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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 105

Chapter 105

Everything seemed like a painting in the thousand-year historical town.

The black Mercedes-Benz stopped by the side of the road. Still, its engine was running, and its headlights were still on.

Scott closed the door and walked toward Naomi.

He was dressed in a light grey shirt and matching pants. His shoes were well polished. His jacket hung on his arm, which showed off his expensive watch.

Naomi walked toward him.

“You’re here.” The smile she had while talking to Charles was gone. What was left was the usual politeness one had between mere acquaintances, slightly distant.

Scott looked at her and noticed the obvious change in her expression. It was as if she was drawing a clear line between them, one that no one would trespass. “Mh.”

Naomi had a vague feeling that he was not in a good mood, but she was unsure about it. Maybe she was just imagining things. As far as she could recall, he never once got angry or lost his temper.

“Well? Is there something I should know?” she asked.

He made her wait for him. Of course he had something he wanted to say to her.

Scott replied, “I haven’t eaten.”

That was a surprise to Naomi. If he had not eaten, that meant he came here right after he landed.

Naomi subconsciously asked, “Did you just land?”


“Well…” Naomi looked around. The town had many restaurants, but most of them were closed at this hour.

The restaurant where she just had dinner that evening was still open.

Noticing the restaurant still lit up, she said to Scott, “Let’s head to La Luna. We can eat and chat at the same time.” She then pointed at the embossed golden wooden sign.


A series of one-syllable replies, This did not seem like the Scott that she knew. Something was wrong

with him, and she could feel it. He was a little emotional. As to what made him so upset, Naomi did not know.

“Let’s head there.”

They thus entered the restaurant.

Naomi asked the waiter what time they were closing. The waiter replied that they closed around one or two in the middle of the night.

Thank goodness; they could eat in time and not keep the restaurant from wrapping up their

Chapter 105

operations for the day.

Relieved, Naomi asked for a private room to dine with Scott.

The waiter brought them the menu, which Naomi gave to Scott.

Scott placed his jacket by the side. “You order.”

They were married for three years, so it was only natural that Naomi knew what he liked to

eat. She only felt a little embarrassed to order for him since they were divorced.

Since he requested for her to order for him, she pondered for a while before replying, “Alright.

She looked at the menu and ordered a few dishes.

Scott did not like onions in his food, so she reminded the waiter, “No onions.”

“Okay.” The waiter accepted the menu.

At that moment, Scott poured themselves two glasses of water. He placed one glass in front of her before taking another glass for himself.

Naomi paused for a while before thanking him.

Scott merely picked up the glass and drank some water.

Naomi knew he had something to talk about. It was the right moment, but she felt a little inappropriate if she brought it up herself.

She thought for a while before recounting what Chandler had done in Horizon City for the past few days. “For the past few days, Master Chandler had been…”

Scott drank water and listened to her melodious voice. It was music to his ears, as peaceful as the little stream rolling down the hill.

He gulped.

He relaxed and leaned back on the chair. He placed the glass down, but his hand did not move away from the glass. He merely tapped on it gently while listening to her talk.

As Naomi talked, the waiter served them food.

“The fish is great,” remarked Naomi. “Have some.”

She ordered a lightly grilled fish. It was fresh and did not smell too fishy. It would suit his


Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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