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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 69

69 Demand

When she heard that an announcement was to be

made, Keira hastily said, “There’s no need for such an


“Yes, there is,” the officer replied with a smile. “We need to promote good deeds and those who perform them so that others can be inspired. That’s our public relations department’s job.”

Keira resignedly said, “Alright.”

When they reached the entrance, they bumped into

Frankie and Isla.

They were registering. Once the officer in charge of reception saw the two next to Keira, he called out,

“Officer Cohen, these two are here about Rebecca

Allen’s murder case too; you might as well take them


Frankie and Isla turned around when they heard his


Isla’s pupils contracted slightly when she saw Keira.

Frankie had perceived something. His eyebrows




69 Demand

knitted together in thought. This woman was also here for his sister’s case?

Keira scanned them with a quick glance, then looked away. Feeling no inclination to get involved with these people, she proceeded to exit the building.

“Please wait a moment. I’ll take you in as soon as I escort this young lady out,” Officer Cohen said.

Frankie nodded, a thoughtful expression on his face. He looked toward Isla and asked, “Was that young lady also present when what happened to my sister


Jake also looked at Isla.

He knew about how Isla and Frankie became acquainted, but if Keira had also saved Rebecca Allen, how was he going to win over Frankie?

Isla’s eyes cooled a fraction, and she gave a bitter, rueful smile. “Mr. Allen, that’s my sister. We were indeed together at the time…It was actually her who Rebecca first asked for help, but Keira’s always been rather aloof. She didn’t mean to turn Rebecca away.

Jake, you know about her personality.”

Take frowned. “She is indeed cold-hearted and aloof.



69 Demand

She doesn’t enjoy socializing with others.”

Isla sighed, “She stopped me from calling you, saying that those who are lost in love all deserved to die…”

As she said that, she seemed to realize what she had implied and quickly covered her mouth. “Don’t be angry, Mr. Allen. I don’t think Rebecca took it to


Frankie’s face had already become as dark as storm


He thought of when Rebecca came to after her surgery after he had rescued her. The first words she had

spoken were, “Brother, do people as foolish as me deserve to live?”

At the time, he had thought it was because she was lovesick. But it was actually because of someone else’s


Jake couldn’t help but frown. “She’s indeed sensible. Despite having so many pursuers in university, she never agreed to date anyone. I suppose such a person might never develop feelings for anyone else in her lifetime! Maybe in her eyes, love is synonymous with foolishness!”



69 Demand

He clenched his fists.

Had she seen him in this way in the past too?

He suddenly felt a tightness in his chest. He looked at Isla. “You two go ahead with the deposition. I’ll wait for you outside.”

After he left them with these words, he rushed out the


Frankie’s gaze fell on Jake, deep in thought.

Meanwhile, Isla casually asked, “When do you plan to return to Clance, Mr. Allen? How is your sister doing? I’m sure that the hospitals there are better than here

in Oceanion?”

Frankie averted his gaze. “Yes, we’ll be signing the contracts today, and I’m planning to take Rebecca to Clance for her recovery the day after tomorrow. don’t wish to impose on you, Miss Olsen.”

Given Keira’s determined nature, Frankie would feel

safer if Rebecca were further away from her.

Isla breathed a sigh of relief.

She feared that if Frankie stayed in Oceanion for too

69 Demand

long, he would discover the truth. It would be best if

he left soon.

Outside the police station.

Keira was standing by the roadside waiting for her


As she stood there, a shadow fell beside her, and Jake’s voice drifted into her ears, “Keira, I never would have guessed that you were Dr. South, but don’t you realize that without strong financial backing, launching a business is no easy task? In the commercial world, connections often matter more than actual


Keira’s expression was aloof and cold as she glanced at him but said nothing.

Jake felt like he was being suffocated.

He remembers when she had this indifferent attitude

toward everyone but him in university. He never imagined that one day, her coldness would be targeted

at him.

Exasperated, he burst out, “Keira, you’re so cold! You’re always so indifferent toward others. You

deserve to lose this great opportunity!”



Keira tilted her head, puzzled. What chance had she missed?

At that moment, her ride arrived.

She ignored Jake’s rambling, got into the car, and

drove off.

Watching her leave, Jake knew he had completely lost


But he had no regrets!

Even after realizing she was Dr. South, he had no regrets. He could never marry an illegitimate daughter!!

Only after he had spent a lot of time convincing

himself did he finally calm down.

As Isla and Frankie completed their deposition and l the police station, Jake promptly went over to

welcome them.

Frankie said, “Apologies for delaying Miss Olsen and Mr. Horton’s date.”

Isla laughed. “Don’t be so formal. It was my

responsibility after all. Mr. Allen, where are you off to




69 Demand

Frankie looked at the time. “I have an agreement to sign with Mr. Horton today. After signing the contract, the cooperation between the two companies will be established.”

Upon hearing this, Jake immediately chimed in, “It’s a pity that I’m not in a higher position. Otherwise, I would have been the one signing the agreement with Mr. Allen today!”

Frankie’s gaze froze, and then he heard Isla’s words. “Jake, have you not been promoted yet? If you are the Vice Director, it would indeed be inconvenient to negotiate cooperation with Mr. Allen.”

Jake replied, “My uncle said he would promote me after we sign the contract, but he’s been so busy lately, and I’m afraid he might forget.”

Isla then looked at Frankie. “Mr. Allen, could you

remind Mr. Horton when you sign the contract?”

Frankie stopped to think.

He was a seasoned businessman. How could he not

understand the hidden meaning behind her words?

But he hadn’t expected that Jake wouldn’t even have

the nationoa to climb the corporate laddar aloudly and



steadily. Jake was trampling on Frankie’s goodwill in a rush to get to the top!

Frankie took a deep breath and looked at Isla. “Alright.”

After parting ways with the two, Frankie went to the Horton Group.

The signing ceremony was a significant event for both companies and was conducted in a very formal


In the enormous conference room, the two of them sat across from each other at the conference table.

When Lewis completed the paperwork, he handed the documents to Frankie only to realize that Frankie hadn’t signed his part of the agreement.

Lewis narrowed his eyes, a chill emanating from him, “Mr. Allen, do you have any doubts about the


“There is no issue with the contract,” Frankie said

calmly. “But it was agreed that young Mr. Horton would be in charge of this project, yet his position still appears to be that of a Vice President.”

Lewis’s face hardened. “Mr. Allen, are you trying to


interfere with the Horton Group’s appointment?”

“Of course not. I simply find young Mr. Horton to be quite agreeable, and I believe Mr. Horton would grant me this favor.”

Frankie put up an appearance suggesting he wouldn’t sign the contract without an agreeable response.



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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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