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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 106

Chapter 106


Scott took a slice of the fish and placed it on her plate.

Surprised by Scott’s behavior, Naomi said, “I’ve already eaten. You go ahead.” She did not have the habit of eating more food after dinner. Dinner was enough for her. She only took him to the restaurant for him to have a meal.

Scott took another slice of the fish, but he placed it on his plate this time.

“Eat more.”

Naomi opened her mouth. She saw him picking up the slice of fish. Then, looking at the dishes on the table, she picked up her cutlery.

Scott gave her food from time to time, just like that night in Fansville.

Naomi was confused. He only had to do that because Chandler was there that night in Fansville. Chandler was nowhere at the moment; they were alone. Why was he doing this?

He had never done this before, which fueled her confusion even more.

Naomi ate in silence, engrossed in her thoughts, but even when she finished eating, she still could not come up with a logical reason.

“We’re going to Herland tomorrow,” Scott said as he placed his cutlery down and wiped his mouth.

Naomi’s eyebrows furrowed at this. They already agreed that it would be three days later. Why was the flight changed so abruptly? Did something happen?

Quentin did not mention the change of time before leaving after dinner that night, yet Scott suddenly mentioned the change of time. Perhaps something had happened.

Naomi thought for a while and thought it would be better to raise her question. That way, she could be prepared.

“Did something happen?”

“No.” Scott placed the napkin down and looked at her. “We’ll go there earlier.”

‘We’? Only the two of them? Why did they need to go earlier?

Naomi could not understand. The more she thought, the more confused she became. “Do I need to do something?”

Scott looked at her confused, serious gaze. He said, “I’ll take you to see a few friends.”

Naomi said nothing.

‘Friends’. She wondered who those friends were. Other than the ones that would be involved in the upcoming event, she could not think of any.

She was just an ordinary wood carver, no one particularly important. She should not have to meet them at all.

However, since Scott had mentioned it to her, that meant he had a plan. It was not important

Chapter 106

if she knew them or not.

Naomi thought for a while and nodded. “What time will we leave?”

“Once you’ve packed.”

He meant that she could get to decide the time.

Naomi thought about her meeting Charles the next day, plus all the arrangements she had made for the past few days. “Could we leave at night? I have lots to do tomorrow.”


Scott could see her conflict and concerns on her face as if she was missing someone else. “Mh.”

After settling on it, they no longer had anything else to talk about. They left.

Naomi should have been the one paying the bill. After all, he came all the way there, so she should buy him a meal. She never expected that he would take out his wallet and pay the bill.

The cashier would not take her money either.

Naomi looked at Scott’s darkened gaze and kept her money.

They left the restaurant, and the chauffeur opened the car door. Naomi looked at the time. It was almost ten-something at night. If he sent her home and then returned to the hotel, it would be late.

However, it was hard to hail a taxi at that hour, so Naomi still went in the car together with him.

Soon, the car started and drove off.

Naomi was thinking about different things previously, which was why she did not feel sleepy. The moment she got in the car and as silence settled around her, sleepiness soon came.


She subconsciously let out a and looked out of the window. Then, she laid back and shut her eyes.

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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