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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 96

Chapter 96

Naomi looked up at Scott solemnly.

Since everything had been laid on the table, she no longer had questions. It was whether he had anything else to discuss.

Silence hung in the air when Naomi finished her sentence. Oddly enough, it was deafening.

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Naomi blinked. She sensed it almost immediately, but such a feeling only flashed by. She did not think too much about it as this was not something important or something she should care about.

She looked at Scott unwaveringly, sincerely.

As the night settled down, the entire world seemed to have quieted down.

Scott said nothing. He looked at Naomi intently, unable to read her emotions.

Naomi did not know what he was thinking about. She did not urge him on nor continue talking. She also did not try to pry into his mind; she waited patiently.

Perhaps it was too quiet or the fact that it was already quite late at night, sleepiness washed over her. Naomi subconsciously yawned but managed to hide it behind her hand.

Scott’s eyelids fluttered. His expression changed a little. He said, “Rest well.”

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Naomi was a little taken aback. She looked up at him. Was he not going to say anything else?

Scott could tell Naomi was rather tired with just one look into her eyes.

She was truly exhausted. It was way past her usual bedtime–by a lot.

Scott turned and left.

Naomi reacted rather slowly as she stood still. Perhaps she was really tired, or perhaps she was caught off–guard by what he said. She did not expect it.

Seeing him about to leave, Naomi instinctively said, “Let me send you off.”

Scott stopped in his tracks before responding with a low hum. He then headed down the stairs.

Naomi quickly chased after him under the dim warm lights.

It was so quiet that only their footsteps could be heard cutting through the silence in the night.

At this point, Naomi was not thinking; she was possessed by her drowsiness. There was nothing she could think about anymore.

She followed him down the stairs to his car. He took his car keys and unlocked the car.

She merely stood silently, looking at Scott and waiting for him to leave.

Just as Scott opened the car door, he paused for a while.

Naomi looked at him curiously. Was there something he wanted to say?

Scott’s gaze darkened a little, and he lowered his gaze. It made one’s heart flutter looking at him.

He then looked at her. “Call me if you need anything.”

It was late at night, almost close to midnight. Almost everyone in the neighborhood was asleep, but a closer inspection would reveal some units still illuminated by their light. The night was so quiet that even the gentle breeze could be heard.

The moon hung high up in the sky, illuminating the earth. He stood in front of his car and looked at her deeply.

Naomi was taken aback.

Why would she need to call him for anything at all?

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