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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 149

Chapter 149
Dylan’s eyes brightened. He quickly took his phone out to see who it was.

He did not expect it to be Jonas; he was expecting Scott to call. His eyebrows furrowed in disappointment. “Naomi, I’ll go answer this call.”

Naomi placed her bag down and looked at the view outside. It was just like how Dylan put it. The scenery was gorgeous. With music playing in the background, it truly made one relax.

When she heard Dylan talking to her, she turned to say, “Okay.”

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Dylan smiled and headed out.

Naomi was looking around her surroundings before looking out at the scenery. She planned to stay there for about half an hour before excusing herself. That way, she would not go against her boundaries or make Dylan feel uncomfortable.

At that thought, she took her phone out to have a look at the time. It was already half past nine. Time passed by quickly.

She placed her phone back into her bag and looked out at the other private rooms, watching other people drinking and chatting. She gradually saw something that was rather inappropriate.

She immediately looked away at another spot when she noticed someone.

In the room diagonal to hers was a group of young people inside. They looked like they were in their early twenties. The ladies wore makeup and were dressed up prettily. The men were also dressed to the nines. Although they were not in suits, they were wearing luxury brands.

She spotted a familiar face among them.

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Compared to the other ladies, she seemed rather casual. She was as she was usually. No one said anything. She might be seated among them, but somehow, she stood out.

Sasha Richards.

She was in Herland. Naomi never expected to see her there. What a coincidence.

Sasha did not seem like she was in a good mood. She kept drinking her wine without any care about the other people around her.

Naomi looked away at the night sky.

She had been in Herland for a few days, but she did not feel out of place. She had always been pretty adaptable.

As she counted the days, she realized that Quentin and the others would arrive in Herland the next day. Once they arrive, she could meet up with them. She would no longer need to spend time with Dylan alone.

Scott would also no longer need to spend time alone with her. Everything would be right on track.

Naomi was relieved. She planned to call Quentin the next day to ask them what time they would be arriving and if they needed her to pick them up or something.

She should have called that day itself, but she only remembered it at that moment. It was already quite late. Quentin was quite old, and they needed rest. She should not disturb them.

Naomi was so engrossed in her thoughts that she did not notice other people in their private rooms looking at her from time to time. Most of them were men.

They noticed Naomi sitting alone in her room, not drinking wine at all. She was just looking out of the window as if she was thinking about something. Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

The light shone on her face, casting a warm glow around her. Everyone wanted to approach her.

“You guys carry on. I’ll head out for a while.”

In the room where Sasha was, a young man stood up with his wine glass. He headed straight for Naomi’s room.

Everyone there was from a wealthy and influential background. This was not the first time they had gathered together.

From the moment the young man spoke, they all knew what he was trying to do.

“He really has a thing for older women.”

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