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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 176

176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

Keira had ignored the quarreling all along.

Upon seeing the nanny, her eyes lit up, and she directly bypassed Ellis, intending to enter.

Ellis frowned upon seeing this, blocking Keira’s path. “Hey, illegitimate daughter, I said you can’t come in!”

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Keira paid him no mind, only looking at the nanny, “Did

Mrs. Olsen let us in?”

Her words took Ellis aback for a moment.

He had thought Keira had come to the Olsen family to show off since all illegitimate daughters generally didn’t get along with legitimate wives; they were naturally at odds.

Moreover, Isla had been instilling the image of Keira being a bully, relying on others’ power all day today, which made Ellis subconsciously believe Keira was

here to make trouble.

But at this moment, there was no sign of boasting on Keira’s face; her inquiring words were filled with an urgency to see Mrs. Olsen.

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176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

This emotion… didn’t seem right, did it?

Just as Ellis was contemplating this, he heard the nanny speak. “Mr. Olsen said that Mrs. Olsen had gone to sleep early today, so she won’t see you, Miss Keira. Please come back another day!”


Keira was startled. “Is Mrs. Olsen ill? Why would she sleep so early?”

Before the nanny could reply, Isla interjected. “Keira, how could my mother possibly go to sleep so early? That’s just an excuse. Can you stop lingering around


Keira then remembered that during the birthday banquet, Mrs. Olsen nearly fainted several times.

It seemed her health was getting worse.

Keira frowned and looked at the nanny. “What exactly is going on with Mrs. Olsen?”

The nanny was taken aback, “The lady is, she’s… fine. It’s just that Mr. and Mrs. Olsen are having dinner right now, and Mr. Olsen doesn’t want you to enter. He said every time he sees you, nothing good happens, and



176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

the lady gets so worked up…

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Upon hearing this, Keira breathed a sigh of relief.

It was good to hear that Mrs. Olsen was alright.

After thinking it over, she still said, “Tell Mrs. Olsen that I have something important to discuss with her and that I must see her today.”

The nanny frowned, wanting to say something, but seeing so many people at the door, she dared not speak and turned to go back inside.

Isla immediately played the victim. “Keira, you’re being too domineering. My mother has trouble sleeping at night; can you please not create a scene at our doorstep so late?!”

Jake stepped right up beside Isla, frowning angrily at Keira. “Don’t think just because you married my uncle and are now a senior, you can do as you please! Keira, Mrs. Olsen clearly doesn’t want to see you, don’t you get it? Can’t you stop making the elders angry here?!”

Keira calmly looked at them. “Mrs. Olsen didn’t say she

didn’t want to see me.”

It was Taylor who had said it.



176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

Her eyesight was very good; standing here, she could clearly see the dining area.

It was nighttime, and the darkness had descended outside, but the dining room was lit up, and she could see that once the nanny had entered, before she could even speak, Taylor frowned and approached her.

After they exchanged a few words, Taylor waved his hand and then followed her out.

The whole time, Mrs. Olsen, who was eating, had no idea Keira was there.

Taylor soon arrived at the doorstep, and upon seeing Isla and Jake, he appeared slightly startled. “Isla, why have you come back? Why are you standing at the door without coming inside?”

Isla glanced at Keira and began in a feigned manner. “Aren’t we waiting for the nanny to go and ask?”

“What nonsense is this? This is your home. Do you need to ask permission to come back to your own home? Young Mr. Horton, you all should come inside quickly…”

Taylor’s words made Isla look at Keira triumphantly.




176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

The meaning in her gaze was clear. “This is my home,

where I can come and go as I please. And you are nothing!”

Keira clenched her jaw tightly and balled her fists.

After saying that, Taylor then noticed Ellis, and tentatively inquired, “And who might this be?”

Isla immediately explained. “Dad, this is the Mr. Olsen from the Clance Olsen family!”

Upon hearing the words “Olsen family,” Taylor’s pupils shrank slightly as his gaze fixed on Ellis, his eyes suddenly becoming brooding.

But it was just for a moment, and then he let out a wry smile. “The Clance Olsen family… It’s been over twent years since we’ve seen each other! Mr. Olsen is here visit Shirley, right? Come on in.”

Ellis nodded, and the group of people walked into the courtyard.

Keira followed them, prepared to enter as well.

But just as she set foot into the courtyard, Taylor’s angry rebuke came flying, “Ungrateful creature, who let you in?”





176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

Keira stumbled in her steps, just as Taylor glared at her. “I’ve said before, the Olsen family doesn’t welcome you, and you’re not to appear in front of Shirley ever again! Shirley is currently eating. Seeing you would surely spoil her appetite!”

Keira’s face darkened. “I have something very important to tell Mrs. Olsen…”

“I told you, Shirley is not available!”

Taylor issued another command, “Now get out of here immediately!”

Keira’s chin tensed, ignoring Taylor, she took another step forward, “I said too, I need to see Mrs. Olsen…”

“You ungrateful creature!”

Taylor, infuriated, raised his hand, ready to strike dow hard on Keira when Mr. Allen stepped forward and spoke, “Mr. Olsen, Keira is a woman. How could you strike her?”

The Allen family was prominent and wealthy, and Taylor had to show them respect. Thus, upon hearing this, he could only lower his hand, and then he said with a frown, “Mr. Allen, what do you mean by this?

Ara vou truing to intirnidato me with your nowor?”




176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

Mr. Allen sighed. “Keira has always been sensible. Today, she truly has something important to say.”

“Ha, her so-called important matter. Isn’t it just that she married Lewis Horton and has come home for her dowry? Let me tell you, everything in the Olsen family belongs to Shirley, and nothing here has the slightest relation to her! You can forget about a dowry. It’s not happening!”

Taylor stared darkly at Keira, “Don’t waste your efforts!

won’t let you see Shirley again either!”

Keira stepped forward again. “What if I insist on seeing her today?”


Taylor, so enraged he pointed at her and couldn’t speak, cursed her out.

Ellis, standing nearby, immediately said, “Hey, illegitimate daughter, don’t go too far! Even if you saved my life today, that’s a separate issue. I really can’t stand this anymore. If you dare to take another step, I’m going to take action. I don’t have a policy against hitting women!”

With that Keirn took another aton forward


( 176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

Ellis was dumbfounded.

He frowned, about to make a move on Keira, but suddenly, she flashed by him, caught hold of his shoulder, and took him for a turn.

Immediately after, Keira used him as if he were a revolving door, spinning him around twice before finally making her entrance.

“Ungrateful creature!”

Taylor shouted in anger.

Ellis also turned pale with rage, quickly following Keira


He was determined that if Mrs. Olsen showed even the slightest irritation, he would throw Keira out harshly He wouldn’t show the slightest bit of mercy!!

Ellis followed Keira through the door, and immediately he was stunned by the sight before him.

As soon as Keira entered, she headed straight for the dining room and saw the gentle Mrs. Olsen, surprised, looking toward the door. Upon seeing Keira, her eyes softened with tenderness, and she exclaimed with joy.

“Keira? What brings vou here?”



176 Meet Mrs. Olsen

The tone and expression seemed not the least bit


Ellis was dumbfounded.

Keira paid no attention to the thoughts of those behind her. Upon seeing Mrs. Olsen, she quickened her steps to her side. “Mrs. Olsen, I’m sorry to disturb your meal, but I’ve come today to show you a photo.”

After saying this, she handed the photo she was holding to Mrs. Olsen.

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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