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Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets Chapter 16

Chapter 16


Break of dawn saw us packing the necessary things needed for the journey or to be more specific, I was packing stuff while Gabe was behind me silently watching my every move. I knew what he was thinking but I didn’t want to be the one to say it.

The news of the silvermoon plight had hit me like a wave and brought up a storm of emotions that I thought I had buried up–Trepidation, nervousness, curiosity and more than I could say.

We had invited Addison in to sleep for the night and she was sleeping on Fenrir’s bed that was now vacant, I hadn’t slept a wink, neither had Gabe.

“It’s first light” Gabe said, his voice laced with concern.

“I’ll manage” I muttered looking round the room.

Packing for a mission was a well–oiled routine by now. Antiseptics, bandages, herbs, the cure- the essentials went into my well–worn satchel. Packing for the children, however, was a different story. Warm clothes, snacks to avoid grumbling tummies on the journey, and a cherished teddy bear for Sky – ensuring their comfort was just as crucial as medical supplies.

“I’ll get the children” I said wiping my sweaty palms on my dress.

Gabe cleared his throat.

“I still don’t get why you’re taking the kids with you” He muttered under his breath.

I let out an exasperated sigh

“Well, I can’t leave them for goodness knows how long with Ria. You’re rarely home and I don’t know how long it’ll take, you know that treating victims of the Moonshadow epidemic could take months. Ria took 3 months to fully recover so I don’t know how long I’ll be gone” I said.

“Tessa, it’s just…I’m worried about your well being. Adrian will be there and from what you said, he’ll recognize his children and it could cause issues” Gabe said..

I swallowed heavily.

“I know, which is why I want you to deliver a message to Nathan please” I said in a low tone.

Gabe glared at me.

“Nathan?” He questioned.

He could see where this conversation was heading and he didn’t like it but it was my only option. He was my last option. I didn’t like him one bit but I needed his help now.

“Tell him I’ve accepted his proposal” I said

Gabe rubbed his head..

“What’s your motive, Tessa? To keep Adrian off you?” He asked

I shrugged

“It’ll throw him off balance” I said plainly.

There was the sound of shuffling feet at the door and we both spun round to look at Addison.

“You’re up” I said noting the tired tone in my voice.



Chapter 16

She seemed flustered.

“Oh, sorry. I was really tired so I may have overslept.” She said looking down at her feet.

I smiled warmly at her.

“We’re in time. Get the children ready, will you?”

She nodded and left, she seemed to be in her early twenties, I would ask her later.

Gabe blew out a deep breath and looked away.

You better get going soon or you’ll be late” He said under his breath.

I nodded and flung my satchel over my arm.

“I’ll come to you when I’m done with work, Tessa. Just hold out till I arrive” Gabe said quietly.

I felt tears warm my eyes and I struggled to blink them away.

“You don’t need to worry about me, Gabe. I’ll be fine” I assured.

“I know you’ll be fine, Tessa. I’m just worried the effect that Adrian may have on you, I’m worried that an attempt may be made on your life again” He said worried.

I kept mute because I didn’t know what to say for a while”

“Gabe… honestly, I’m not just going there to treat them but to expose will. It’s no longer my pack but Will needs to go and I will be the one to do that…”

I heard the voices of Ria and the children at the door and I sighed knowing it was time to go..

Gabe led me to the door where the children were already set to go. I had never seen them more excited though Ty looked like he missed his bed more than anything by the bored look on his face.

“You can leave, I’ll be out in a minute” I said to Addison who nodded and went out with the kids.

Once they were out of earshot, I looked back at Gabe and smiled

“Well, this is it. I’m going back to the pack” I said.

His expression was unreadable

“Back to Adrian..” His words hung in the air.

My stomach churned – Adrian. The name felt foreign on my tongue, yet the memories it evoked were as vivid as ever. The hurt, the betrayal, the raw vulnerability I had to bury deep within to move forward.

“I haven’t thought about him in years,” I lied, my voice a touch too clipped. “This is about saving lives, not dredging up the past.”

But it was more than that. A secret desire to expose Will, to see the smug smile wiped off his face, simmered beneath the surface. And yes, a flicker of curiosity about Adrian, about the man he had become. Was he as lost as I had been after our brutal separation? Was he having a hard time? Did he for once think about me?

Gabe’s expression softened – He could see right through the facade I had put up.

“If you say so, you’re a strong woman. But don’t forget, if things get too tough, you pull out without a second thought, don’t be scared to retreat. It’s a wise thing to do, don’t put yourself at risk for others” He said.

“Thank you” I muttered hugging him slightly before leaving with the children while he watches us go from the stairway.


00:09 Thu, 11 Apr D

Chapter 16

We had journeyed for some hours and decided to take a break as Sky kept whining despite Ria’s attempt to shut him up.

As we sat by the tree stumps to take a breath, I knew Addison was still staring at me with that same curiosity.

I turned to her and offered her a polite smile and a curt “the journey is long, perhaps resting your eyes would be best?” I said.

She looked away flustered. A couple of minutes later, we were walking again so we could get there on time and there was this. feeling of trepidation over me as I walked back to the same pack and people that threw me out years ago.

A couple of hours later, we were nearing the pack and I stopped walking.

“What’s wrong, My lady?” Addison asked confused..

Even Ty looked up at me with a questioning glance, probably wondering why we stopped.

“You go ahead, Addison. I’ll collect some herbs from here and join you ” I said nodding to Addison.

Addison threw me a last look before leaving me alone with my children. This was it, it was my chance to run and never look back but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I just couldn’t so I did what I didn’t want to do, I started walking forward with the children behind me.

The familiar pines of Silvermoon came into view. But this wasn’t the same Silvermoon I remembered. A pall of gloom seemed to hang over the pack, the once vibrant energy replaced by a sluggish despair. Even the trees seemed to droop, their leaves dull and lifeless.

As we approached the main gate, a shiver ran down my spine. Memories flooded back late–night walks under the starlit sky, and finally the searing pain of betrayal.

I walked over to the gate, a feeling of determination brewing through me and walked into the pack gates – I was back.

A gaunt looking person approached me and without looking, I guessed who it was Will. Daphne was howling aggressively in my consciousness. Calm down girl, we’ll get our revenge, just a little more time.

I turned to look at him and Ty held my hands while Kai, sky and Ria were watching about with keen interest.

Will looked different, robust and looking well fed, I’m here to knock some fat off you.

People were beginning to crowd about me in curiousity but my gaze was fixed on will who was staring open mouthed at me. The color had drained from his face and I felt a sense of triumph at his confusion.

He swallowed heavily.

“Tessa, is….is that…you?” He asked quite stupidly.

I tried to make my gaze as deadly as possible as I lolled my head to look at him like he was the most stupid creature I had

ever met.

“Why? Surprised to see me alive?” I replied, a smirk forming at the corner of my lips.

He was in a trance and I loved it. It was my turn now, he’s had his chance now it was mine. His jaw closed again and now he stared at me with fire dancing in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a shrill tone.

I rolled my eyes – didn’t someone tell the old Buffoon that he was expecting a medic to do his job for him?.

People started whispering as my identity dawned on them.

“Is it really her?”

00:09 Thu, 11 Apr

Chapter 16

“The Luna who was banished?”

“What’s she doing here?”

My heart ached at their words but I refused to show my nervousness.

Will eyes hardened to stones and he glared at me.

“Leave this place right now, Tessa. You have no business in this pack, we are in dire times and we are waiting for someone so please leave.” He said turning to walk away.

Not so fast.

“Just a moment, Will. Why the hurry? GO TELLALPHA ADRIAN THAT THE HEALER IS HERE” I said authoritatively.

The silence that followed was deafening – it was so silent that a speck was dust would drop and I would hear it. That’s how silent it was. The reverie was broken by a whisper in the crowd followed by hurried murmuring from people in shock.

“Is she really the healer?”

“Please save us”

“Finally, the medic has arrived”

Will turned to look at me, the hard glint in his eyes had been replaced by a frantic desperation.

“You..” his words caught in his throat.

I raised a hand up to shush the crowd and everywhere went silent.

“Cat’s caught your tongue, Will?” I asked in a playful tone.

Will looked round at the people nervously and tried to regain his composure but he said nothing.

There was stretch of silence but this was broken by Ty’s voice

“Who’s this old man? He looks repugnant” His tiny voice rang out loud enough for all to hear, I stifled a laugh at Ty words. The boy rarely spoke now his words were in my favour.

If Will was shocked before, he was completely baffled now as he finally noticed the four children behind me

I knew he wasn’t focused on Ria but rather at the triplets and I smirked.

There murmurs had begun again and I was beginning to wonder if they really needed my medic help or something to gossip about.

“Why, they look just like the Alpha”

“I thought she had an affair outside the marriage”

“They are for sure the Alpha’s children”

“What cute bundles of joy they are”

My gaze was fixed at Will who was staring at the kids in shock. If looks could kill, Will would have murdered us in cold blood with his eyes.

“Are these…?” He paused, his gaze lingering on the triplets.

Kai was matching the look in Wills eyes as he stepped forward and stuck his tongue out at Will- oh goddess, you have blessed me with such intelligent children.


00:09 Thu, 11 Apr

Chapter 16

Will tried to balance himself, his eyes blazing fire.

“Are these Adrian’s children?” He asked.

I let out a smug smile

“No, they’re mine” I said in a hard tone.

Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets by Big Baby

Redeem My Rejected Luna And Genius Quadruplets by Big Baby

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Tessa Hearst, the Luna of Silvermoon Pack, has no reason to wake up one morning, showing pregnancy symptoms and realizing she’s a few weeks pregnant.Her mate is impotent and she never cheated on him, so why is she pregnant? Her unexplainable ordeal stirs up an endless trail of rumors and she gets rejected and almost killed Five years later, she returns to the pack as a renowned doctor, with triplet sons that have a striking resemblance


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