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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 21

21 The Truth Concerns Her

As Tom finished speaking, Lewis had already opened the divorce agreement sent by Keira on his computer.

He swiftly skimmed through the agreement, his gaze falling on the clause regarding property division.

After seeing its content, he was slightly surprised.

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Seeing this, Tom craned his neck to look at his computer screen and snickered. “That woman is so ridiculous. She won’t let you take any of her

properties… What could you possibly take from her? Her personal loan?”

Lewis lowered his gaze and asked, “What else did you


“Boss, we found that Keira discovered the two of you were married only a few days ago when she and her boyfriend went to register for marriage. It seems that she really sent this divorce agreement to divorce as soon as possible. She doesn’t seem to know



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21 The Truth Concerns Her

Tom continued, changing his tone, “But I feel it all seems too deliberate, so we looked into her background and found that there’s a lot we couldn’t find out about her since she left the Olsen family! Boss, doesn’t that strike you as odd? Why would an ordinary person hide her past?”

Lewis narrowed his eyes, deep in thought. “So, do you think she is involved in this?”

“Yes! As for what her intention is, it remains unknown.”

Lewis asked, “What else?”

Tom scratched his head. “It’s been two years. We were always on the move back then, so I don’t have any leads yet. Perhaps we can only wait until the day old Mrs. Horton remembers something.”

Lewis glanced at him languidly.

Tom hastily lowered his head. “Sorry, Boss. We’ll continue the investigation.”

Lewis printed two copies of that divorce agreement, stood up, and walked out. “Have you gotten in touch with Nora yet?”

12:36 –


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21 The Truth Concerns Her

It was said that Nora, the researcher, was about to develop a clinical drug for Alzheimer’s disease.

Lewis hoped that he could use the medicine on his grandmother as soon as possible.

Tom lowered his head even more. “Nora is very elusive, and because of her research, she has been targeted by major biotech companies, so she’s even more careful…”

Sensing how displeased Lewis was, Tom’s voice grew lower and lower. “Boss, don’t worry. I’ll definitely get in touch with her!”

Keira had just finished dinner with the old lady when she received a message from Lewis on WhatsApp. “I’m downstairs. Come here.”

She made the excuse of taking out the garbage to g downstairs. Seeing the familiar black Bentley limousine, she got in right away.

Lewis handed her the divorce agreement. “I have no objections. Sign it.”

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21 The Truth Concerns Her

He stared at her with his dark eyes, expecting her to make an excuse to refuse.

Instead, she didn’t hesitate to sign the two copies and even asked him, “Can we get divorced tomorrow?”

Lewis kept his gaze on her. “Are you in such a hurry?”

Keira said, “Very.”

Her company is in a hurry to go public!

Lewis looked at her for a moment in silence. “Fine.”

Keira added a reminder. “Let’s do it tomorrow morning. Bring your ID, Household Registration, and marriage certificate. We’ll meet at the Civil Affairs


Lewis nodded, but his expression suddenly changed.

Old Mrs. Horton had somehow made her way downstairs and was now watching them with a pale face.

She clutched her chest, her voice trembling. “Are you getting a divorce?”

Then, her eyelids fluttered closed, and she collapsed


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21 The Truth Concerns Her

on the ground.


Outside the VIP ward of the First Hospital.

“The patient is temporarily out of danger,” the chief doctor explained gravely. “Old Mrs. Horton must not be agitated anymore. You must not upset her!”

Upon hearing these words, Keira remembered the emergency measures the old lady had gone through,

and she still felt shaken.

She looked at Lewis who was standing next to her.

The man was expressionless, appearing extremely


But when the doctor said “out of danger”, he rela the collar of his shirt, slowly sat down on the ben the corridor, and clasped his hands on his knees, unable to stop them from trembling lightly.

Just then, they heard a nurse’s voice in the word. “Mrs Horton, you’re awake!”

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21 The Truth Concerns Her

Lewis immediately rushed into the ward.

When Keira entered the room, the old lady had already opened her eyes.

She looked at Keira and said hoarsely,

“Granddaughter-in-law, I dreamt that you and that brat were getting divorced, surely it’s not true?”

Keira didn’t say a word, but Lewis said, “It’s not true.”

“So, you’re not getting a divorce?”

“We’re not getting a divorce!

“Give me the Household Registration Book and the marriage certificate.”


Lewis would do whatever she said.

The old lady turned to Keira, “Granddaughter-in-law,

what the brat said was true, right?”

Thinking of the doctor’s advice, Keira paused before answering, “Yes.”

Only then was the old lady satisfied.

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21 The Truth Concerns Her

Even though she was just too emotional, she still had to stay in the hospital for observation tonight.

Keira and Lewis stayed in the ward to look after her.

Night fell.

Keira sat lazily on the sofa, browsing on her phone.

She was working on a document about clinical Alzheimer’s disease drug research. There was a technical problem at the final stage that she couldn’t


She needed to consult some biomedical papers.

While she was pondering, she suddenly received a message on WhatsApp.

Puppy wrote, “Miss Olsen, let’s postpone the divor until grandma’s condition stabilizes.”

She could say no to that request.

The divorce agreement had been signed, and their properties would not interfere with each other. She was still considered married, but it wouldn’t affect the company’s public offering. The timing of the divorce


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21 The Truth Concerns Her

didn’t really matter.

Keira said, “Okay.”

Lewis squinted at the reply on his phone screen. “Do you have any other requests?”

Keira wrote, “After Grandma gets better, we should get divorced as soon as possible!

Lewis frowned, suddenly finding this woman to be


From the hospital bed, the old lady looked at Keira,

then Lewis.

The two had barely spoken to each other.

That wouldn’t do.

The old lady suddenly said, “Brat, I am going to ar a job for my granddaughter-in-law at Horton Gro

The two could go to work together every day, and would get closer with frequent interaction, wouldn’t they?

Lewis hesitated slightly before saying, “Alright.”


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21 The Truth Concerns Her

He was particularly conciliatory tonight.

The old lady, however, began to worry again. “So, what

kind of job should we give her?”

An idea suddenly occurred to her. “Granddaughter-in-law, leave it to me! You’ll go to

work with that brat tomorrow!”

Keira blinked and replied, “Okay.”

She suddenly realized that Horton Group had a large database, and they might have the paper she needed!

Lewis still had a meeting to attend, so he left with


As soon as they reached the corridor, Tom said, “No wonder that woman was so willing to sign the divor papers. She had brought the Old Mrs. Horton downstairs. The divorce was never going to happen

He glanced at Lewis. “Boss, she even coaxed your grandmother into letting her work at Horton Group. There must be some conspiracy! Why did you agree to


“If I don’t keen her in sight How will her plan be

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21 The Truth Concerns Her


A glint flashed deep within Lewis’s eyes.

For his grandmother, he couldn’t divorce Keira now.

As for whether that woman was innocent, he would have to see what her intention was in joining the company!

In the ward.

As Keira lay on the couch, she suddenly heard the old lady’s soft voice. “Granddaughter-in-law, let me share a secret with you…”

Keira immediately asked, “What secret?”

Had the old lady remembered something else?

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