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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 20

20 Why Are We Married

The staff member gave him a strange look, took the marriage certificate, and began inputting information

into the computer.”

Lewis pursed his lips.

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He suddenly found his actions absurd.

Despite being certain that he wasn’t married, he had somehow ended up here.

He even missed a very important meeting for it.

The staff member soon gave him the answer. “It’s genuine.”

Lewis was surprised.

Hearing the staff member’s words, Tom cried out involuntarily, “How’s that possible?! Did you get the data entry wrong?”

The staff member glared at him. “What are you talking about? Marriage is a serious matter. We have to confirm both parties’ identities meticulously, and they

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20 Why Are We Married

have to sign a guarantee!”

A guarantee…

Keira asked, “Can we take a look at our guarantee?”

“Please bring us the guarantee.”

Lewis spoke at the same time.

The two exchanged a glance and quickly looked away.

The staff member reluctantly stood up. “You two do have chemistry as a couple. Alright, I’ll go get it for


He soon returned with their registration documents. From them, he pulled out the guarantee and handed it

over to Keira and Lewis.

Keira realized that the handwriting on it was inde


Tom also cried out, “Boss, this is your handwriting!

Keira thought for a moment and then looked at the surveillance cameras. “Excuse me, can we take a look at the recording from the day we registered?”

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20 Why Are We Married

The staff member replied, “Sorry, we only keep recordings for six months.”

The staff member continually assured them that the marriage certificate would only be issued if both parties were present, and they never made mistakes.

The three of them eventually left the Civil Affairs

Bureau in resignation.

Standing at the entrance, Tom asked in confusion, “Boss, what do we do now?”

Lewis pondered.

Keira raised her eyebrows.

“I want a divorce.”

“I want a divorce.”

The two spoke in unison again.

Tom was startled, then asked, “Do we do it now?

Should we discuss the terms of the divorce?”

“I will have my lawyer contact you.”

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20 Why Are We Married

“Talk to my lawyer.”

Lewis and Keira spoke at the same time again.

After both had finished speaking, they couldn’t help

but look at each other.

Keira laughed and said straightforwardly, “Why don’t we each have our lawyers draft an agreement to review first? If there’s an issue, let the lawyers talk.”

Tom laughed scornfully, “You can’t afford a lawyer.”

However, Lewis nodded in agreement.

Ignoring Tom, Keira took out her phone again, “Mr. Horton, can I add you on WhatsApp? It’ll make communication easier.”

Lewis hesitated for a moment before taking out his phone. He opened WhatsApp and told Keira his ID. Then a chat box appeared on her phone with a note that read “Grandson”.

His face suddenly darkened.

Keira was speechless.

She had forgotten that they had already added each

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20 Why Are We Married

other on WhatsApp!

Ignoring the man’s scowl, she cleared his throat. “I randomly made a note of your ID at that time. I’ll change it.”

She shielded her screen and changed “Grandson” to


Then, she said “Catch you later” before hailing a cab

and left.

Watching her leave, Tom hesitated before looking at Lewis. “Boss, you two really are married, right?”

The two had just seemed too in sync!

Lewis gave him a look. “Find the best divorce lawyer and draft a contract to protect my assets ‘outside”.”

Tom stood up straight, “Yes!”

After he finished speaking, Tom realized something. “I know what’s going on! the marriage thing is definitely that woman’s scheme. Now that she can’t win your heart, she’s decided to have a piece of your money! No wonder she has money to hire a lawyer to battle you in a divorce lawsuit. Even if she takes only a little, the


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20 Why Are We Married

lawyer will get quite a high salary!”

Tom gritted his teeth in anger.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure she won’t take a penny

from you!”

“Make sure he won’t take a penny from me.”

In the taxi, Keira was also talking to Samuel. “Find the best divorce lawyer.”

“No problem,” Samuel said. “Boss, what’s the deal with your marriage? Neither you nor Lewis Horton can

remember it. Surely, you can’t both get amnesia, right?”

Keira calmly responded, “Do you think this is a novel?”

Samuel said, “I was just curious! It’s both absurd a exciting! It would be nice if the Civil Affairs Bureau sent me a wife one day.”

Keira sighed quietly and only responded after a moment, “There’s someone who definitely knows what’s going on.”


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20 Why Are We Married


“Old Mrs. Horton.”

“Didn’t she lose her memory?”

“Is the clinical medicine for treating Alzheimer’s still in the experimental stage?” She frowned, “Speed it up, or

it’ll be too late.”

“What will be too late?”

Keira didn’t answer this question.

She arrived home shortly after.

As she opened the door to enter the familiar room, she suddenly found the small two-bedroom apartment a

bit empty.

At that moment, the old lady walked into the hallway with a suitcase. “Granddaughter-in-law, you’re back! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! This time I brought a lot of clothes with me!”

Keira was surprised for a moment before she smiled.


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20 Why Are We Married

That day, the most famous divorce law firm in

Oceanion and its most famous lawyer received two divorce agreement drafting commissions.

Both parties were anonymous, and their requests were

“the other party cannot be taken away my money, not

even a penny”.

The conditions were extremely strict.

The assistant lawyer complained, “I’ve seen many divorces, but never one this ruthless. One is a male. and the other a female. Men and women are equally ruthless when they have their hearts set!”

Having seen every case of loving couples turning bitter enemies, the lawyer found nothing too shocking.

He chuckled. “One contract, double the money! Get prepared, and send it to our employers!”

At Horton Group, on the top floor.

Since returning from the Civil Affairs Bureau, Lewis had been busy.


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20 Why Are We Married

By the time he received a call from home saying that Grandma had gone looking for her

“granddaughter-in-law” again, it was almost time to go


Grandma needed a body check every day to ensure all

her vitals…

He furrowed his brows, subconsciously opened WhatsApp, and found “Need Iron”. He wanted to send a message but didn’t know what to say.

It seemed ever since he found out that “Need Iron” was

Keira, he had been feeling awkward.

He casually scrolled through their chat history.

The conversations they had before were very casual, like old friends.

Especially when he joined her to say bad things about her enemy. Wait. Wasn’t the person she insulted that day at the restaurant himself?

Lewis’s face darkened again.


At that moment, his phone buzzed. It was a message from “Need Iron” She had sent him a divorce contract


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20 Why Are We Married

“Mr. Horton, the property division part of the

agreement is my bottom line. Can you check if it’s acceptable?”

Property division…

Did this woman scheme to marry him just for his


Just as Lewis opened the contract, the door was pushed open, and Tom walked in.

“Boss, I have some results on the investigation into your marriage!”


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