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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 110

Simple and effective. This had always been his style.

Still, Nacmi recalled that she specifically requested for them to fly at night. How was five in the evening considered night? They were almost in May; the days got longer and longer. Even around five, the sky was still bright.

Naomi wanted to have dinner with her parents before heading to the airport so that she could rest when she reached Herland.

The way things stood at that moment, she had to be at the airport around 3 o’clock.

She made a mental calculation of the time. She replied with a simple ‘okay’ before calling


She told Donna that she had made dinner for them and that it was kept warm. They could eat whenever they wanted to at home.

After the call, she headed downstairs and drove to the city.

She had enough time to head to the city and return before heading to the airport.

Charles had already sent her the address, but even if he did not send her the address, Naomi knew where it was.

Horizon City College might not be as famous as Willowstown University, but it was still one of the top ten colleges in the country.

She was from Horizon City. Naturally, she knew where it was located.

She drove steadily and reached Horizon City College an hour later. She parked the car and texted Charles, telling him that she had


Then, she got out of the car and took the bag along with her to wait by the entrance of the college.

It was noon when all the students finished their classes. Students came out walking in pairs or groups. It was a lively scene to behold.

Naomi stood by the side and waited for Charles.

Her phone vibrated. It was a message.

She picked up her phone to see what it read.

[Charles: Give me a moment.]

Charles was finished with class. He only sent that message because something was keeping him.

Naomi texted him to ‘take his time’ as she continued waiting.

No longer after, a person had their gaze on Naomi. “N-Naomi?” came a voice, sounding unsure. “Naomi Goodwin?”

The startled Naomi turned to look at who it was.


A slightly tanned, tall man with huge eyes was looking at her.

She turned to see him, and he instantly smiled. He said, “It really is you!”

He smiled and quickly walked over to Naomi.

Naomi looked at him closely. She found him familiar, but she could not pinpoint exactly where she had met him before.

She was not good with faces.

When Caleb Gibson noticed that Naomi did not recognize him, he shook his head in

disappointment. “We’ve been classmates for three years, yet you don’t even remember me? How sad.”


Naomi remembered a scene from a long time ago. It was a hot summer’s day, and their exams were finished. That boy with his rolled-up sleeves in uniform was holding a book and standing on the podium, giving a passionate speech, encouraging everyone.

He looked spirited as the sun shone on his face.

Naomi remembered. “The classroom monitor.”

“Yes! That’s more like it! You’re still young, you know. Your memory is terrible.” Caleb had an effervescent character. He was passionate and helpful to everyone. He was tall, fit, and had good grades-the epitome of the perfect kid. In the three years that he was the classroom monitor, everyone liked him a lot.

Naomi was introverted and quiet. She barely hung out with any boy. She only interacted with girls, so she was not familiar with the boys in her class, even the classroom monitor.

Seeing Naomi smile, Caleb remembered the news he heard about how Naomi had a divorce. Looking at her at that moment, she did not look like a sad divorcee. On the contrary, she still looked like the quiet student she once was.

Nonetheless, the quiet young girl has blossomed into a beautiful quiet young lady.

“I’ve never seen you after the exams. Never thought to bump into you here. What a coincidence.”


Naomi never thought she would bump into Caleb there. If memory served her well enough, everyone went their separate ways after the exams, and they no longer kept in touch.

Caleb noticed the bag she was carrying and the thermos in it. “You’re waiting for a friend here?

“Yes, I am.”

Caleb did not know if the friend was a guy or a lady, and he did not press on the matter. “I don’t even have your contact. Now that I’ve bumped into you, I must get your number. Here, give me your number. I was just thinking about having a class reunion. I’m trying to contact everyone.”

A class reunion?

Chapter 170


Naomi never liked any of those events. She would not attend if she did not need to. She was the extremely introverted type.

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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