong impression.

Sure enough, someone who didn’t know the full story immediately said,

“She knew Miss Allen’s identity, so she helped her on purpose, right?”

“Of course, isn’t that obvious? Otherwise, why would she cling to the Allen family after just a small favor? How shameless can this woman be!”

“After all, she is an illegitimate daughter. She’s been watching us who live better lives since she was a kid and wants to leap over her class!”




173 Photo

“Suddenly, I think she’s so scheming. We all know that Frankie adores his sister. Rebecca is his Achilles’ heel, and this illegitimate daughter got to know Frankie through Rebecca. It’s terrifying to think when you think about it. It’s like she’s scheming step by step; isn’t she too calculating?”

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“My god, I was wondering why this illegitimate daughter was desperate to save Mr. Ellis. It turns out she wanted him to owe her a favor!”

“She clung to the Allen family after just a small favor; Mr. Ellis, now that you’ve granted her a lifesaving favor, you better be careful!”


In the midst of the crowd’s discussion, Ellis frowned

He had just changed his opinion about Keira, and now he stumbled upon this affair.

He immediately darkened his face and let out a cold laugh.

After getting out of the car, he walked up to Frankie, Keira, and Rebecca.

Just then, a staff member from the equestrian field



173 Photo

came to thank Keira. “Mrs. Horton, we really owe you one today; if something had happened to Mr. Ellis at our equestrian field, none of us could have borne the consequences!”

Keira waved her hand. “It was just a helping hand.”

Rebecca, the “Keira fan,” upon hearing this, immediately exclaimed in amazement, “… You just saved Ellis? In the midst of horseback riding? I can’t believe I missed your moment of glory! But Ellis is very skilled in horseback riding. If your riding skills outshine his, you must be the best in Oceanion, right?”

Ellis burst into laughter upon hearing this, “Best in Oceanion? She’s just showy with no real skill, and just happened to see a thorn on the horse’s backside! Rebecca, are you that simple? You believe whatever people say?”

Rebecca and Ellis were sworn enemies. At his words, she glared at him. “Then why didn’t you realize there was a thorn on the horse’s backside? Ellis, is it that hard to acknowledge someone else’s excellence?”

Ellis sneered. “Excellence? You must not have seen what truly impressive equestrian skills are like. I heard



173 Photo

THE horse trainer is in Oceanion; tonight, I’m going to meet my idol! Rebecca, being able to ride doesn’t mean you’re good at equestrianism!”

After saying that, he paused as he passed by Rebecca. “Also, here’s a piece of advice for you. Grow some brains, and don’t let that illegitimate daughter take advantage of you!”

Rebecca was dumbfounded.

She stamped her foot in anger.

Next to her, Frankie frowned, then, glancing at Isla in the crowd, he immediately understood something and said, “Ellis, I think this piece of advice suits you better! Grow some brains, and don’t let yourself be used by others! Some things aren’t as simple as they seem

the surface!”

Ellis immediately looked at him. “Frankie, everyone limits to how much they can spoil their sister. At least know who the legitimate heiress is and who the illegitimate daughter is. Is your sister confused between right and wrong? Do you think we’ll socialize with an illegitimate daughter? Are you kidding me? Lowering one’s status like that, you may enjoy it, but I



173 Photo

certainly don’t!”


Rebecca pointed at him, anger evident in her gesture.

But Ellis didn’t say anything. He just cast a cold glance at Keira and left with the group of gentleman friends.

Keira looked down, silent the entire time.

When everyone had gone far away, she managed a

bitter smile.

Some things were determined from birth, and the label of “illegitimate daughter” might be something she could never rid herself of for her entire life.

If she married an ordinary person, others wouldn’ bring up her status all the time, but unfortunatel had married Lewis of a grand background…

“Ellis is simply too much! How can people be divided into classes? It’s infuriating!”

Rebecca stomped her foot in anger.

Keira took a deep breath and held Rebecca’s hand,

“Let’s not think about it anymore, weren’t we going to have dinner? What shall we eat tonight?”



173 Photo

Although Rebecca was outraged, she understood that the person who was probably hurting the most at the moment was Keira, so she quickly changed the subject. “Seafood, do you like it? Let’s have a seafood feast tonight.”


Keira went to the changing room to change her clothes, then went out to greet Lewis, who had just stepped away to make a phone call.

She didn’t invite Lewis to join her for dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Allen because, for one, he was very busy, and for another, he cared a lot about the Allen family.

They said their goodbyes in the horse farm’s parking lot, and Keira and Rebecca took a ride in Frankie’s ca quickly arriving at the Allen residence.

Since Rebecca needed to undergo rehabilitation in Oceanion, and staying in the hospital was inconvenient, Frankie generously purchased a small villa here. By coincidence, this villa was in the same. community as the Olsen family’s villa.

Keira took a distant glance at the Olsen residence before looking away.





173 Photo

She probably would never set foot in the Olsen residence again in her life.

The car soon stopped. The three of them got out and entered the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen were already waiting for them in the living room. Upon seeing the three of them,

Mr. Allen couldn’t help but complain to Frankie, “I told you to come back earlier. You just had to go to the horse farm! Otherwise, we could have chatted with

Keira at noon!”

Frankie bowed his head to take the scolding, not saying a word.

Mrs. Allen couldn’t bear it and intervened, “The peop from Clance came, so how could Frankie not be the You’re always in such a hurry… We’ve seen the photo and confirmed the speculation. Tell Keira right now!”

Upon hearing that, Mr. Allen looked at Frankie and reached out, “The photo, give it to me!”

Frankie passed the folder in his hand to Mr. Allen.

Mr. Allen immediately took out the photo and handed it to Keira. “Keira, take a look at the person in this


173 Photo

photo. Don’t you resemble her?”

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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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