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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 123

Chapter 123
They had been married for three years, yet Scott did not know that his wife was allergic to orange juice?

All three of them looked at Scott and Naomi in bewilderment.

Naomi noticed the sudden silence and how everyone was looking at her. She immediately realized that she had misspoken.

She blushed and opened her mouth. She wanted to say something to make up for what she said when Scott said, “What else are you allergic to?”

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He looked at Naomi sharply.

Naomi had no idea why she felt this way, but she felt a little nervous. “Mango.”

“Anything else?”

Naomi shook her head.

Scott continued asking, “What do you not eat?”

“Animal intestines, stomach—and other internal organs.”

“Such as?”

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“Heart and liver.”

“Anything else?”

“I don’t eat raw food.”

Scott understood. He looked at Dylan.

Dylan blinked a few times before saying, “I’ll get it done!”

Then, he left, pulling Jonas along.

“Let’s go! You know how to order. We’ll reorder the food.”

Jonas greeted Naomi when he walked past her. They quickly left the room, leaving Naomi, Scott, and Andy alone in the room.

The room was in pin-drop silence.

Andy looked at both Scott and Naomi and said, “Let’s all sit. They might take a while.”

“Mh.” Scott placed his jacket by the side of the chair. He pulled a chair for Naomi to sit on.

The nervous Naomi sat down with a lowered head. She did not dare to look at Scott.

She was afraid that she had screwed things up.

Scott sat next to her. He behaved as though what happened was insignificant.

Andy could sense Naomi’s uneasiness. He looked at Scott and started chatting with him to soothe the situation.

Dylan and Jonas headed out and reordered all the dishes. Then, Dylan pulled Jonas to a secluded corner to talk. “What’s going on? Are they really husband and wife? Why do they seem like they were meeting for the first time? They looked like strangers.”

Jonas opened his mouth. He did not know whether to say what he wanted to.

Dylan did not notice Jonas’ reaction and continued, “Scott is nuts, too. He even introduced me to Naomi today. He even brought my grandfather up. What does he mean by that? Also, he only introduced me to Naomi. He didn’t introduce you or Andy. What is wrong with him? Why do I feel scared?”

Dylan recalled the way Scott looked when he was talking to Naomi. He looked like he was about to murder Naomi.

Jonas stopped hesitating. He put his hands in his pocket. “Ask him yourself.”

“What? Me? Ask him?! Will he even talk about it? You read people the best, so…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jonas left.

Dylan pulled him back. “Hold up! I’m not done!”

Jonas knew what a character Dylan was like, so he said, “Ask him yourself tonight. Alone. He will tell you.”

“What? Do…you know something?”

This time, Jonas ignored Dylan and headed back upstairs.

Dylan stood still, baffled by what was happening. Did Scott and Naomi fight? Were they cheating on each other?

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