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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 67

Chapter 67

“Kanda…I can’t! You are my friend!”

“Friend… Then take up arms,

friend. We don’t have a



She swings her axe in the air

above her head before she

slices at me. I dodge it, it is not hard to dodge her

movements. Her body might be fast but that weapon is a heavy weapon. It slows her down just a bit.

As I dodge back the swing, I do not see one of her hands

letting the axe go. She grabs me by the throat and hits me with the axe’s hilt right on

the mouth.

She fights like a warrior.

She then throws me back,

picks up her axe with both hands and swings down at

me. I roll on the ground and manage to barely dodge the blade. The edge of the axe gets stuck in the mud. I take the moment to swing my dagger, cutting her in the
arm. This makes her let the

axe go but she doesn’t move back, instead she sprints

forward and tackles me with

her shoulder. I fall to the

ground and lose my blades

but the moment she is on me, I get to my knees and use both my fists, punching

her in the stomach.

“Uh!” She takes a step back with a gasp.

I wrap my fingers around the blade that is next to me, then

I swing it. My blade plunges into her thigh. She screams

and falls to her knees.

Wasting no time, I got to my

feet. I swing around her, and put my arms around her

neck, ready to snap it. But I

hesitate. I don’t want to kill


In a split second, she grabs

my shoulders and flings me to the ground in front of her.

She puts a hand on my chest, pushing me down. As she does this, my hands feel the ground looking for one of my daggers.

Suddenly, her other hand is

on my face, then, she wraps her fingers around my mask

and rips it off of my face.

I scream in pure agonizing


I know the crowd cheers but

all I can hear is a ringing in my ears. I feel disoriented. I am lifted and thrown a few

feet away.

I can feel warm liquid drip down the side of my face. I get to my knees and finally, I

am able to focus but I am

still in shock.

Kanda grabs her axe and faces me standing a few feet away from me.

“Kanda…” I whisper.

She stares at me–I can see the remorse in her eyes—she looks up behind me at where

Zao watches. I am sure he

has a huge smile on his face.

She looks back at me. “My

friend…” She says.

Kanda takes a deep breath and then to my surprise, she

lets the axe fall from her

hand. She kneels down,

grabs my daggers, and throws them at me. They

land in front of me.

“Pick them up!” She shouts.

I shake my head, telling her

“Pick them up, or I kill you

as you are! Fight! Give yourself a chance.”

So those are my choices, fight or just roll over and die…never. If I go down, I go down fighting.

I do as she says and pick up the daggers.

“Kill them all.” She mutters

and then starts running in

my direction without her


I try to move back away from her but I can’t seem to

react. I am so confused by

her words. When she is on

me, she grabs me by the leather straps, one hand on my chest and the other on my back, then she twirls around as I dangle in her hands. Suddenly, I am flying in the air and when my eyes focus, I am heading straight

to Zao. I fall on him and tackle him to the ground. Without even giving it a second thought, I stab him

and immediately I stab him

again, then a third time. By the second stab, he was

already dead. I dug my

dagger right into his heart.

People start screaming and running. I get up and though I stumble, I stand straight and turn my head.

Ezra’s eyes widen and almost

burst out of his head when

he sees me.

Feeling like a demon is

taking possession of me, rage

boils inside of me when I see

his face.

I open my mouth to say my next words and as I do, in a

quick movement, he closes his eyes and puts his arms

around Sienna–who is next

to him–covering her.

“DIE!” I shout. Three to four

guards that were behind Ezra fall to the ground, lifeless.

I am surprised. If I am correct, this power did not

work like this for Warrick.

And how is it that it is

working so easily now?

I hear footsteps behind me and quickly turn. About five guards run in my direction. I put a hand up. “Stop!” They all immediately stop. “Free the prisoners!”

They don’t even blink when

they turn and walk in the direction of the barracks and


At that moment, I hear

something break, a crack, but it is very subtle. I feel little pieces of something fall down my chest. I pick up the

amulet from my neck and notice that two of the opals have broken and it is starting

to feel cool to the touch.

This is it! This is what is

helping me use my powers, this is why they are so

strong…but I think I only

have one more use. One

more Opal left.

Bringing my attention back,

I look for Ezra but the f**ker

has run.


I look for him in the

stampede of people running


“NO!” I shout.

I had him! I f**king had


I stumble, feeling a dizzy spell come over me.

“No! Not this time!”

I hold myself against the wooden veranda, close my eyes, and shake my head.

“Wake up!”

When I am able to get up again, I spot Sheril and the rest of the prisoners fighting the guards but there are just too many of them. I rush towards them and join them.

“You crazy bitch! You

actually freed us!” She shouts

with a laugh as she takes a guard down.

“We can’t hold them off!

They are too many!” I say.

“We need to find a way out!”

Maribel says.

Kanda finally joins us.

“That was amazing!” I hug


“A spur–of–the–moment

thing.” She says. “But now


“Chen will never let us leave.”

“Chen?” I ask, confused.

“Zhao’s son. Now that Zao is

dead, he’ll be taking over.”

I remember him now. Man, the bad guys just keep


As we talk, a huge fire starts right next to us. Maribel

threw a torch at the bloodied

wooden floors of the arena.

“A distraction.” She says with

a smile.

“That…works.” Sheril says.

“This way!” Kanda starts rushing through the fight

and we follow her.

We end up in the market but there are guards everywhere.

From here we can see the huge gates that lead outside. Guards are everywhere and it will be impossible for us to

go through there until all the

prisoners have gotten out and started fighting.

“In here!” Sheril shouts while

she rushes inside the dinner


When we get inside, we close

the doors behind us and

move the huge table to form

a barricade.

As we enter the room, a huge mirror on the wall greets us. It was always there but always too far to be able to really get a good look at myself, but I do now. I look

horrible. I am very pale and

there is blood all over the

side of my face and down my neck and shoulders. It is dark now meaning it’s dry

and my wounds are healing enough that I am not

bleeding anymore but I look terrifying. Now with the adrenalin coming down, my head starts to hurt. A spliting

headache but I can’t let it

take over me.

“Now what?!” Maribel asks.

“I don’t think there is a way out of here.” Kanda says.

“Yes, there is.” Lia comes out from hiding. “There is a back


“You are safe!”

We start to hear fighting

outside. They’ve started.

She nods. “I was taken to

Zao’s room for his nightly

entertainment after the

game was over.”

“I…I am sorry.” Sheril says.

“It is okay. Helped me get

acquainted with this place

and there is a back door this


“Even so, how are we going

to make it out? It won’t be

long till the guards

overpower the prisoners.”

Maribel says.

“There is a tunnel in the

brothel,” Lia says. “It leads to

a bunker. There are other

tunnels to get there but I

only know of that one.”

“And how are we going to get

to the brothel… didn’t even

know there was one.” Sheril


I follow Lia who leads us to a

curtain on a wall. “Hiding,

and if not, then we fight.” I


Lia pulls the curtain to the

side and reveals a wooden

door. We rush out and head

to the side of the building, an


“There. That’s the brothel.”

Lia points to a building

across from us and in the

middle of it all, prisoners

and guards fight in their wolf form, and many still in

human form.

I start to overlay a plan. “Okay so-”

“No more waiting! Let’s do it!” Before I can say a thing,

Kanda throws herself out

into the market streets where

many guards fight,

overpowering the prisoners.

“Damn it!”

We all rush in and start

fighting. Lia hides behind us, I’m guessing she can’t fight.

I don’t have my daggers with

me now so I take a sword from a dead guard on the floor and start swinging. It is a short light sword so it is not that hard to wield. I actually find it surprising that it is so easy to move. I take a guard down, then another. We are halfway to the brothel when

more men pour through the

front gates.

That’s when I see Ezra, it is

his men. No surprise that

next to him is the witch

Sienna but there is also

another man, It is Chen. I

remember him.

I zone in on Ezra.

“You guys go…I can’t let this opportunity go to waste.”

I feel my wolf’s will come on

to me. She detests these

people and wants to end


“Are you crazy? There are

too many.”

I don’t answer her. I start

taking men down. I would normally say that this is luck but no, I am using the skills

that I learned with Victor.

Skills that have slowly started becoming much easier since

I have been here.

As I am engaged with an enemy, another quickly rushes me through the side

but he is blocked by Kanda.

A look back shows me that

Sheril and Maribel have also

stayed with me.

“This is not your fight.”

“We have made it our fight.”

Kanda says.

“Fine. Just don’t die.” I tell


I would never forgive myself if they got hurt because of

One by one, we take down many of the guards but they are too many and start to

overpower us.

One look at Ezra is all I need

to give me the strength to

keep on going.

Amidst the loud sounds of

war, I give an echoing growl

that gets the attention of

everyone who stands in front

of me.

“DIE!” I shout.

Within seconds, bodies start falling down. It scares even me the level of power this pendant gives me. For so many people to fall lifeless just by one word.

Unfortunately, Ezra and many others were too far back. But this display creates

fear in most of the men who

witness it. They back away as I take a step forward. I look down at the


fifteen men whose bodies lie


That was it. That was all I

had. I can feel the broken

shards of the opals on the necklace crumble down my

chest. The necklace is now

cold to the touch. But the enemy doesn’t know this.

I point at Ezra who is still a good distance away. “I will have your head!”

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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