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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 111

Chapter 111

If Naomi did not have a chatterbox of a friend like Amelia, many people would have known updates about her.

Since Caleb has asked her for her phone number, she just gave it to him.

Caleb saved it while saying, “Can I contact you through Facebook?”


“Alright, I’ve sent you a message. I’ll add you to our class reunion group too. By the way, Amelia is in the group too. She’s been really busy. She used to be a chatterbox, but she’s quiet as a mouse now.”

Naomi smiled and searched for her phone. “She’s been busy for the past few years.”

“She’s a bigshot lawyer. I can understand. Alright, I think the message should be sent. Have a look.”

Naomi tapped into her Facebook account and looked at her friend request list. She then realized that she had not one friend request but two.

Confused, she tapped her list and was even more confused by what she saw.

One friend request was from Caleb, while the other was from Scott.

In the past three years, Scott and her were only contacted via phone, messages, or in person. They had no other form of communication. It was understandable that she would be surprised by this change.

She did not know when he sent her a friend request. If Caleb had not sent her one, she would not have noticed Scott’s request at all.

“What is it? Did you not receive it?” Caleb asked.

Naomi came to her senses. “I did.” She approved his request.

She then looked at Scott’s profile picture. It was quite odd. If he had not written his name, he would not know who it was.

Naomi approved his request, too.

Soon, she received a lot of messages. It was from a chat group called ‘Classmates All Over the World‘.

“I’ve added you to the group. Eric Whitacre and the others are all very excited right now,” Caleb said with a smile to Naomi when he saw a dozen messages in less than a few seconds.

Naomi tapped into it to have a look.

[Naomi? Naomi Goodwin? The belle of our class?]

[Are you for real? She’s been so low profile. How did you find her? @Caleb Gibson]

[He must’ve contacted her from Amelia. These two are besties. With Amelia around, it would be a piece of cake to contact Naomi.]

[@Amelia Reed! Lookie here!]

Chapter 111


[Guys! I didn’t go through Amelia this time. Fate brought us together.]



Naomi looked at the series of question marks bombarding the chat. It was as if they would not stop if Caleb did not start explaining himself.

Naomi grinned.

“Look at how wild they are! It’s as if they’ve been too far away from society for a long time.”

Naomi smiled. “It’s quite funny.”

Fun and lively.

She typed a message to greet everyone.

However, the moment her message appeared, the entire chat group exploded with messages. Everyone came out to chat. In a short while, there were more than a hundred messages.

Caleb shook his head. “They always said they were busy. What liars.‘

Naomi chuckled and said, “It’s lunchtime right now.”

At that moment, a voice rang out.

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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