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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 121

Chapter 121
Scott passed that man his own luggage while he held Naomi’s.

When he heard what that man said, he said calmly, “Dylan Quinn. Master Chandler’s grandson.”

He was saying it to Naomi, but his gaze was on Dylan, authoritative like an elder brother gazing at his younger brother.

Naomi was looking at Dylan, not knowing who he was. She supposed Scott and the man were good friends, seeing as they looked to be on good terms.

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Upon hearing what Scott said, Naomi smiled politely. “Hello.”

Dylan was a little stunned to hear Scott introducing him. Why did he need to introduce him? They all knew each other, did they not?

Dylan was at their wedding. He knew who Naomi was. Scott did not need to introduce him at all.

Scott even brought his grandfather in, much to his surprise.

Dylan looked at Naomi. She was smiling gently, just like three years ago. Upon a closer look, her gaze at him looked extremely foreign.

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Dylan was a little lost. What was going on with them? Had they all lost their memories?

He had a thousand questions in his mind, yet he reacted quickly and greeted Naomi cheerfully, “Naomi! My good sister-in-law!”

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Naomi was baffled by this.


She immediately looked at Scott. Calling her by that title was quite inappropriate. They were already divorced, after all.

Scott did not look at her. He seemed to have no qualms with what Dylan said. He merely said, “Let’s go.”

He left.

Naomi’s lips moved. She looked at him walking ahead before smiling at Dylan. That was considered a reply.

Chandler did not know about their divorce, so Dylan would not have known about it either. What Dylan said was not considered inappropriate.

They left together.

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A car was already waiting by the entrance. A tall, burly man stood by the door. He was not as handsome as Scott or Andy, but he gave one a good sense of security. He looked trustworthy.

He was on the phone. When he saw Scott, he nodded at Scott before continuing his phone call.

Dylan said, “Andy is always busy. He had been on the phone ever since we arrived. He really is the busiest among all of us. Ever busier than you, who travels around the world.”

While talking, Dylan opened the trunk and placed the luggage in. Naomi followed Scott quietly.

“Get in the car.”

After placing the luggage, Dylan got in the driver’s seat. Scott opened the car for Naomi. Naomi was a little surprised before getting into the car.

She got into the inner seat, leaving the space next to her empty.

Scott had a look before sitting next to her.

Andy, who was outside, also got in the passenger seat in front. He hung up his call and buckled his seatbelt. He turned to look at Naomi. “Hey, Naomi.”

Naomi paused for a while before nodding with a smile. “Hello.”

Her voice sounded distant, and so was her expression. She clearly did not know Andy.

Andy was not surprised that Naomi did not know him. He was busy on Scott’s wedding day and could not attend, which was why Naomi had never seen him before.

However, Dylan had sent him photos of Scott and Naomi on their wedding day, which was why Andy remembered Naomi.

After exchanging greetings, Andy turned to Scott and asked, “Scott, how long will you be here this time?”

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