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Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets Chapter 15

Chapter 15


Five years had flown by so fast since the night we saved that hude girl, Kia, and discovered the cure to the Moonshadow epidemic. Five years was all it took for everything to drastically change – Kai, Ty and sky were no longer toddlers but energetic children that kept me on my toes. I was now a renowned medic thanks to Gabe and was now sought far and wide by packs in need of my medical assistance. We hadn’t.com

Case of the Moonshadow.epidemic after Kia’s back near the rugged mountains.

case thankfully. We now lived in a better abode close to the Eastern Ri

Fenrir had left a year ago to find out what fate had in store for him and it was a day I could never forget that day, I was pained to see him go and I could tell Gabe was equally affected.

Life wasn’t always like this- Gabe and I were constantly on the move from pack to pack to treat the afflicted and injured. The pressure had been immense at first with the fear of failure or losing a patient gnawing at us but things had evened out


It was on one of our journeys that we had arrived at Eastern Ridge pack where we had set up an abode and where I met Nathan Nathan was a delta and quite handsome with a playful demeanor and eyes that held a spark of challenge. He’d proposed to me before and after my initial rejection, he had settled with trying to charm me but I just wasn’t ready not after Adrian. The wounds Adrian left were scarcely beginning to heal, I wasn’t ready to open them again.

Arriving from a nearby pack, I saw Ria playing about in the yard with the triplets, it was a beautiful sight.

Ria was now 12 years old and acted as a big sister would to the triplets, she had no where to go and I was happy with her presence in the house. Kai, with his mischievous glint in his eyes was a constant source of amusement and exasperation. Sky was a fiery spirit with a headstrong nature and challenged me at every turn. Even little Ty, ever the quiet observer, had blossomed into a calm child with a knack for tinkering. But above all these they were a striking resemblance to Adrian, it was like looking into his face when I looked at any of them. This was way I couldn’t forget Adrian’s face after 6 years… because I stared at his carbon copies every day.

Ria first noticed me and she yelled.

“Mum, you’re back!” She shouted rushing to meet me. I liked her calling me mum, it made me feel good. She was a part of the family and I treated her like my own daughter.

Kai and Sky equally rushed over with sky desperately trying to climb up my dress. I sent a look at Ty who was watching me with a silent Expression, he wasn’t hyper active like the rest and it was a bit bothersome but I was used to the stoic expression always on his face.

I literally peeled Sky off me to go inside with all four of them trailing behind me – I felt like the mother duck and her baby ducks waddling behind her.

I sat on the neat mahogany chair in the spacious living room and removed my boots, my once long hair had been now cut shoulder length and I felt that even though my physical appearance had changed.I didn’t feel like I was different deep


“Have you had dinner?” I asked.

They all nodded.

“It’s evening, why don’t you guys go out into the village and play with other kids. Make sure to be back soon” I said ruffling

their hair.

They gave a joyful squeal and rushed off, leaving me alone.

Alone with my thoughts.

The thought of Adrian resurfaced just like always it had been five years since I last spoke of him to anyone not even Gabe who was like a father figure to me would be able to pressure me into speaking about Adrian. It was a discussion I always



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Chapter 15

I heard a gentle knock on the door and opened it. It was Nathan.

“Why, Nathan? I’m surprised to see you here” I said feeling genuinely surprised

A twinkle lit up in his eye.

“Are you busy now” He asked stating the obvious – could he not see? I could only imagine how tired and worn out I must have looked but I calmed myself down from saying painful words to him and instead smiled

“Yeah, I just arrived from a neighboring pack,” I said faking a smile.

“You work so hard. Tessa. Keep it up” His voice rang out.

I kept silent followed by a long silence between us, I was eager to get rid of him and somehow I knew he knew, it was obvious based on the way I was talking and behaving. Gladly he took the hint..

“Well, I’ll leave you to your thoughts,” He said jamming his hands together.

I smiled forcefully at him and watched him leave.

Finally! I closed the door and went back to my chair when there was another knock on the door. Damn it!.

I stood up frustrated and opened the door – Gabe.

“Oh!” I said flustered as I ushered him in.

“How’re you doing, Tessa” He asked – He hadn’t changed much from 5 years ago but I couldn’t be sure.

I yawned openly.

“Glad I made it. Today has been stressful but I probably shouldn’t whine about it to you” I said shrugging.

He dropped his medical bag on the table and picked up a cup and water, drinking it in one go.

“Where are the children?”


“I saw Nathan on my way here, hope he’s not an issue?” Gabe asked staring at me.

I shrugged


There was a long stretch of silence, the type that made me uncomfortable because I knew Gabe had something to say based on the look he was giving me.

“We need to talk, Tessa” Gabe finally said dropping the cup on the table with a silent noise.

I felt knots in my stomach tighten and I knitted my hands together.

“Nerve wracking but alright. What’s up?” I asked trying to control the nervousness in my voice- it had been long since Gabe and I had spoken so seriously.

“you don’t speak of him anymore, Tessa.” Gabe noted.

I feigned ignorance.


He shot me a lazy look.


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Chapter 15

“Let’s not decieve ourselves, you know who I’m referring to” He said calmly.



Of course I did – Adrian. Gabe found it weird that I never brought him up for years, it was almost like he never existed. That was the lie I was forcing myself to believe but it was one that Gabe knew wasn’t true

“Oh well, I decided to forget everything and move on, I have a new passion now so I didn’t want to brood over the past for long” I said, a frozen smile on my lips.

He was staring at me again – the kind of stare that read my soul.

“Tessa, I’ve known you for long, don’t lie to me. You think about him, you’re restless some nights and you can’t sleep. I know. Why don’t you want to talk about it?” He asked concerned.

My knuckles turned paler as I literally ground them together.

“Because I want to forget about him. He’s happy with his Luna and probably doesn’t even remember me. My only regret is that I won’t be able to expose Will for what he’s doing” I said looking away.

Gabe needed a detailed answer but I couldn’t give him that. I couldn’t even give myself the answer that I wanted to hear.

“If you say so, Tessa”

There was another long silence and it was past dusk already and the children were back and in their rooms already.

“There’s some potatoes in the kitchen” I said getting up.

Gabe leaned back on his chair and shut his eyes.

“No, don’t worry. I’m not hungry” He muttered.

My lips quivered and I sat back down with him.

There was a gentle pounding on the door – silence then intensified pounding on the door.

Gabe’s eyes were fixed on the door as he got up to open it while I stood behind him. The door creaked open to reveal a nervous young woman, her hands clenched in fists with a pale looking face.

But that wasn’t what caught my attention she was wearing the silver and blue insignia of Silver moon pack, Adrian’s pack. I felt my stomach take a lurch as I looked at her.

Gabe had become apprehensive also, he had seen the insignia on her clothes.

“How may we help you?” He asked gruffly.

“My name is Addison, a delegate from silvermoon pack sent to deliver this message to you. The pack is in grave need of your medical prowess to stop the plague spreading” She said curtseying.

Gabe turned back to look at me but my eyes were glued on the insignia.

“What’s the nature of the plague?” Gabe asked her.

“We aren’t sure but the Medic suspects Moonshadow epidemic, we’ve lost 8 wolves today already and the situation is getting out of hand” She was looking at me probably wondering why I seemed so familiar.

My head was ringing and my legs felt wobbly – was this a dream or had Adrian really come to solicit for help? I doubt he knew I was the same Luna he kicked out years ago. Was Will still in the pack? My interest was piqued.

“Who’s the medic in charge?” I asked her trying to steady my voice.

“A man of great wisdom, his name is Will” She said curtseying.

I felt my head shatter, coming to ask for help from the person he tried to murder. Wow, the goddess must have really thought this through. Daphne interest was piqued, I could feel her excitement – why was she getting excited?

Addison noticed my hesitation and fell to her knees.

“I’m begging you, my lady. Help us, we can’t afford to loose any more people” She pleaded.

Gabe was looking at me and I knew what was in his gaze the decision was up to me but the question was that would I be up to it? To see Adrian after so many years?.

I turned to look at Addison and told her to get up.

“How many infected?” I asked.

She squinted trying to remember.

“I’m not sure but it was running to 40 when I left” She said.

That was fatal, they would die soon without medical care. After Ria’s case 5 years ago, I never expected that the next case would be from his pack. I could say no and tell her to leave but I knew that the pack could be eradicated and my thirst for answers were back and burning – funny, I had thought I had quenched it a long time ago.

“Will you come with me, my lady?” She asked.

I raised my chin up and looked at her.

“One moment” I said shutting the door so that I could speak to Gabe alone.

“So what’s it going to be? I have an appointment with another pack tomorrow so I can’t go. It’s fine if you don’t want to go, I don’t want you in a tight position” He said worried.

“And miss out on exposing the shady things in the pack? No, I’m going and besides there are lives at risks if I don’t go” I said smiling.

Gabe smiled proudly – he had raised a good medic and he knew it.

I opened the door again to look at Addison who was biting her nails in anticipation.

“We leave at first light tomorrow,” I said.

Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets by Big Baby

Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets by Big Baby

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Tessa Hearst, the Luna of Silvermoon Pack, has no reason to wake up one morning, showing pregnancy symptoms and realizing she’s a few weeks pregnant.Her mate is impotent and she never cheated on him, so why is she pregnant? Her unexplainable ordeal stirs up an endless trail of rumors and she gets rejected and almost killed Five years later, she returns to the pack as a renowned doctor, with triplet sons that have a striking resemblance


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