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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 128

Chapter 128
No one was perfect. But to be almost perfect was pretty amazing.

In Naomi’s heart, Scott respected her and his family. He was capable and responsible. He had no bad habits. He does not binge drink, gamble, or cheat. His focus was on his work. He had never had any affairs. He would never do anything out of line, even if he loved anyone else.

Just like how she answered Dylan. ‘He was great.’

That was the truth and what she felt.

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She just did not expect Dylan to follow up with such a straightforward question. She was caught off guard.

Dylan noticed Naomi in a daze. He continued, “Look, Scott is amazing. He has so many great qualities. He could outmatch any guy in the world. All the women are infatuated with him. However, he always keeps things to himself. He never tells us anything. Naomi, you can secretly tell me what you like about Scott.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell him. Also, he’s currently asleep. You can whisper it to me. He won’t hear us.”

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Dylan leaned in closer. He rubbed his palms together, and his eyes gleamed excitedly like a child about to go out and play.

Naomi was speechless.

Dylan was truly intoxicated. He stepped out of line. She said, “How long will it be until we reach the hotel?”

Dylan was a little taken aback. Naomi continued, “I wonder when Master Chandler will arrive in Herland?”

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Dylan finally came to his senses. He replied, “We’re almost there. Grandpa arrived this morning. I was the one who picked him up. The moment he got in the car he told me about how you and Scott are arriving in Herland. He ordered me to bring you around.”

Naomi replied, “It’s fine. I’m here for work. Scott would be busy too. I’m sure you have a lot to do as well. You don’t have to bother with us.”

“That won’t do. Herland is my territory. As long as you’re in my territory, you’ll have to follow my plans.”

“This will be too troublesome for you. Why not let Scott and I finish our work? We can revisit the idea once we’re free.”

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“Uh…” Dylan furrowed his brow. Why did he feel odd about this?

Suddenly, he came to a realization!

Damn! Naomi had distracted him with other questions!

He sat up straight and was about to lead the topic back. However, before he could say anything, Naomi looked at the hotel in front and asked, “Are we here?”

Dylan turned and saw the revolving doors and the fountain of the hotel. They had arrived.

The chauffeur stopped the car right in front of the entrance.

Naomi sighed in relief and looked at Scott next to her. She was stunned.

He was looking at her with his darkened, intimidating gaze. Naomi’s heart skipped a beat. She subconsciously looked away.

She did not know when he woke up or how long he had been looking at her.

She remembered what she said a moment ago and pondered if she had said anything out of line. She was gradually relieved.

What she said should not be a problem. He must have overheard her conversation with Dylan, yet he did not stop her. That meant he approved of it. She did not need to worry.

“We’ve arrived so quickly.” Dylan was disappointed. He had not gotten his answer. It was such a wasted good opportunity.

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