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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 127

Chapter 127
Scott picked up his glass and clinked against Dylan’s.

Dylan chuckled in delight.

Everyone continued drinking and chatting, but Naomi started pondering.

What happened to Scott? She looked at him and realized that he had been awfully quiet that night, especially after she returned from the phone call. He was much quieter than before.

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He was mostly just listening to others talk. He would stare at his glass in deep thought. No one knew what he was thinking about.

When it was almost ten, they left the restaurant. Dylan took Scott and Naomi back to the hotel.

In the car, he kept rambling on and on about how Herland was his territory and how he had planned a lot of fun for them.

Naomi felt that Dylan was a little tipsy because he was strangely excited and irrational.

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“Naomi, don’t think that just because our Scott doesn’t speak much or knows how to flirt, he isn’t a romantic guy. In fact, he’s really devoted to you. All these years, he only had you. He had never once had an affair or was seen with other ladies! I’m being serious! Trust me!”

“Only Scott is rich and handsome, yet loyal. You could look high and low and you won’t find another guy like him!”

Andy and Jonas had taken another car back. Dylan was in the same car with Scott and Naomi.

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Dylan was in the front passenger seat. He turned around and listed all the good things about Scott for Naomi. He seemed to be aggressively promoting Scott to her.

Naomi did not know why Dylan suddenly brought this up. She looked at Scott, leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed. She did not know if he was drunk or he just wanted to rest.

She did not know if he heard Dylan or not.

It looked like she could not ask him for any opinion. She looked at the rather tipsy Dylan and nodded. “I know. He’s great.”

The car fell into silence.

Scott opened his eyes and looked at Naomi.

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She was sitting next to him with the middle seat in between them. She sat up straight and looked right into Dylan’s eyes.

He could see her gaze through the dim light. It was pure and innocent.

She was saying that he was great from her heart.

Dylan was stunned.

Hearing how serious she sounded and how serious she looked, he almost blurted out, “Since he’s great, why did you divorce him?”

Luckily, he was still sober enough to hold his tongue. He subconsciously looked at Scott.

Scott was looking at Naomi, having only eyes for her. She was the only one in his world.

Dylan secretly snickered. He never thought that the day would arrive.

Even if he had heard what Scott said that day, he still found it hard to believe.

Scott had always been focused on his career. He cared about his career a lot. There was nothing more important than that.

No one would have thought he would care about a woman one day.

However, he was human, after all. It was only normal to have desires.

Dylan’s mind was spinning. He chuckled and looked at Naomi. “Naomi, do you like Scott then?”

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