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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 175

175 Return to the Olsen Residence

As a child, Keira lived in a half-basement of the Olsen household, always looking up with longing and envy at the deep bond between Mrs. Olsen and Isla.


And while she lived there, she could never lift her

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Every time she returned home from school and saw the main gate, she would almost subconsciously lower her head.

After she left the Olsen family, she would occasionally sneak back, and as soon as she reached the doorway, she couldn’t help but bow her head…

The weight of her identity and the kindness of the Olsen family in raising her was so oppressive that she struggled to breathe and only wanted to keep her distance from this place.

Today was the first time she knocked on the door so


“Who is it?”

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The nanny’s voice came through, followed by the

09:20 =


175 Return to the Olsen Residence

opening of the railing door at the entrance.

Upon seeing Keira, the nanny immediately showed a look of disdain. “What are you…”

Yet, her gaze then fell on the several people behind Keira, and she hesitated slightly. “Mr. Allen, Mrs. Allen?”

Since the Allen family had moved into the

neighborhood, they had visited Mrs. Olsen before, so the nanny recognized them.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen, along with Frankie, walked up briskly and stood behind Keira.

Frankie said, “Could you please tell Mrs. Olsen that

Miss Keira has come to visit and see if it’s alright to see


The nanny dared not say anything more and merely bowed her head, hurrying toward the living room.

Keira and the three members of the Allen family stood outside the door, unable to enter before receiving the host’s permission…

Keira felt a sense of urgency

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Even in such cold weather, she found her palms



175 Return to the Olsen Residence

beginning to sweat nervously.

Her eyes, warm as blooming peach blossoms, were fixed on the Olsen residence’s living room…

Countless times, she had peered through that window, witnessing the happy family of three, while she remained an outsider.

But today, Mrs. Olsen wasn’t sitting on the living room


Right now, she was probably dining, right?

Keira was thinking when suddenly the sound of a vehicle approached from behind.

Everyone turned around in unison, only to see a luxury car from the Horton family parked by the curb. Then the car door opened, and Isla got out of the passengel


Jake got out from the driver’s side and immediately went around to the rear, opening the backseat door.

Then, Ellis alighted from the car.

After getting out, he didn’t enter the Olsen residence right away but walked to the trunk of the car, opened it, and saw several gifts inside.




175 Return to the Olsen Residence

Isla was still speaking politely. “Mr. Olsen, it’s so kind of you to visit my mother. There’s really no need to bring so many gifts; it’s too formal.”

Ellis, however, wasn’t putting on airs and simply said, “It’s only proper not to come empty-handed when visiting an elder. Moreover, I’ve heard… I heard that Mrs. Olsen has suffered from a chronic cough over the years, so I specially brought some nourishing products to help with her lungs…”

Isla wanted to say more, but Jake held her arm. “Take it easy, Isla. You’re still pregnant, be careful.”

Isla’s gaze darkened.

When had Jake begun to show her such concern?

She immediately glanced at Ellis.

It must be Ellis’s respectful attitude toward Mrs. Olsen that made Jake realize Mrs. Olsen had connections in


The corners of her lips curved into a slight smile, and she nodded: “I know, Jake.”

The three of them turned around, and only then did they notice Keira and her company.



175 Return to the Olsen Residence

Isla frowned upon seeing them, her chin tensed up. “Keira, what are you here for?”

With the backing of Ellis, she went from addressing her as “Aunt” to Keira again.

Keira ignored her and kept her gaze fixed on the Olsen residence.

Jake immediately frowned upon seeing this. “Keira, Isla is speaking to you! How can you be so impolite?”

Frankie then said, “Miss Olsen is in a bad mood right now, she probably doesn’t have time to greet you.”

Jake was choked up, wanting to say something but not daring to say anything to Frankie.

The look in Isla’s eyes darkened.

After marrying into the Horton family, she realize that Jake wasn’t the best choice in the world!

Her vision had been limited to Oceanion; so many people in Clance were more formidable than Jake. If she hadn’t married Jake, maybe she could have relied on Mrs. Olsen’s connections to marry into Clance…

Ellis would have been a good choice!




175 Return to the Olsen Residence

It was all the fault of Mrs. Olsen, that old stubborn

woman, who never spoke of her past, causing her to make the wrong judgment.

Isla’s eyes harbored resentment toward Mrs. Olsen, and she tugged at Jake’s arm, “Jake, let’s not talk about it. Now that Keira has my uncle’s support, and also the support of the Allen family, doesn’t she get to enter the Olsen family as she wishes?”

Jake’s chin tensed, and his face darkened.

Ellis, on the other hand, frowned and glanced at Keira.

Wanting to say something, but seeing that something seemed off with Keira, and remembering how she had saved his life at the racetrack, he still managed to bite back his words, remaining silent.

Seeing this, Isla clenched her fingers tight and

suddenly lowered her gaze, sighing. “Keira, my mother hasn’t been well lately. It’s getting late; maybe you should leave. Come back next time, so you don’t upset


Only then did Keira look straight at her.

Thinking of the photograph with Lady South’s face,

which hore a lot of resemblance to her oum and then



175 Return to the Olsen Residence

looking at Isla, she saw that Isla looked like Taylor, but Isla’s face bore not a trace of either Mrs. Olsen or Lady


The firmer her resolve became, the more everything seemed to point in that direction.

Keira remained silent.

Isla then lowered her gaze, “Keira, I’m begging you, could you not disturb my mother today?”

Keira still said nothing.

She was immersed in her own world, determined only to see Mrs. Olsen…

Today, no one could stop her!

Frankie spoke for her. “Miss Olsen wants to see Mrs Olsen; they have things to discuss.”

Before really confirming the mother-daughter relationship with Mrs. Olsen, the matter of the photograph still needed to be approached cautiously.

Upon seeing this, Isla turned to look pitifully at Ellis.

Ellis couldn’t hold back anymore and looked directly at Frankie. “Frankie, why are you protecting this



< 175 Return to the Olsen Residence

illegitimate daughter so much?! Have you decided to aid and abet her here?”

Frankie looked at him. “Ellis, the affairs of the Olsen family aren’t as they appear. I advise you to mind your own business.”

Ellis sneered. “Mrs. Olsen’s matters are my… they’re my business, and I will meddle in this idle matter! Today, I have the say about the Olsen family’s front gate; without Mrs. Olsen’s permission, no one is getting in!!”

He walked right up to Keira and said coldly, “Illegitimate daughter, you’re not going to disturb Mrs. Olsen today! And you’re certainly not going to upset


Keira frowned, looking at him.

Frankie then said, “Ellis, I think you’re mistaken. Miss Olsen and Mrs. Olsen have always had a good relationship; how could Mrs. Olsen possibly not want to see Miss Olsen? Besides, this is Miss Olsen’s home!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the nanny who had just entered hurriedly walked out.

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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