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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 148

Chapter 148
Dylan looked truly sincere and aggrieved, also a little self-blaming. It made Naomi seem like she was the bad guy.

She looked at Dylan’s disappointed face and said, “Thank you. I really appreciate it, but…”

“Even if you don’t drink alcohol, you could order some other drinks, right? The drinks are great here! Women love them. Otherwise, how about juices? I’m sure you’ll like fruit juices, right? Don’t tell me you don’t drink fruit juice. I saw you drink them the other day.”

Before Naomi could reply, Dylan quickly added, “Naomi, we’re already here. We can’t just go back without a drink, right? It’s such a pity. We shouldn’t just leave just like that. The view is amazing. I’m sure you love it. Look up at the skies. It’s really gorgeous.”

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Dylan pointed at the sky while speaking, struggling to make Naomi stay.

Naomi was interrupted by Dylan. She could see what he was trying to do. He hoped that she could stay, even for a while.

She remained silent.

She looked at Dylan’s sincere yet anxious face. It was as if he would agree to anything she requested so long as she would willingly stay.

She thought about how much effort he had put in for the past two days being her guide. If she were to reject him, it would be too hurtful.

She thought for a while before saying, “Alright. One glass of fruit juice, then.”

Dylan perked up at this. “Amazing! How did Scott ever find someone as amazing as you? He clearly got lucky—too lucky!

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“Don’t worry, Naomi. I won’t get them to bring you alcohol. Drink as much juice as you want. Listen to the music, and enjoy the view. Just relax!”

Then, Dylan reached his hand out. “Let’s go. We’re almost there. I’ll take you there.”

Naomi listened to Dylan laying his flatter on thickly, especially about Scott. She wanted to say something but realized that nothing she said would be appropriate.

She nodded and followed him into a private room.

Each private room was like a tiny hut. There was a bar with stools, a couch and coffee table, its own private washroom, and even a tiny stage. Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

At that moment, violin music rang out in the entire room. Scented candles were lit. There was a small bouquet of white roses on the coffee table, as well as a bottle of white wine and a few wine glasses.

This might be a bar, but it was different from the types that Naomi saw on television.

Just like what Dylan said, she could drink some juice and listen to music while enjoying the scenery. She could relax.

How thoughtful of him.

Dylan got Naomi to take a seat before getting the waiter to serve her freshly squeezed juice. He even asked Naomi if she wanted to eat something and what she did not eat. He asked in detail.

Naomi replied to him. Then, Dylan instructed the waiter.

The waiter left not long after, and Dylan started introducing everything inside the private room to Naomi.

He had just taken a seat when his phone rang.

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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Novel

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