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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 122

Chapter 122
Scott, sitting next to Naomi, was basically joyless. He did not introduce Andy to Naomi either. He merely replied, “For a while.”

Dylan suddenly laughed. “You’ll be here for a while? What kind of joke is this?”

Andy suspected nothing of what Scott said. He replied, “In that case, we’ll have a good get- together.”

The three of them who had not met in a long while got chatting.

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Naomi took her phone and sent Donna a message, telling her that she had arrived at Herland.

After sending the message, she looked out of the window.

Herland was a city by the sea. Since the port trading was well-developed, many factories and businesses gathered here.

Passing by the tall buildings and neon lights, Naomi could see that the city was as bustling and developed as Willowstown.

She had never been to Herland before. This was her first time.

The car drove for an hour before stopping outside a historical building.

Dylan parked the car and led them in.

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Naomi looked around her. It was as if time had stopped in this building.

“Let’s go! We haven’t gotten together for a long time! We must drink till we drop tonight!” Dylan cheered and led them into a private room.

Naomi thought back to what Scott said to her. He said he was going to take her to meet his friends. Did he mean these two, then?

Just as she was engrossed in her thoughts, the person in the private room came into view.

He looked extremely pretty for a man.

Naomi did a double take. His facial features were not that sharp or angular. Every feature of his was more or less ordinary, yet they came together in perfect harmony when put together. His face was perfect.

However, he had a gaze so cold that no one would dare to approach him.

“Yo, Jonas, pour us some wine!”

Jonas Jensen was sitting there, letting the wine aerate. He seemed to be waiting for people.

When he heard what Dylan said, he poured the wine into glasses. Five glasses in total.

Naomi looked at the wine and furrowed her brow slightly. She rarely drank wine. To put it more accurately, she barely drank.

She noted that the wine in the glass was not a lot, but she was a little troubled.

Scott said, “She doesn’t drink.”

“Is that so? I remembered you two feeding each other wine on your wedding day,” said Dylan. “Have you forgotten?”

Feeding each other wine?

Naomi thought back to the wedding day and remembered something. A few of them were coercing them to feed each other wine on her wedding day.

The one who made the most noise was Dylan.

Naomi finally realized that Dylan had attended their wedding. Did that mean that the others had attended too?

She thought back closely to her wedding day and only realized that Dylan was the only one who was there. She had no recollection of Andy and Jonas at all.

Perhaps there were too many people there that day, so she did not notice them.

Andy called the waiter over and asked Scott, “What will Naomi be drinking?”

Scott said, “Juice.”

“What juice?”


Naomi was still thinking back about the people she met on her wedding day. When she heard Scott mention orange juice, she subconsciously blurted, “I’m allergic to orange juice.”

The atmosphere was in total silence.

Even Dylan—who had been teasing Scott—and the aloof Jonas looked at her.

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