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Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets Chapter 14

Chapter 14



The silence was unsettling as Fenrir and I both stared at Gabe.

Fenrir tilted his neck.

“Forgive my ignorance as I’m not trained in the art but what is the moon shadow epidemic?” Fenrir asked, his voice tinted with curiosity.

My head seemed to be spinning, Gabe rushed over to us and I felt his arms around my shoulder to steady me.

“I’m fine,” I said weakly

Gabe said nothing and led me in while Fenrir followed behind closely,

I was running a fever and I felt numb.

“Are you alright?” Gabe asked, his warm eyes looking at me with sincere worry. Fenrir stood, his arms crossed over his chest while he stared down at my slumped figure on the chair.

Gabe got a warm neat towel and pressed it to my head. With trembling hands, I took the towel from him and pressed it to my head myself

“Wait here, I’ll get you some broth, you must be under stress from so much work,” Gabe said rushing off inside the kitchen. Fenrir looked at me one last time before leaving to meet Gabe inside.

Feeling dizzy, I could barely keep my eyes open. I didn’t want to cause Gabe more trouble or stress but I couldn’t help it.

There were muffled voices of Gabe and Fenrir speaking from inside and I strained my ear to listen

“What’s wrong with her?” I heard Fenrir say sincerely I had never heard his tone with so much worry in it before.

There was the sound of something being stirred.

“Just stress, just stress” Gabe murmured.

There was silence..

“But will she be…” Fenrir began to say.

I heard the sound of the spoon clattering against the cup and I could only imagine the worn–out look on Gabe’s face.

“Fenrir, I can see you’re genuinely worried but I advise you not to….”

I heard no more because Gabe went silent and came out with a cup of steaming herbs in his hand.

My face scrunched up by the repugnant smell emanating from the cup.

Fenrir walked out also, an indescribable look on his face.

“What’s that?” I managed to ask and I wasn’t eased by the smile Gabe plastered on his face it made me nervous.

Gabe took a step closer with the cup and I raised an eyebrow.

Stretching the cup to me, Gabe smiled reassuringly but I eyed the cup. Gabe blinked rapidly and took a swig of it in my presence. My eyes widened as I realized that he was probably thinking I thought It was poisoned.

“What, of course not Gabe!” I said in shock. He shrugged



Chapter 14

I took the cup from him and a wave of apprehension washed over him.

“So, what about the moon shadow epidemic you talked about?” I asked trying to delay the drinking of whatever that was.

Fenrir shuffled in his position and bit his lip.

“Once again, what’s that?” He spoke up.

I saw pain return to Gabe’s weary eyes and I felt bad for him.

“Probably one of the deadliest plagues to exist in the werewolf community, it’s just rumours but I think it may be true. No one has reported a confirmed case but I want to be ready for anything” Gabe said

Fenrir shrugged and muttered something inaudible.

I stared down at the herb in the cup and my stomach churned.

“Where did you hear this rumor?” I asked.

Gabe looked at me pointedly.

“Well, I was at Crescent Pack after treating some sick omegas then I started speaking to the medic and he asked me if I knew about any sickness that caused the following symptoms, all those symptoms point to moon shadow based on my dealings with it”

“Does he know someone with it?” I asked curiously

Gabe shrugged.

“No, he said he just heard a rumor about someone with it on the pack outskirts and he wanted to know and arm himself beforehand,” Gabe said

Fenrir was awfully silent but I could make out his eyes glowing dimly in the dark.

“What did you tell him?” I asked directing my attention back to Gabe.

“What could I say? I can’t be sure, I don’t want to alarm everyone so the pack will go under quarantine for a while just to be sure” He said absentmindedly.

My mind went back to what seemed like ages ago when Gabe and I spoke about the epidemic.

“We don’t have a cure yet, Gabe. What do we do if it comes back?” I asked.

Gabe gave a rueful smile.

“I’m working on something new,” He said.

Of course, I knew he was working on something new for it but he refused to tell me it’s progress.

I nodded just as Fenrir moved from where he stood.

“Gabe, how do you know about this epidemic? You said you’ve dealt with it before” Fenrir asked.

Gabe inhaled sharply.

“I. My pack got wiped out by the epidemic years ago” Gabe said casually but I could sense the hesitation in his voice.

Fenrir didn’t even flinch

did this man have no emotions?

“That’s cruel,” He said for the second time this evening.



Chapter 14

A gurgle from inside the room made me know that my babies were awake. I stood up to go to them but Fenrir stopped me.

“Not so fast, mother duck. You haven’t taken the herb, I know you thought we forgot but I got my eyes on you” He said before leaving to the children’s room.

I cussed inwards and sat back down while Gabe looked at me with an amused grin on his face.

“I almost forgot. Drink up Tessa” He urged.

I picked up the cup with a stupid smile on my face, my nose crinkled.

“But seriously Gabe, what’s in it?” I asked staring at him.

Gabe’s smile faltered for a moment followed by a flicker of hesitation before he regained his composure.

“Just a mixture of herbs to help you feel better” He said, his tone gentle yet evasive.

I nodded, though still uncertain. Gabe watched me silently, his expression unreadable. Despite his stoic facade, I could sense his worry lingering beneath the surface, his concern for my well–being palpable in the air.

With trembling hands, I took a sip and gagged. I knew Gabe wouldn’t tell me what was in it for his personal reasons but I trusted him.

Daphne was uncomfortable, I could feel her squirming in my consciousness.

“I know it’s not the most pleasant thing to drink”

“What are the ingredients?” I asked forcing the warm liquids down my throat without throwing up.

He stood up and scratched his neck.

“Lunaris bloom, Stellaris, Laveglow moss, Ecliptic roots, Astrum petals, Nyxium berry, Selite…” He said ticking off his fingers as he spoke.

I frowned deeply – I know that I’ve only learnt for a month compared to him but I had never heard of any of what he just said.

“That’s funny, you’ve never mentioned that to me,” I said.

He smiled and it scared me His smile was faltering and it made me nervous.

“Just something I’ve been working on,” He said shrugging.

Gabe hadn’t been working on anything new lately except the Moonshadow cure.

I shot him a cursory look and stood up to check up on Fenrir but I could feel Gabe’s eyes boring holes into my back as I walked away.

The night was eerie and gloomy, I walked into the room quietly and spotted Fenrir snoozing off on the rocking chair beside the makeshift crib. I walked quietly peered into the crib and smiled.

Sky let out a tiny squeak and I felt my heart swell with pride, I put my finger into the crib and felt his soft palm struggle to enclose it. It felt peaceful as I leaned on the crib with Kai and Ty sleeping and Sky already dozing off.

Gently getting up, I tiptoed out and went back to Gabe in the stuffy sitting room.

“How are they?” Gabe said not looking up at me

“Asleep,” I said slumping down on a chair.

All was quiet as we both didn’t say a word to each other then he cleared his throat.


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Chapter 14

“Tessa…” He began but he was interrupted by the sound of running steps towards the house.

My heart skipped a beat and I stood up in alarm, my cars twitching, struggling to listen carefully. Gabe was at full alert also and I heard footsteps behind me which was obviously Fenir.

Everywhere went silent for a while and just as I was about to relax my strained nerves, we heard a gentle rap on the door.

All three of us stared at the door in apprehension while Fenrir was already reaching for his knife.

“Hel hello? Please help me..” a strained voice sounded outside.

My skin crawled – it was a child, I couldn’t watch a child in obvious pain die on the doorstep so I moved to open the door but Fenir latched to my arm and shook his head. Iflungd his arm away and opened the door and sure enough, there was the body of an unconscious little girl on the porch.

Gabe took a look at her then at the empty still night and carried her in.

Fenrir was looking at me but I didn’t care, the girl’s life was more important at this time, she couldn’t be more than 7 years old.

Gabe laid her on the mat and her eyes fluttered open.

“Help me” She struggled to say.

Gabe touched her burning head and looked at me with a worried expression.

He straightened up and looked at Fenrir.

“Go back and stay with the children now,” He said, his voice hard.

Fenrir seemed just as confused as I was..


“NOW!” Gabe yelled.

Fenrir hurriedly left and I heard the door bang behind me.

I was breathing heavily, my hands running through my hair nervously.

“What’s wrong with her?” I asked.

Gabe looked at me calmly.

“I think we just bagged ourselves the rumored victim of the moon shadow episode m,isic,” He said so casually as though we were talking about the weather.

I took a step back from her instinctively and looked at her face drawn with pain–please don’t let her die

“Damn it, what do we do? We don’t have a cure” I panicked.

Gabe was calm – too calm.

“Do you feel queasy?” He asked me

“What the hell does that have to do with this, Gabe?” I asked annoyed and confused.

He said nothing and went inside the kitchen and arrived with a mixture which he poured into a mug and raising her head up, he forced her to drink it gently.

I watched bewildered.


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Chapter 14

“What’s that? What’s in that?” I asked as she spluttered and her eyelids closed.

Gabe tsked.


“Lunaris bloom, Stellaris, Laveglow moss, Ecliptic roots, Astrum petals…..” He began to recite again and I felt my heart rate


“Oh my… did you feed me your experiment?!” I asked in shock my hands clasping over my mouth.

He smiled.

“Nothing would have happened to you, Tessa, you’re special. It was simply like a fortifier for you, it would have affected me but thank goodness it didn’t ” He said so casually as he watched beads of sweat form on the little girl’s forehead.

I swallowed heavily.

“How could you be so sure?” I asked, my lips had gone dry and I felt dizzy

He turned to look at me.

“I was Tessa. I wouldn’t harm you and you know that you weren’t a test subject Tessa,” he assured.

I felt queasy all of a sudden and my eyes darted to the little girl – her chest was heaving up and down, she was alive. Thank the goddess.

I looked at Gabe through hopeful eyes.

“Then does that mean…” I paused.

He smiled through teary eyes.

“Yes, after 10 long years. I’ve perfected the cure. The one that couldn’t save my pack but will save others”

Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets by Big Baby

Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets by Big Baby

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Tessa Hearst, the Luna of Silvermoon Pack, has no reason to wake up one morning, showing pregnancy symptoms and realizing she’s a few weeks pregnant.Her mate is impotent and she never cheated on him, so why is she pregnant? Her unexplainable ordeal stirs up an endless trail of rumors and she gets rejected and almost killed Five years later, she returns to the pack as a renowned doctor, with triplet sons that have a striking resemblance


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